Friday, December 29, 2017

When and Why the West Began to ‘Demonize’ Muhammad

To understand any phenomenon, its roots must first be understood.  Unfortunately, not only do all discussions on the conflict between Islam and the West tend to be limited to the modern era, but when the past, the origins, are alluded to, the antithesis of reality is proffered: we hear that the West—itself an anachronism for Europe, or better yet, Christendom—began the conflict by intentionally demonizing otherwise peaceful and tolerant Muslims and their prophet in order to justify their “colonial” aspirations in the East, which supposedly began with the Crusades.

Bestselling author on Islam and Christianity Karen Armstrong summarizes the standard view: “Ever since the Crusades, people in the west have seen the prophet Muhammad as a sinister figure….  The scholar monks of Europe stigmatised Muhammad as a cruel warlord who established the false religion of Islam by the sword. They also, with ill-concealed envy, berated him as a lecher and sexual pervert at a time when the popes were attempting to impose celibacy on the reluctant clergy.”

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How the Vatican created Islam




  1. Allah was denounced as an impostor deity, namely Satan: “I anathematize the God of Muhammad,” read one Byzantine canonical rite.

  2. Jordan’s King Hussein: In America, ‘Maybe There’s a Lack of Understanding of Islam’
    How the Vatican created Islam

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    1. Please inform everybody that islam was created by the Vatican: Once upon a time in the early 7th century...

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    1. God-the Lord JESUS didn't create 'white' and 'black' people, but people with a PALE skin and a DARK BROWN skin and everything in between, and MOST people on earth have a brown or 'colored' skin.
      So the Quran is LYING and Muhammad too when it speaks about the 'whiteness' of the skin of Muhammad.
      The Lord JESUS was and IS a JEW and all Jews derive from Abraham who came from Ur, which is in modern day Iraq, and He had a tanned skin.
      He is our creator and Adam and Eve are our ancestors and they had within their genes all the future different ethnicities.
      Criticizing someone's skin color is criticizing JESUS, the creator!
      So this shows that Muhammad criticized GOD and this also proves that Muhammad was a FALSE prophet.
      Great video, David, and keep them going!
      Our JESUS is with us!

    2. Acts17Apologetics
      x hours ago

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