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The 'Best' Is Yet To Come! EVERY POTUS is serving the EVIL VATICAN!


  1. Obama is RIGHT: the pre-Jacob's Trouble-RAPTURE!
    Good for the Body of Christ and 'good' for him so he can carry on with his EVIL intentions on behalf of the SATANIC VATICAN!

    About this
    : Playing the Trump Card: Obama’s 3rd Term and WW3 (Trump's false flag assassination)

    Shyann Loving Warriorforchrist
    Shared publicly - Nov 11, 2016

    Donald Trump BEHEADED in Satanic ritual (R$E)
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    Hans S
    Nov 11, 2016

    +Shyann Loving Warriorforchrist Hi Sister!
    Nice to see you back!
    JESUS is with us!
    1:13 PM

    What is this about?

    You seem to be a mouthpiece of the Pope, in order to spread disinformation.

    The Pope is the Antichrist, and if Trump will be 'killed', it will be fake, and 'Obama' can remain president for the Vatican.


    Hans S
    Nov 16, 2016

    You don't know WHO the the Pope really is: he's the ROMAN EMPEROR and Lucifer is on his side!
    He's doesn't mind if you think he's the false prophet: that's part of the DECEPTION.
    The USA was founded by GOD-LESS, OCCULT men who were cooperating with the Vatican=the Roman Empire.
    Before that Christopher Columbus had already claimed ALL of the America's for the PAPACY.
    There was only ONE big problem: most of the immigrants that went to North American were PROTESTANTS!
    They have now been NEUTRALIZED and most of them have become APOSTATES or pseudo-CATHOLICS.
    The USA has de facto become a CATHOLIC NATION ruled by the Pope of Rome with its president as his PUPPET.
    Donald Trump is cooperating with the Vatican and he has NO CHOICE otherwise he will be MURDERED by the JESUITS, who earlier killed Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.
    Anyone who dares to go against the Vatican will be ANNIHILATED.

    JESUS is the ONLY way out of this MESS!
    Nov 20, 2016

    +Hans S The pope isnt running anything . The satanists who control business hollywood the media and world governments are in control. They will probably try to kill Trump

      Every Pope is the Antichrist by default and the current Pope even more so because he's the boss of the Jesuits
      , with another so called boss as a distraction.
      3:26 PM

      +Hans S No the antichrist is one particular man that will come in the future. The title doesnt pass from person to person
      Hans S
      3:31 PM

      Suit yourself:


      2:43 AM

      +Hans S The antichrist might be the pope in the future but this current pope is not the antichrist

      It's not about a 'nice little blog' but about the information.

      I don't need to guess, because I know the Pope is the Antichrist.


      3:35 PM

      +Hans S That is a nice little blog but that isnt proof that Francis is the antichrist. When the antichrist reveals himself then we will know who he is . There is no need to try to guess

      JESUS is God!
      Do you know Him and are you saved?


      4:56 PM

      +Hans S Ok I guess God tells you everything

      Well congratulations, then!

      The info I gave you earlier is from the ex-atheist Eric Jon Phelps, who is an expert on the Jesuits and the Vatican.
      I've updated it, because I know Pope Francis is the real boss, taking orders himself from Satan, aka Lucifer.
      I'm a former atheist too.
      I recommend to check out what Eric Jon Phelps has to say on this subject.


      11:34 PM

      +Hans S Yes I thank God in my prayers for everything I have and acknowledge Jesus as my Lord and Savior every day

      Correct, but who is the boss?

      Please do yourself a favor and check out Eric Jon Phelps on this subject:

      What has convinced me that the Vatican is Satan's headquarters was this in 2011:


      12:07 AM

      +Hans S I have no doubt the Pope is taking orders from Satan but so are a lot of other elirtes who run the world

  4. +Mr Sir
    It's better to say the earth's SURFACE is flat like a plain with 'wrinkles' which are the mountains
    , and you're right: I also believe there's a lot 'deep down below'.


    Hans S
    Nov 5, 2016

    Yes, the earth is FLAT!
    Nov 11, 2016

    Explain how the deeper you dig in Earth the temperature rises as if it were a core at the middle, what's under us then?
    Mr Sir
    9:01 PM


    Hell is under us. Earth can still be flat, yet HUGE underneath our feet. Why limit God and His earth?

  5. +Gwyn Buckley

    Hans S
    10:12 PM

    +Steve Stone
    There will be a BRAND NEW Heaven and a BRAND NEW Earth after the Final Judgement and after the last enemy, DEATH, has been cast into the lake of fire.

    The worshipers of JESUS will enjoy an ETERNAL WEDDING FEAST!

    It's going to be GREAT!


    The Pope is the 'Vicar of Christ', which means the 'instead of Christ', which is the meaning of the word ANTICHRIST.
    The Pope is the hidden ROMAN EMPEROR, disguised as the leader of the so called largest Christian church.
    But the Roman Catholic church represents MYSTERY BABYLON and NOT the JESUS Christ of the Bible.
    Obama is the main PAWN/PUPPET of the Vatican and the JESUITS.
    The JESUITS rule this world on behalf of LUCIFER, the true god of the Vatican.
    The USA is the second BEAST system, created by the Vatican, and Rome was the original name of Washington D.C.
    The Vatican is the FIRST BEAST system and the ROMAN EMPIRE.
    The flag of the EU is the flag of 'Mary', the 'queen of heaven', who is in fact SEMIRAMIS of Babylon.
    This flag depicts the WRONG interpretation of Revelation 12, because the 'woman' in Revelation 12 is NOT the Roman Catholic church, but ISRAEL.

    Barack Hussein Obama is the FALSE name of the man who is the son of the late MARXIST Frank Marshall Davis.
    His name should have been something like Barry DAVIS.

    The Vatican and Satan don't want people to know that the JESUIT Pope Francis is the ANTICHRIST.
    This Pope is BOTH the 'white Pope' and the 'black Pope', the boss of the JESUITS who rule this world on behalf of Lucifer.

    Obama has the same role Hitler had and everything he says and does is scripted by the Jesuits.
    Is Barack Obama the Antichrist?

    Hans-Georg Lundahl
    Oct 28, 2016

    Don't call Antipope Bergoglio "pope" please!
    Hans-Georg Lundahl
    Oct 28, 2016

    And if Mary is Queen of Heaven, that is because Her Son is King there. Like in Judah, so in Heavenly Jerusalem, the Kings Mother is Queen.
    Linda Parry
    Nov 6, 2016

    Hans-Georg Lundahl no no no Mary was an ordinary earthly woman chosen by God to birth Jesus. Definitely not the Queen of heaven there is no queen.
    Hans-Georg Lundahl
    Nov 7, 2016

    Is there a Jerusalem in Heaven?

    Is Christ King of Heavenly Jerusalem?

    Was its earthly counterpart capital of the Kingdom of Judah during Old Testament?

    Were the mothers of the kings queens during their sons' kingships?
    Steve Stone
    Nov 20, 2016

    Hans-Georg Lundahl

    The Bible States in Revelation 21 that The NEW JERUSALEM will come down from Heaven. At the end of the thousand year millennium. The earth turns into the lake of fire First, cleansing it of sin and sinners.
    Gwyn Buckley
    9:23 PM

    So was everything Hitler said and did also scripted by the Jesuits?

  6. +Atheism is Madness I'm not nipping at you and I'm also not cracking you up: I'm only informing you about Donald Trump who's NOT the savior of America, or the 'west'.
    I'm very well informed about him by some of your FELLOW Americans who DON'T VOTE liberal.
    Playing the Trump Card: Obama’s 3rd Term and WW3 (Trump's false flag assassination) ?

    Joyce can read everything I say: hi Joyce!
    JESUS is coming and get used to it that you'll see me FOREVER.
    You can't block me in the realm of THE BOSS!


    Atheism is Madness
    Shared publicly - Nov 20, 2016

    Top 10 best selling song. You heard it first.
    Hillary Clinton & James Comey - What Difference Does It Make? - YouTube
    Atheism is Madness shared a video
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    Hans S
    Nov 22, 2016+

    +Atheism is Madness Nice tune and well made, so I think this song will only make this CRIMINAL more popular...already 103,409 views when I write this
    Atheism is Madness
    Nov 22, 2016

    +Hans S What difference does it make Lol��
    Hans S
    Nov 22, 2016

    +Atheism is Madness
    Right, and this anti-Hillary song is even more popular: The Hillary Song
    Hans S
    Nov 22, 2016

    +Atheism is Madness 15,252,537 views! (as I'm typing this) This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

    What's your opinion on this video: Playing the Trump Card: Obama’s 3rd Term and WW3 (Trump's false flag assassination) ?
    Atheism is Madness
    7:54 AM+

    +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist Hi my little buddy in Christ! Just been busy lately and thanking the Lord for His mercy and grace. How bout this crazy election? Talk about dodging a pile of poop being tossed all over this country with a Hildabeast as Dictator. Crazy, I prayed so hard I got a headache the night before election. Is Trump perfect? Absolutely not but neither was David, Noah or any of the greats. Daniel is about as blameless as I could find. Anyway, hope your doing great and had a blessed thanksgiving. 
    Hans S
    8:16 AM

    1. JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist+1
      +Atheism is Madness Where are you u punk, you better be praying somewhere in your closet. Seriously I haven't heard from you in a while, so I'm just checking in.
      Much love bro.
      I could read this with a browser with which I'm not signed in.

      'punk'....and she asserted I was rude....

      Carnal relationships always go WRONG....
      Hans S
      8:20 AM

      +Atheism is Madness
      Donald Trump is a deceiver!
      He promised to get Hillary Clinton behind bars.
      He'll never do that because he and Hillary and Bill are FRIENDS!
      Atheism is Madness
      8:23 AM+

      +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist Hans is nipping at me right now Lol��
      Atheism is Madness
      8:33 AM+

      +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist I guess you can't see his comments below. He's cracking me up with his anti Trump rhetoric. I still love you Hans as brothers but disagree with your assessment on Trump. If Hildabeast were elected you could literally start building that underground bunker. It was Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dumb. I chose Twiddle Dee.
      Hans S
      9:31 AM

      JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist+1
      +Atheism is Madness I'm just very sad, pray my son gets better.
      Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving...we didn't really celebrate here. I have a small family.
      Be strong brother n don't let the sharks eat you.
      Much love
      1 u
      Hans S
      +Atheism is Madness
      Donald Trump is a deceiver!
      He promised to get Hillary Clinton behind bars.
      He'll never do that because he and Hillary and Bill are FRIENDS!
      1 u
      Atheism is Madness+1
      +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist Hans is nipping at me right now Lol��
      1 u
      JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
      +Atheism is Madness Is he? About what?
      55 m
      Atheism is Madness+1
      +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist I guess you can't see his comments below. He's cracking me up with his anti Trump rhetoric. I still love you Hans as brothers but disagree with your assessment on Trump. If Hildabeast were elected you could literally start building that underground bunker. It was Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dumb. I chose Twiddle Dee.
      51 m
      JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist+1
      +Atheism is Madness U ;)

    2. +Atheism is Madness
      I'm only here on behalf of one person: the Lord JESUS Christ and I'm a citizen of heaven and my Kingdom is not of this world.

      I have only one enemy and that's Satan and his sole power over people is the flesh.
      He cannot use or deceive dead people.
      I'm absolutely not a deceased person, otherwise I would have had better things to do than being on the internet and typing letters, words and sentences, and since I'm here, I realize that I'm always on hostile ground, no matter whether I'm on the Dutch speaking internet or on the English side of it.
      This medium is great, as a source of information we can't find elsewhere, but on the other hand it also can be used to deceive.
      I know that Satan wants to take over the internet too.
      Look how it goes on YouTube and on many sites: they (the Jesuit controlled bastards behind the scenes) bombard us with stupid adds and most of these adds contain mind control tricks.
      Look how they've changed YouTube into a clone of Facebook through Google+.
      I you want to beat the CATHOLIC Intelligence Agency you have to know their tactics and this goes for the NAZI Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of INQUISITION too.
      They're all tools of the Vatican and the Pope and Satan in order to control us.
      I know there are MANY CIA agents active on the internet.
      I take it as a compliment if you (or Joyce) see me as some kind of a CIA agent, because I'm from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and I'm Dutch.
      I'm an DIA agent: 'DIVINE intelligence Agency' and JESUS is my boss and no one else.
      When I take a look at Joyce her site, it's not stalking, because I'm still interested in what she has to share through her Google+ page and no one is going to tell where or where not I can go on the internet, because the internet belongs to nobody and everybody..
      The Vatican NWO wants to change that.
      They want to control us and keep us confined within small circles, like here on Google+YouTube or on the other 'social'(SPY and CONTROL) media.
      I don't give a damn about rules made up by mortals and fellow sinners, but I know how to play the game, and my best example is the Apostle Paul: the former mass murderer who became our main teacher of the New Covenant on behalf of JESUS.

      I totally agree with you that Hitlery is a very evil person and it's a good thing she lost the election, though she won the popular vote and I know they want a recount of the votes.
      But WHO has won the election?
      That's a question everybody should ask.
      I've done my research and I've made up my mind (even if I were an American like you), and you're free to disagree with me, but I don't trust Donald Trump at all.
      I think he's part of the STRONG DELUSION and anything can happen between now and January 20, 2017, when he really becomes the 45th president of the USA.
      I'm interested in Satan's tactics and I'm not interested in what humans decide, because the Vatican NWO criminals MUST obey him, including Pope Francis, the real boss of the USA and my country and of most of this world.
      Putin was on his side....but he rebelled and China is also a unreliable servant of the Vatican NWO.
      The Vatican represents the Roman Empire and Pope Francis is the Roman Emperor in disguise, using a Babylonian version of 'Christianity' in order to deceive the masses.

    3. Their main goal is ISRAEL and JERUSALEM.
      The rest of the world is in fact totally UNINTERESTING?
      Because Satan knows his time is SHORT and his enemy, JESUS, is coming back to HIS country ISRAEL and HIS Capitol JERUSALEM in order to establish the KING JESUS WORLD ORDER!
      Satan is in a PANIC and he's trying everything he can in order to thwart JESUS'S plans.
      Satan knows as much about the moment of the rapture as we do: NOTHING!
      Yes, we were close to a third world war with Russia, and now many people think the danger is gone.
      Not so, because war preparations on both sides continue!
      The 'genie is out of the bottle'.
      Satan knows he can't start this world war while the Body of Christ is still on earth and he knows that he's being RESTRAINED by JESUS Himself through the Holy Spirit within the real worshipers of JESUS!

      So he's anxiously awaiting the rapture too!

      Meanwhile the world has been given the ILLUSION of PEACE, just like in the days of Neville Chamberlain, the British prime minister, who went to visit Adolf Hitler in 1938 together with the French prime minister Daladier.
      The Munich conference was an initiative of CATHOLIC Dictator Mussolini in an effort to BUY TIME.
      ALL PARTIES were BUYING time, because they knew that WAR was UNAVOIDABLE, but thy were not ready yet,
      The only one who thought he was ready for war, was the CATHOLIC PSYCHOPATH Adolf Hitler.
      JESUIT PRIEST, Joseph Stalin was also not ready for war.
      The only other world power that was already waging war was Japan.
      Japan was at that time ahead of everybody.
      Italy had tried their luck in North Africa and on the Balkans, but without much success.
      Mussolini knew he had to become stronger, military speaking.
      In his plans he thought of the year 1945, and then he would be ready and Stalin thought of the year 1943, and the British and French prime ministers had similar ideas.
      But it was still late 1938 and the only one of the European powers who thought he was ready for war was Hitler......the IDIOT.

    4. But the Vatican is behind everything and so it ALLOWED the Munich conference to become a HUGE 'SUCCESS'.
      This was the STRONG DELUSION in those says.
      In the following year Hitler invaded Poland and the 2nd world war had begun.
      I compare Clinton with Hitler and so I call her Hitlery.
      I compare Trump to CHAMBERLAIN.
      Neville Chamberlain was in fact a very shrewd man, because he knew Britain was not ready for war yet.
      Donald Trump knows that Russia is STRONGER than the USA, military speaking.
      He' has been chosen in order to BUY TIME.
      The Vatican NWO, the Pope, the Jesuits and Satan know that only ONE force is strong enough to DEFEAT Russia: GOD!
      They know the Bible VERY WELL and they know that there are prophesies (programs) which aren't yet fulfilled.
      They know about the prophetic Psalm 83 conflict and the ensuing Ezekiel 38/39 conflict, which will be a SHORT but DESTRUCTIVE WORLD WAR.
      They know that these conflicts can only happen AFTER the rapture, because these prophesies concern ISRAEL and NOT the Body of Christ JESUS.
      So that's why Satan HAS TO wait.
      He knows that God Himself will destroy Russia and its allies like Iran on behalf of His NAME and GLORY and ISRAEL: HIS LAND and HIS chosen people.,

      Something else: "Hans, Heaven is suppose to be unending joy, don't tell Joyce your going to be there staring at her. That's not a nice thing to say. Just stay on your side in heaven and I will come visit you from time to time to play a game of golf or T-ball. Whatever you like"

      You have a somewhat CARNAL idea of heaven and the New Earth.
      We're going to be like THE ANGELS and our real personality resides within our BRAINS.
      In fact we don't need BODIES in heaven!
      Dimensions and time are irrelevant 'on the other side'.
      Yet we will receive NEW and GLORIFIED, SUPERNATURAL bodies.
      Competition will be a thing of the past in JESUS'S realm.
      This doesn't mean we won't play golf (a Dutch invention ) but without the urge to win and defeat.
      Everything will be totally different on the New Earth and in the New Jerusalem and MUCH BETTER.
      Nobody will ride a motor bike or in a car there, because nobody will be in a HURRY and we are created to WALK and JESUS is our example, because He's God, manifested in the flesh.

      You have forgiven me?
      That's great, although I don't know what for.
      You want to hug me?
      That's always better than knocking me down, so yes let's hug.

    5. Their main goal is ISRAEL and JERUSALEM.
      The rest of the world is in fact totally UNINTERESTING!

  7. Replies
    1. Islam was created by the Vatican, so I call it ROMAN CATHOLIC ISLAM and 'allah' is SATAN the LIAR, so Muslims are allowed to LIE on behalf of their hero 'allah' and their ROTTEN 'prophet' Muhammad, the pedophile etc. etc etc. etc.

      Thank GOD in JESUS' name there are EX-Muslims who are now followers of God-the Lord JESUS!
      We need to pray for PROTECTION for these ex-Muslims/followers of JESUS, because they are being threatened to be MURDERED by the REAL Muslims, on behalf of 'allah' the DEVIL.

    2. Sharon Frank
      Yesterday 2:18 PM+


      This is scary! Thanks for posting James! We'll need to ask Holy Spirit for discernment! 
      Hans S
      1:33 PM

      +Sharon Frank
      That's simple: Islam was created by the Vatican, so I call it ROMAN CATHOLIC ISLAM and 'allah' is SATAN the LIAR, so Muslims are allowed to LIE on behalf of their hero 'allah' and their ROTTEN 'prophet' Muhammad, the pedophile etc. etc etc. etc.

      Thank GOD in JESUS' name there are EX-Muslims who are now followers of God-the Lord JESUS!
      We need to pray for PROTECTION for these ex-Muslims/followers of JESUS, because they are being threatened to be MURDERED by the REAL Muslims, on behalf of 'allah' the DEVIL.
      Hans S
      1:43 PM

      +Sharon Frank
      If you are afraid of MUSLIMS, the devil has already WON!
      FIGHT BACK, in JESUS' name, and pray FOR Muslims that they will become EX-Muslims who LOVE JESUS CHRIST!
      And be INFORMED:

    3. 'Radical Muslims' ACT OUT OF FEAR: If they don't kill the 'infidels' they themselves will be SLAUGHTERED by their 'kind' FELLOW MUSLIMS!!!
      The same principle applies to ALL DEMONIC CULTS like Hinduism and CATHOLICISM, and remember that they ALL derive from DEMONIC BABYLON !

    4. If you are afraid of MUSLIMS, the devil has already WON!
      FIGHT BACK, in JESUS' name, and pray FOR Muslims that they will become EX-Muslims who LOVE JESUS CHRIST!
      And be INFORMED:


    5. +Sharon Frank
      Well, I could have said "If one is afraid of MUSLIMS, the devil has already WON!".

      I didn't particularly mean you, and thanks for your response.
      I'm Dutch and in my country politician Geert Wilders lives under constant threat of being killed by demonic Muslims, and film maker Theo van Gogh was murdered in Amsterdam by a possessed Muslim of Moroccan descent, who is now serving a life sentence in jail.
      He was just about trying to cut Theo's head off when he was arrested.
      I know on the other hand that many Muslim attacks in the west were a HOAX, beginning with 9/11 and that in all cases the satanic Jesuits are behind it in order to instill fear, because as I said, it's in fact about ROMAN CATHOLIC Islam and the Nazis were Catholics too and even Joseph Stalin was a Jesuit priest!
      I just read this news: Trump's Cabinet: A Motley Collection of Believers
      My comment: Yeah, of (pseudo) CATHOLICS!
      Trump is a FREEMASON and a servant of the Vatican and the Pope=the Antichrist.
      The danger is not in the first place coming from Muslims, but from the Vatican=the Roman Empire, and the Pope is the hidden Roman Emperor on behalf of LUCIFER.
      Yes, I know that kind of Satanists you were talking about.
      They're very evil, but also VERY STUPID!
      Because Satan is STUPID!
      JESUS has DEFEATED him and he knows it.
      His main weapon is FEAR.
      Fight fear with knowledge from God's Word=JESUS!.
      Btw: I'm not a 'Christian', because I'm an ex-atheist/nihilist: I'm a JESUS WITNESS because He talked to me when He saved me.

      Thank you JESUS!


      Sharon Frank
      7:28 PM+

      +Hans S​ I didn't say I was afraid of Muslims! I'm not I was merely saying we need discernment from the Holy Spirit which would include anyone who is fake and posing as Christian. There have been so many Satanists that have joined these communities posing as Christians. I thank the Lord I was able to notice them and weed them out! What was on their profiles on Jesus Christ Daily would make what some Muslims do seem pale in comparison

    6. +Sharon Frank
      God=JESUS ALLOWED it to happen that the president-elect (Obama is still in power)
      is the next Freemason in a long row of Freemason-presidents since the Jesuits murdered Abraham Lincoln.
      Kat Kerr is exposed as a false prophet and a preacher (as a female!) of a New Age 'gospel'.
      Donald Trump is NOT my brother in the Lord JESUS Christ....come one!
      In what reality do you live?
      The US is the 2nd Beast system and the original name of Washington D.C. was ROME!
      From the onset the US was a project of the Vatican and Columbus 'discovered' ( the American continents were already known to the Vatican=the Roman Empire) the America's with the aim to claim it for the Vatican: north, central and south America.

      There was only one BIG PROBLEM for the Vatican and the devil: 'too many Protestant immigrants from Europe had settled in north America, so the Vatican had to wait a long time until the time would be ripe to declare even north America CATHOLIC=BABYLONIAN.
      That has happened and that's why the Pope visited the US last year!

      You're incredibly uninformed and you're not even an American, but from South Africa, I see.
      Are you from German descent (surname Frank)?
      Nothing wrong with that, because I have from my father's side a German forefather: Steijnhagen.

      You're talking about 'God' (a PAGAN word to describe a supernatural all powerful, omnipresent, omnipotent, being) but I'm talking about JESUS=GOD, manifested in the flesh and the God of ISRAEL.

      JESUS means 'I AM SALVATION' and God's name is 'IAM that I AM' and in short 'I AM'.
      JESUS is 'I AM' in the capacity of Savior.

      So despite the fact that there are still many born again followers of JESUS living in the US (a MINORITY), the USA has been PAGANIZED and this goes for most states in 'the west', so also for the Netherlands...unfortunately.
      This is in the interest of Satan and the Vatican and the JESUITS.

      Don't believe me, but there are many people who know that Trump is a high degree Freemason, and that his 'election' has been a setup in order to DECEIVE and I call it the STRONG DELUSION.

      It worked in your case, because you follow wrong (Catholic) doctrine.
      I'm NOT condemning you, because I have been deceived too in the past.

      This is what all believers in JESUS should know: Israel's Kingdom Gospel and Our Grace Gospel

      Are you saved and do you love JESUS more than this world?

      I'm not attacking you, but the things you're saying.

      Kat Kerr exposed:

      People who THREATEN me are EVIL and I FIGHT them in the name of my Lord and Savior and BEST FRIEND, JESUS Christ!

      But I don't want to argue with you, but be sure that if you believe you're going to heaven, that I will be there, and JESUS COMMANDED His followers to LOVE each other!
      That's not an advise or a suggestion, but a COMMAND!

    7. I follow JESUS according the Gospel of GRACE by the Apostle Paul, authorized by the Lord JESUS, and the Body of Christ did NOT start at Pentecost, because that was a sign and fulfilled prophesy for the JEWS, and he Body of Christ started with the SUDDEN conversion by Saul into Paul.
      He became our MAIN TEACHER of the New Covenant on behalf of the BOSS=MASTER=LORD JESUS!

      Peter was the Apostle for the Jewish believers in JESUS-YESHUA.

      The Roman Catholic DEATH CULT is LYING that Peter went to Rome and became the first Pope: big fat NONSENSE!
      Peter never went to Rome and his assignment was to be there for the JEWS.

      Paul has been to Rome and to so many places.

      He was also a JEW, but he became the Apostle for (mainly) the NON-JEWS.
      Of course if a Jewish person surrenders to JESUS-YESHUA he or she is FIRST AND FOREMOST also a member of the Body of Christ.

      The Body of Christ is NOT appointed to God's WRATH and SHE (the BRIDE) will not go through the Time of Jacob's Trouble/the Great Tribulation, but before that period will start, SHE will be SNATCHED AWAY from earth: the RAPTURE.

      2 Thessalonians 2:3 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
      3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a departing first, and that that man of sin be disclosed, even the son of perdition.

      The DEPARTING is the RAPTURE

      This is a prophetic necessity, because at the moment the Antichrist (the POPE) is being RESTRAINED by the Holy Spirit within the born again believers in JESUS, world wide, and the Holy Spirit is JESUS in spiritual capacity.
      The Body of Christ will be gone after Revelation 3.

      Then the 70th 'week' (seven years) of Daniel 9's prophetic 70 'weeks' will be fulfilled CONCERNING ISRAEL and God's CHOSEN PEOPLE, the JEWS.

      People who have been POISONED by the Roman Catholic REPLACEMENT theology LIE, say that the Jews are no longer God's chosen people!


      He will save ONE third of His OWN people at the second coming, seven years after the rapture:

      Zechariah 13:8-9 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
      8 And in all the land, saith the Lord*, two parts therein shall be cut off, and die: but the third shall be left therein.
      9 And I will bring that third part through the fire, and will fine them as the silver is fined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my Name*, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people, and they shall say, The Lord* is my God.

      *I AM (that I AM) =JESUS!

      When people wrongly think that the Body of Christ started at Pentecost, they come to all sorts of false doctrines: Pentecostal MADNESS!


      Pentecostal madness, a false trumpet and a so-called criminal God

    8. +Sharon Frank
      Sister (I believe you're my sister in the Lord JESUS), I only find it fantastic that you're from South Africa and that you're from German descent!

      It doesn't make you better or worse than anybody else, but you remind me of a South African blond girl I had in my class at high school and her English was quite charming and 'too good' for our female English teacher, ha ha!
      But she was also fluently in Dutch.
      Can you speak Afrikaans?
      I once had a dentist from South Africa, and she was very good, and I now have a very good female dentist from Germany.
      I'm only glad you've done your research.
      And if you want to be involved in prophetic groups, who I am I to say it's wrong?
      You say 'I'm growing in the things of the holy spirit' and I know all about that, because I have a bit of a Pentecostal background, but I know now that this isn't correct, since I've discovered that Paul is our main teacher of the New Covenant and NOT Peter or the other Apostles, though it's still not UNimportant to read what they have to say on behalf of JESUS.
      But what Paul is teaching us is really SOMETHING ELSE!

      This is OUR GOSPEL of GRACE, dear Sharon (I say dear, because JESUS wants me to love you, and hopefully I'm your dear brother Hans): The Plain Truth

      Unfortunately the (American) brother who made this meme and who writes good articles on this subject is a KJV-onlyist, while I know that the KJV1611 is Masonic:

      The Geneva Bible 1569-1599 is BETTER:

      I recommend this teaching: Jesus vs Paul - a VERY IMPORTANT message!

      More from Robert Breaker:

      As you can see I don't agree with everything he says and he's unfortunately also a KJV-onlyist, but he's a very good teacher, except when he's talking nonsense about fallen angels who supposedly had sex with earthly women in Genesis 6, generating the Nephilim/Giants, which just isn't true, and also when he talks about extra Biblical books like the OCCULT 'book of Enoch', which is a FRAUD.

      Hey, we're almost living in the same time zone! That's nice to know!

      My full first name is Johannes, from the Hebrew Yochanan, meaning 'I AM is MERCIFUL', and 'I AM' is God=JESUS!

      I'm on the internet to annoy Satan and the BEST way is to talk A LOT about JESUS: it makes him sick! And that's GOOD!
      Here, this is me:

      I'm also here to inform people (after having been informed myself) and don't get me wrong: I LOVE Kat Kerr, but she needs to listen to criticism on her ministry.
      I'm glad she's not a witch or a Satanist, but her views on the (near) future aren't correct, and she has a lot more things she needs to change for the better.

      And I'm not beating around the bush when I tell you (again) you've got it wrong concerning Donald Trump.

      Donald Trump is a servant of the EVIL Vatican and he's a friend of his so called (former) opponent Hillary Clinton the WITCH/SATANIST,/(WAR) CRIMINAL and Bill Clinton the FORNICATOR/PERVERT/(WAR) CRIMINAL is his friend too!

    9. America is making God-the Lord JESUS VERY ANGRY!
      I call this nation NAZI-AMERICA!
      For example: this nation funded BOTH Hitler and Stalin and they MURDERED TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE and caused untold misery!
      The Nazi-salute was invented in the US and the Swastika (symbol for the Babylonian sun-god) was a normal decoration in the military before the second world war.
      Western use of the swastika in the early 20th century


      JESUS was crucified on this EVIL BABYLONIAN symbol for the sun-god=SATAN!

      This sun-god is in fact the true god of the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT-church.

      I'm not on CIA-NSA-Facebook and CIA is CATHOLIC Intelligence Agency and NSA is NAZI Security Agency and FBI is Federal Bureau of INQUISITION.

      I'm already on CIA-NSA-Google+YouTube and CIA-NSA-Twitter...that's bad enough.

      And I have my own sites on Blogger and Blogger is of Google and Google is serving the Vatican and the devil.

      We're living in a fantastic world, don't we?

      I'm so glad JESUS is coming to take us out of this MESS!
      Are you looking forward to meet Him too?


      Sharon Frank
      6:34 AM

      +Hans S While I might be South African and from German descent that doesn't mean I haven't also studied all these things you talk about for many years ie Catholicism Islam Illumanati Freemasons Jesuits etc. But God has taken me off a lot of that now and involved me in a prophetic group on these communities where I'm growing in the things of the holy spirit and listening to what God says and not man. But there are people operating in the gifts who hear from God. God spoke to 2 people in our group months back that Trump was his chosen one. By the way on Facebook every preacher is deemed a false prophet that's why you have to get the truth from the holy spirit.

    10. +Sharon Frank
      Okay, let's agree on that and thanks for the additional personal info.

      I've got GOOD NEWS: JESUS is coming, and He's still saving people.
      John 14:2 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
      2 In my Father’s house are many dwelling places: if it were not so, I would have told you: I go to prepare a place for you.


      Sharon Frank
      11:32 AM

      I don't speak Afrikaans as I went to school in Canada. I didn't choose the prophetic site I'm involved in God said to me some months back that he was moving me to the next level and | got the invite a few weeks later. Yes I am looking forward to meet with the Lord I wish it was now!


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