Saturday, September 24, 2016

Time's wasting

End Time's Wasting 


SAINT Through The Sky

I could hear the voices shouting
In the blacken night
Fill terror and destruction
On the edge just out of sight

It was there just like a vision
Evil in it's zeal
But the scent of death around me
Like me know it's all for real

Soon the world will see Gods face
Raging through the sky
His fiery eyes will find you
So make a choice to live or die

Seven plagues were now upon us
Seven seals were open wide
Seven bowls of wrath were poured out
There was no place you could hide

There was no one left to tell us
The believers disappeared
All the people in confusion
Never knew this kind of fear

Let me tell you this my friend
The truth is to be known
Vengeance death or victory
The choice is yours, you're all your own

Like the devil seeks his thrill
To quench his thirst to be fulfilled
The prince of death will pay listen to me





They Get To Know Me!



  1. +Marie W
    Yeah: God-the Lord JESUS is with us!

    John 20:27-28 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
    27 After said he to Thomas, Put thy finger here, and see mine hands, and put forth thine hand, and put it into my side, and be not faithless, but faithful.
    28 Then Thomas answered, and said unto him, Thou art my Lord, and my God.


    Marie W
    commented on a video on YouTube.
    Shared publicly - 4:23 AM

    Sickening it isn't long until the Lord comes and souls need to be saved and they are charging for this.
    Explosive! Find Out What Some of the Most Respected Watchmen Are About To Reveal!
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    B Bartlett
    5:37 AM

    This sounds like a late night infomercial selling products. I thought Lyn was the real deal :-/
    7:14 AM

    I agree with you.
    Hans S
    7:58 AM

    My site is for FREE:
    Marie W
    8:31 AM

    Thank you Hans. God bless.

  2. +A CATAL
    It's the weirdest site on the internet, made to ANNOY Satan!

    Praise the OVERLORD JESUS!


    9:01 AM

    +Hans S
    I just went and see your site and thank you so much! I bookmarked, too.

  3. Replies
    1. Life is aborted truth is distorted there’s rampage heresy
      Priest in their anger rulers of danger telling their lies continuously
      Masters of nighttime corrupt and foul vicar of Christ is claimed
      They’re self-appointed and self anointed
      For their mistakes they’ll give you the blame
      All the killing, all the pain
      What once was does it Still remain
      Unworthy leaders leading the pack
      Setup the victim for their attack
      With words of wisdom Hard to deny
      They’ve failed to see the log in their eye
      Their truth so deadly so full of hate
      They made their own law and sealed their fate
      This institution it’s just a lie
      These puffed up teachers fall to their pride
      All the killing, all the pain
      Dark Age prophets they, still remain
      Can’t you see that their road is a dead end?
      They’ll grab your soul, and then try to pull you in
      They’ll set the snare then pull your hair
      They’re rotten to the core
      Just one escape from hells own fate
      You know which way you’ve got to go
      Onward to conquest to take the world
      To rule the nation, swine and their pearl
      Running all mankind engulfed with fear
      Deaths to the first one who refuse to hear
      Raping the women with no sorrow
      Baring their children world full of woes
      These evildoers, looking so clean
      They’ve made themselves the ultimate
      Death machine

  4. Saint - Plan 2

    No mercy for the devil no mercy for the foe
    The King shall wad him up Throw him away
    Then cast him to the rocks of never ending scald
    This shall all take place Sure as you hear me say
    He will burn the damned He will burn the beast
    On that white throne day All will hear the cry
    The evil one will die forever shedding tears of pain
    Let's give glory to the King
    He conquered death and hell to set His children free
    Let's give glory to the King
    He cleansed us from our sins He tasted death for all to see
    Disaster it controls the hardened hearts of men
    Providing them with pride and despair But He's the
    King of all that lives and that breathes
    He's the Lord of Lords His judgments are all fair
    On that final day He'll rise above the clouds

    All will see His wounds and sigh
    It's plain for all to see He is the risen King
    He has the keys to death and hell Attached on to His side
    He will burn the damned He will burn the beast
    On that white throne day All will hear the cry
    The evil one will die forever shedding tears of pain
    Let's give glory to the King
    He conquered death and hell to set His children free
    Let's give glory to the King
    He cleansed us from our sins He tasted death for all to see
    Let's give glory to the King
    Now the devil hands are tied and none of us will have to die
    Let's give glory to the King*


  5. Saint - Legions of the Dead

    Thunder striking a curse on the earth
    Down from the Heavens to those who deserve
    The scoffing vandals shall all fade away
    And stalk each other from nighttime till day

    A sea of people drown in their sleep
    Legions of the dead and the widows who weep
    The lakes have turned to blood
    And the mountains, they roar
    The victims think in their minds
    I’ve heard this some place before
    War and famine is all part of this wicked game
    Disease and hunger is jotting down your name
    Death defiers screaming God to blame
    Stones and fire will burn them up in flames

    But it all soon will end
    The wars already won
    And the legions of the dead their time has come
    Legions of the dead

    They dared to bow down and worship the beast
    He tells them when it’s done We’re gonna have a big feast
    But what they don’t know So much to their surprise
    They’re the ones for dinner
    With the beast and all his lies

  6. Saint - Warriors of the Son

    Lyrics to Warriors Of The Son [Words By: Richard Lynch and Gene McClendon, Music By: Richard Lynch]

    Behold in time the Son will rise, the sky will bleed the wrath of night

    The Sons of light arise with thee, they hear his call down to their knees

    A battle rage they choose to go with hearts prepared for the next expo
    Made up their minds, left all behind, give all they got wisdom fortified

    They are the warriors of the Son of the King of the light
    Arise with thee unto thy might
    Warriors of the Son of the King of the light
    They died with thee, they live to fight

    Come wind, come storm, cold and freeze
    The sons of light shall not retreat
    Come fireballs and desert sands
    Come warriors with battle plans

    By His strength the King of light starts pouring out His rage
    To slay the beast who has conquered the world at this stage
    The sons of light they hear His call, they know just what to do
    Ten thousands and the Mighty one, they're coming to get you

    The prince beneath, he won't delay his troopers foolish, void and lame
    Commands the blood soaked battlefield,he wages war and makes his kill
    His time so short, he's soon to go back to his home abyss below
    Though they have reigned for many years
    The Sons of God they all shall fear


    The warriors of the Son
    We are the warriors of the Son

  7. Saint - Abyss

    The battle happened in heaven

    The battle happened a long time ago.
    Satan in a rage I think it’s something, we all should know
    The devil took by side one third of I heaven to fall with him
    And now the demons they cry and the false prophets burn with them

    Well you know it’s not safe to go out at night
    His wrath comes so quick but my God never lies
    Welcome to abyss I hope you have fun

    Look for the masquerader Look for the one who lied
    He’s dressed like Dr. Jackal But he’s really Mr.Hyde
    He wants to deceive you he wants to drag you down besides
    There is another choice and by his strength the dragon dies.

    And you know it’s not safe to go out at night
    Life in fear, that’s your right

    So do you get the drift? About spiritual suicide
    That comes with following the devil He wants to see genocide
    He wants to rip off your flesh he wants to poke out your eye
    He’s trying to get you in trouble and yes he wants us all to die

    But you know it’s not safe to go out at night
    His wrath comes so quick but my God never lies
    Don’t want to see you in abyss You’re not going to have fun
    Forever is a long time when there ain’t nowhere to run
    Don’t want to see you in abyss

  8. Music from the year I surrendered to the King of kings and Lord of lords: JESUS!

  9. 'I'm a SAD and DEPRESSED follower of JESUS..almost almost on the verge of SUICIDE!'

    Oh YEAH?



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