Monday, September 18, 2017

Allah the SUN god

Now, Nimrod also got busy developing a pagan theology, and he used the strategy popular ever since by world-empire builders, that is, he declared himself to be the god. John Mac Culloch says that Nimrod, who is also named Ninurta, was held by later Sumerians to be the son of Enlil, the high god. Nimrod was the sun-god, a trait inherited from Enlil. This shows that the high god and his descendants are always cast as the Sun, as far as astral worship is concerned, while the female consort goddess is cast as the Moon. The crescent is the graphic symbol used for the goddess and is vaginal in context.

It would be well for some recent scholars to check these facts out better before writing that Allah is a seventh century moon god from Mecca. The high god is solar and phallic. D. Nielson also blundered when he separated Allah, in North Arabia, from LIL, in South Arabia. Recent author, Dr. Robert Morey, took the lead of Nielson, and has led thousands of Christians astray with his "Allah is the moon god" nonsense.


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