vrijdag 25 november 2016

American Thanksgiving: A Pure Glorification of Racist Barbarity

“The Thanksgiving story is an absolution of the Pilgrims, whose brutal quest for absolute power in the New World is made to seem both religiously motivated and eminently human…. The Mayflower’s cultural heirs are programmed to find glory in their own depravity, and savagery in their most helpless victims, who can only redeem themselves by accepting the inherent goodness of white Americans.”

 This article was originally published on November 27, 2003, when Glen Ford was co-publisher of The Black Commentator.


Happy National Genocide (Thanksgiving) Day!






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  1. +Silent Witness
    Of course, and we don't need 'special day's in order to do so
    , and this also goes for the Roman Catholic 'Christmas' http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/X-mas and the Roman Catholic 'Easter' http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/Easter

    JESUS is with us!
    Silent Witness
    6:30 AM+

    Amen brother! God never says in His Word to recognize Jesus' birth, only His DEATH! Amen, Thank God He lives in my heart!
    Silent Witness
    7:07 AM+

    Resurrection Day not Easter. Easter is pagan in origin.
    Hans S
    7:46 AM

    +Silent Witness
    Yes, Resurrection Day, according to the JEWISH calendar and NOT according to the Roman Catholic calendar.
    Notice that PASSOVER was changed into 'EASTER' in the KJV1611

    Acts 12:4 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
    4 And when he had caught him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to be kept, intending after the Passover to bring him forth to the people.

    Acts 12:4 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    4 And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.

    The King James Bible Mystery Babylon Connection

    Don't be upset: WATCH the video!

    Love in our Lord JESUS!


    Silent Witness
    4:39 AM+

    This is very upsetting, I choose to thank God every day...

  2. +Silent Witness I hope you've had your last Thanksgiving and that before the next Thanksgiving the rapture has happened, and I've read your topic on your site, and you're now informed about the origins of this feast:
    What motivated the Pilgrims to come to North America?: they had fled the volatile political environment in England, which was partly the result of the earlier prosecution by the Catholic church, and this was also the reason why before that the Geneva Bible was initially made outside of England in Geneva, Switzerland, because of the reign of Catholic Queen 'Bloody Mary'.




    Love in our Lord JESUS!


    Silent Witness
    Shared publicly - Nov 24, 2016

    I’m thanking God this morning for allowing me to live to see another Thanksgiving Day. Although we have lots of sumptuous food and family get-togethers, we ought to be thankful every day for the blessings of life. Just being alive to me is a miracle in…
    Another Thanksgiving Day


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