Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Occult Roots Of NASA And The Ongoing Fraud - all evil roads lead to the Vatican

The Occult Roots Of NASA And The Ongoing Fraud: Part 1


The Occult Roots Of NASA And The Ongoing Fraud: Part 2

Satellites Don’t Exist!!



The Occult Roots Of NASA And The Ongoing Fraud: Part 3




The True History and Purpose of NASA



  1. Dear Elders, I Apologize For My Entitled Generation ===
    America is DOOMED, "thanks" to the ROTTEN JESUITS, the Vatican and SATAN!
    PS: this goes for the ENTIRE WORLD!

  2. +Isabelle Esling
    ESPECIALLY children are being targeted, because they hold the future
    , and once they are deceived it's very hard to get rid if the deception.
    But JESUS is able to free people from ALL LIES!
    I was almost 10, at the end of 1969, when they made me believe that men had walked on the moon.
    But now I know better and I know the earth is flat, like a disk with a dome.


    Isabelle Esling
    Yesterday 6:52 PM

    I knew that this was Illuminati since it came out and was advertised in the metro...children are also targeted by the enemy with this very dangerous stuff.

  3. Philippe Rockholt
    The more I research it the deeper the rabbit hole.


    NASA admits that the image is a composite, but maintains that it is a composite of three photographic images, all taken from a million miles away with a digital camera on the Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite. Why was it necessary to make a composite image at all? Why not just take a picture of earth? Because, there is no Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite and the earth is not a globe. The image is a piece of very clever artwork. NASA knows that the layers in the image would likely be discovered in the future and decided to admit it is a layered image in order to have a plausible reason for the layers.

    In any event, the claim by NASA that the image is an accurate photograph of earth from space, using its "Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC)," is a demonstrable deception. NASA claims that the image is a composite of three photographs of earth taken from space. In actuality, it is a composite of computer and human generated imagery. What proof is there of that?
    A professional photographer and designer, with over 20 years of experience using Adobe Photoshop software, discovered that NASA photograph was created using Adobe Photoshop software. The expert inverted the image, using Photoshop, and discovered that whoever created the photograph used the Photoshop round marquee tool. He discovered the distinct stair step outline, which is unique to the Photoshop software marquee tool, ringing the circumference of the earth in the NASA photograph.

    The expert also discovered that there were square pixel remnants of the sky, clouds, and water that were mistakenly left behind underneath the black background applied around the earth image. There should not be sky, clouds, and water floating in square pixels in space. The expert's professional opinion is that NASA's purported picture of the earth is not a photograph from a million miles in space, but rather the creation of a graphic artist, using Adobe Photoshop software.

    The Greatest Lie on Earth
    Edward Hendrie
    Philippe Rockholt's profile photo
    Philippe Rockholt
    Great reading.

  4. +Valdis Klētnieks It's incredible how ignorant you are.
    The whole 'space program' is FAKE and you refer to sites of the US-government, which is a MAFIA-organization on behalf of the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT and SATAN!
    The HOAX NASA Mars Rover is filmed on Earth
    Hans S's profile photo
    Hans S
    +Dan luttrell It's much worse and I call it NAZI-NASA or NAZA.
    All other international 'space agencies' are FAKERS too and they also know that 'nukes' don't exist and that nuclear danger is a hoax, because It's only heat!
    Hans S's profile photo
    Hans S
    The Occult Roots Of NASA And The Ongoing Fraud - all evil roads lead to the Vatican

    1. +Dan luttrell NASA and the JESUITS are also not mentioned in the Bible.



      Dan luttrell's profile photo
      Dan luttrell
      +Hans S don't believe the "rapture" is mentioned in the Bible.


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