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Prostitutes had to wear hijab thousands of years ago

Hans S: The dates in the following piece aren't always correct because the earth does not exist for more than 6000 years-

The veil is a symbol of prostitution sanctioned by a religion some 7000 years back. To know more we have to travel back in time to Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia refers to area covered by the present day Iraq, eastern Syria, southeastern Turkey and southwest Iran. This area is on the basins of Euphrates and Tigris rivers and is known as the "Cradle of Civilization", since it was here that the first literate communities developed. By 6000 B.C. Mesopotamia had been settled, a process of urbanization evolved and Sumerian civilization took root. Sumer was a collection of city-states around the Lower Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in what is now southern Iraq. Sumerians who are the ancient inhabitants of what is now Iraq is credited with inventing the cuneiform writing. The urban civilization of Mesopotamia dates back to 5,000 BC.

 The Sumerians were highly innovative people. Sumerian legacies include writing, irrigation, the wheel, astronomy, and literature. Sumerians were the first people known to have devised a scheme of writing, which were pictograms on clay tablets, and gradually created cuneiform writing. Mesopotamian cuneiform became the lingua franca of trade and international diplomacy. Sumerian cosmology, ethics, theology, even educational methods, passed into other societies throughout the ancient Near East. Sumerian writings passed down the centuries to leave an indelible impression on the modern world, on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, on the first chapters of Genesis.


Interesting, concerning the Biblical flat and round (disk-shaped) earth:

Mesopotamian religion is the oldest religion recorded. Mesopotamians believed that the world was a flat disc, surrounded by a huge, holed space, and above that, is the heaven. They also believed that water was everywhere, the top, bottom and sides, and that the universe was born from this enormous sea. (from the same source as the above)

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  1. +Nadeem Malik That's also true: It also says that, over the centuries before Islam, it turned into something resembling a fun-fair and lost its spirituality, with some pilgrims replacing prayers with clapping and whistling, and others even circling the Kaaba naked.

    The reason why Islamic women dress like NUNS is because of this: How the Vatican created Islam


    Juan Manuel Alvarez's profile photo
    Juan Manuel Alvarez

    Provocations ou économies d'une machine à laver ?
    Aurait - elle des charmes pas très reluisants à dissimuler ?
    Pour s'insérer, il faudrait d'abord imiter le milieu dans lequel on évolue.
    Provocations or savings of a washing machine?
    Would - her charms not very shining to hide?
    To insert, we must first mimic the environment in which it operates.
    Eero Saarnivaara's profile photo
    Eero Saarnivaara
    kunnossa ok
    Morgan St. Clair (FreePress)'s profile photo
    Morgan St. Clair (FreePress)
    Muslims live 1000 years behind the rest of the world. They are too stupid to catch up to the rest of us.
    Hans S's profile photo
    Hans S
    See it this way: the woman on the left shows all her delights to people she's not married with and the woman on the right covers her delights out of respect for her (potential) husband, and I say this as a believer in JESUS and NOT as a follower of the FALSE PROPHET of Islam, Muhammad.
    Learn more about the history of the BIKINI
    History of swimwear
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    Axis Mundial
    Woohoo!, more women showing their ass n tits on d beach! Cuz its their religious right! Wink wink
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    ruth roebuck
    Look at the tan lines on woman on R
    Axis Mundial's profile photo
    Axis Mundial
    Nothing says u got Jesus n god like having your women showing all their ass n tits at the beach...thank you JESUS! can I get a amen my pervert brothers n
    ruth roebuck's profile photo
    ruth roebuck
    +Axis Mundial OMW....but true
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    Nadeem Malik
    Butkini is not Islamic it is an aberration. If they were to follow Islam, they would have nothing on


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