Saturday, May 27, 2017

How Satan turned America into THE EVIL EMPIRE on behalf of the VATICAN and the POPE

You Won't Believe What is Happening To America Right Now...

Published on May 26, 2017
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Hans S
ORDER out of CHAOS, DIVIDE and CONQUER: the game of SATAN and the JESUITS and the VATICAN

Hans S
Communism: Another creation of the Jesuit Order. This is the testimony of an Ex-Jesuit Priest
Hans S
The JESUITS rule the world for Satan and NOT 'the Jews'!

Hans S
The JESUITS started the 'cold war'

Hans S
5:51 The TRUE FLAT EARTH map!






  1. The Jesuits are doing the will of Lucifer-Satan on behalf of the POPE of ROME


    Saint Jack Of The Wretched3 hours ago
    Hans S. The Jesuits are just Shabbas goyim doing the will of the Pharisees..

    1. it's you're and not your, Einstein...


      Saint Jack Of The Wretched9 minutes ago
      Hans S. Your an idiot, have you even read the bible? You must have the IQ of a potato.

    2. I'm Dutch and Hans is my real name and you hide behind a fake identity. You're lost without JESUS the JEW and the inventor of the JEWISH people, and He happens to be God almighty, so this means he's the one who made you, and he created you with a free will so that it's possible that you can utter all kinds of nonsense, though He wants you to read the Bible and become wise. There are bad people among all peoples, so also among the Jews, but this doesn't mean that the Jews as a whole are responsible for all evil. That is what people think and assert who PROJECT their own SIN on the Jews, because they need the Jews as a SCAPEGOAT. Go to the LAMB of God=JESUS and surrender to Him and avoid being cast into His lake of fire, and become a HONEST person who doesn't want to hide behind fake identities on the internet.


      Saint Jack Of The Wretched1 hour ago
      Hans S. Ok your being pedantic about my grammar. That's fine. Look, Everyone can see the Jesuits are wicked because Catholicism is a pagan mock Christianity! Jesuits are wicked, but they are a hand of the jew, and the Babylonian serpent spirit. You clearly don't know what your talking about. Nice try. Thanks for sharing.
      Saint Jack Of The Wretched
      Saint Jack Of The Wretched51 minutes ago
      Hans S. With a name like "hans", I'm assuming your Scandinavian. And They used to be an intelligent, Nobel and God fearing folk. Socialism has ruined you. Alas...

    3. JESUS even invented you!


      Saint Jack Of The Wretched9 hours ago
      Hans S. Ah the Dutch. The eternal port trader middleman liberal. You have fallen for the social gospel. The hippy Jesus must be appealing to you Dutch. Why don't you go and roll a joint and go and ask what your gay pastor what he thinks, then and get back to me. Jack is my name.
      Saint Jack Of The Wretched
      Saint Jack Of The Wretched8 hours ago
      Hans S "the inventor of the Jewish people" that must be some good dope your smoking there!
      Saint Jack Of The Wretched
      Saint Jack Of The Wretched8 hours ago
      Hans S. And can you please take back Ruud Gullit, as he is extremely irritating.

  2. Replies
    1. +ANTHONY brack Exactly!


      ANTHONY brack
      Fighting for Rome not Christians 🚨


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