Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The MIRACLE of the Babylonian Confusion Of Tongues

Why? Answer: If God did not isolate His name from the Nimrodic pagans, then the Sumerian god family is simply an extension of the name of Elohim. If there is no clear break between Shem's Elohim and Nimrod's blasphemies, then we cannot claim that Elohim is a divine singularity who stands alone and clean of the pollution of the past.

After the confusion at Babel, a man tried to say El, the original name of God, but it came out differently. Later God's name, El or Elohim, was preserved by Abraham who descended from Shem. For this reason El, or Elohim, was not heard or written in the cuneiform inscriptions from Sumer onward, and to this day men generally hate the name unless they are Jewish or Christian. After the confusion of languages, God made sure His name was only found in the mouth of Shem's godly line.


English: the language of the Roman Empire-Vatican NWO



  1. +GregoryFrednotFred SpinoffGlavinovich 'maybe some people will get the desire to learn Dutch and to the Netherlands on vacation
    and help make money for your country ??'

    You forgot the word the word 'go'

    maybe some people will get the desire to learn Dutch and go to the Netherlands on vacation
    and help make money for your country ??

    My mission is to tell people the gospel of Grace, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.

    You're not saved, so get saved, because that's the reason why we exist in this dimension between heaven and hell.

    1. +GregoryFrednotFred SpinoffGlavinovich JESUS is God and He will judge all people (and fallen angels) fairly.

      You're not (yet) saved because you don't BELIEVE that you need to be FORGIVEN by God, who became a sinless human being and who has been punished in (y)our place on the cross and who has shed His atoning blood.

      Reincarnation is absurd because we're all UNIQUE persons that have never lived before.

      From what does God want to save us?

      From His wrath.

      We're all sinners (transgressors of His commandments) and we all deserve to be cast into the lake of fire.

      That's because we're meant to be like the (supernatural) angels and He can't UNDO the creation of us.

      So He had to invent a solution, because He wants PEACE in heaven and on the New Earth and He doesn't want to be annoyed by people and fallen angels who dislike Him or who criticize Him.

      So He invented a supernatural fire, far away from His perfect realm and this is also called the second death, which means an eternal separation from Him.

      Read this meme


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