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Good Night, Mr. President (Welterusten Meneer de President)

Uploaded on May 29, 2007
Video of Boudewijn de Groot's performance of the 60's Vietnam-protestsong: Meneer de President

 Johson War Criminal

During the 60s in the Netherlands one could go to jail for 2 weeks in case one was carrying a protest sign with the words 'Johnson Murderer'.


Good Night, Mr. President (Welterusten Meneer de President)

English translation

Good Night, Mr. President

Good night, Mr. President.
Sleep comfortably in your beautiful White House.
Don't think too much about all the distant coasts,
where your boys are sitting, lonely and far from home.
Don't think about the forty-six who were killed,
the casualties of the last bombing.
And forget the fourth of the Ten Commandments
that you, as a good Christian, certainly know.
Don't think about all the young soldiers at the front --
dying alone during the tropical nights afar.
Keep letting those weak pacifists talk.
Sleep comfortably, Mr. President.
Dream of the victory and triumph,
Dream of your beautiful, peaceful ideals
that have never been achieved through bloody killing.
Dream that you will be successful this time.
Don't think of all those people who have perished --
all the women, all the children who have been murdered.
Dream that you will pull it off,
and don't believe a word from those who oppose you!
Bayonets with bloody hilts
Stand on guard far away from here -- at your command
For the honor and glory of the "Free West"
Sleep comfortably, Mr. President.
Don't scream too loudly when in your dreams
all of the innocent victims appear,
whose lives were taken there on the battlefield.
And you ask how long this must continue.
But by now you well know that there are people
who are sick and tired of the violence,
who have not forgotten about the blood and the misery,
and for whom a human life still holds value.
Don't dream too much about all those who have died,
Instead, dream of victory and strength!
Don't think about the wishes for peace.
Good night, Mr. President.

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