zaterdag 15 juli 2017

In Satan They Trust

Aleppo & Mosul: A tale of two liberated cities 








Potus Papal pawn 




The Satanic Power Tree


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  1. Aleppo & Mosul: A tale of two liberated cities

  2. +ANTHONY BRACK 3 city states

    JESUS has already WON!

  3. Reacties
    1. IS(IS) a product of the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT

  4. +MrSitemaster2 I live in the Netherlands and not in NAZI-AMERICA, though 'my' country is part of NAZI-EUROPE.
    The PAPACY is the FIRST BEAST of REVELATION 13 (look it up)
    And the POTUS is the SECOND BEAST of REVELATION 13.

  5. Doc Marquis: The Illuminati Frontmen
    The Satanic Power Tree

  6. +Julie Cohick Dear Julie, America was GREAT thanks to God-the Lord JESUS who dwelled through His Holy Spirit in the hearts and minds of the pioneers, but the CATHOLICS also came to this country and from the onset the US was a project of the Vatican=the disguised Roman Empire:
    The Papal Colonization of America

    The Founding Fathers of America: All opposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

    The Founding Fathers: a bunch of SATANISTS on behalf of the VATICAN

    I'm Dutch and the Dutch founded New York which the Vatican STOLE from us through the British monarchy that was serving the Vatican, while the Dutch were the first modern REPUBLIC, by the GRACE of God-the Lord JESUS and the REFORMATION against the EVIL Roman Catholic DEATH CULT!

    Know this my sister in JESUS: Washington D.C.'s original name was Rome, Maryland

    The presidency of the US is the 2nd beast of Revelation 13

    3 'City States' Rule the World

    it's not about the US or the Netherlands, which is now part of the revived ROMAN EMPIRE, the EU, due to TREACHEROUS governments and a FAKE monarchy which was installed by the JESUITS through their PAWN Napoleon Bonaparte, who invaded my country: How the Netherlands became a Jesuit-run country

    It's all and ONLY about JESUS Christ, and when SINNERS say 'we also have to respect other religions' we know they speak on behalf of the ENEMY, adversary=Satan.

    There's only ONE way out: the Gospel of GRACE by Paul on behalf of the Lord JESUS!

    We are CITIZENS of HEAVEN and we have no God but JESUS!

    1. +Julie Cohick I can say the same about 'my' country or my hometown, which used to be predominantly protestant, but which turned into a CATHOLIC city again, and Catholicism is paganism with a Christian veneer and a lot of false doctrines, and the Vatican created Islam and about 10% of my hometown is now inhabited by Muslims who live in their OWN world, everywhere they live and also in the US.
      Thanks to the RESTRAINER=JESUS through the Holy Spirit, we're not being persecuted yet, and thank God for His blessed HOPE, the rapture:

      And then there's the problem that many believers in JESUS believe in the wrong gospel: which makes them susceptible to the lies of the enemy.
      The Lord JESUS is with us!

  7. +d w Yes, Trump is anointed by SATAN!
    Pope Francis & Donald Trump's Meeting - Bound by the Devil’s Lotus Flower - Pope Francis & Donald Trump's Meeting - Bound by the Devil’s Lotus Flower
    No wonder you refuse to tell me your name: now you can ATTACK me anonymously!


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