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Misunderstanding Salvation

Misunderstanding Salvation

Published on Jun 9, 2017
Sermon for Sunday, June 11, 2017. This is the 141st sermon preached in English on It was preached by Pastor/Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker, who shows how it is possible to misunderstand salvation and end up being lost because someone is trusting in what THEY DID rather than trusting in what JESUS HAS DONE for them.


Brother Breaker i just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This video has opened my eyes and makes 1000% sense to me. Ive always felt no matter what i did, what i said, or how many times i repented, something wasnt right or i was missing something. My understanding is was what was missing. I "heard" Gods word, but until tonight, June 9th 2017 10pm EST, I didn't understand it. You have spoken His word in a way that i was able to HEAR clear as day. I Thank you for what your doing and after 32 years of trying, it finally makes sense to me. Thank you THANK YOU!  


  1. +Rohitas JESUS already showed BEFORE He started to use the fellow JEW Paul as the Apostle for both Jews and non-Jews, that His salvation is for EVERYONE who has FAITH in Him and believes He's GOD, manifested in the flesh who can FORGIVE SINS while HEALING people at the SAME TIME or RAISING people from the DEAD!

    Greeting from Hans from the Netherlands.

    PS: if you want to address your question to brother Robert Breaker it's best to write him an email, and go to his site for more info:


    Dear brother Breaker,
    Thank you for the teachings. I have one question concerning your teaching about the lord Jesus, bringing the gospel only to jews in his time. And then Paul bringing the Gospel to both Jews and Gentiles.
    Question: was the lord Jesus bringing the gospel to the semaritan woman at the Well? When he thought her about the living water?

    Kind regards,
    Vilash from the Netherlands.

  2. Bloodgood – Stand In The Light

    Does a child cry
    Does the world turn around?
    Does a fire burn
    Is the earth also ground?
    This we've learned
    But what have we found?
    Does a snowflake fall
    And in fall does a tree drop it's leaves
    Does water freeze?
    Does a change take place
    In a young man's face
    Does he seek to learn
    Through truth and grace?
    Now he won't get burned
    If he seeks the Lord
    Oh if you ask for Him
    You won't be ignored, no
    Stand in the Light
    Stand in the Light
    Stand in the Light of the Lord (of the Lord!)
    Stand in the Light
    Stand in the Light
    Stand in the Light of the Lord (of the Lord!)
    You can stand in the Light
    And break the chains of the night
    He's got the world in His hands
    And He loves who understands
    And follows Him
    Stand in the Light
    Stand in the Light
    Stand in the Light of the Lord (of the Lord!)
    Stand on the Blood
    Stand on the Blood
    Stand on the Blood of the Lord (of the Lord!)

    [Music & Lyrics: Michael Bloodgood and Les Carlsen]


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