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Published on Apr 14, 2018

0:05 about a five minute address by president Obama
Boldsojah4Christ I was shown at one point, led to watch a YouTube video of a woman who was shown Obama was watching a YouTube channel of a woman speaking and became very enraged. This was 2 years ago before I went into hiding. God showed me I was that woman. What Obama was so enraged about Is something I shared in video about what God taught me is Obama wasn’t going to allow it to happen. I was stalked by someone who knows Prime Minister. But when I made video about what God showed me against this woman, I became threatened by this individual. God showed me the mystery person was Obama Himself! Obama is THAT watchful against God’s people on social media!!!! This is not a dream. This really happened!! I still have the emails. Something with Obama needing me to pray for this future Prime Minister and I refused and how God showing me what Obama did in reaction to my speaking out publicly enraging him. Btw, same time frame my previous channel on YouTube got highjacked, to this day and that email connected to it. I can’t say her name per God and Obama and his people refused to allow me to speak out about how dangerous she must be to God if God wiped her name out of my mouth, the prime minister. I was threatened. I only trust in what God has shown me about all of this. I don’t yet fully understand. But I was so scared, I followed God unto the hiding place He made for me. He hen told me to stay there for a little while “a storm is coming”. and I can’t speak out. I was so afraid after what I was threatened by if I shared publicly what god showed me. And pissed Obama off. Basically the dream, I was asked by someone to say a prayer for future Prime Minister. Didn’t know her but a stranger made it clear, begged me to pray for her. I told him, I can’t bc I feel blocked. I then asked God, why won’t you let me pray for her? I said her name in prayer and as I did, God took His hand and removed her name out of my mouth. I felt His wrath against her name BUT love for me in my ignorance as I did not know what I was doing wrong. I never have been kept from saying anyone’s name but I was and continue to be with Prime Minister lady. When God showed me Obama was enraged at me over my video, I knew Obama is quite important to Satan’s agenda in destroying America. I also know that Obama is using Prime Minister down the road in his hidden plan but since Trump has been in the seat of president, I haven’t thought much about Obama except how much more repulsed I was with him. I couldn’t look upon him or hear him speak. It killed me inside. Pope is same way. Whereas Trump makes me pissed off. The Order of evil is how intense the repulsion is. Now as for prime minister that Obama didn’t like me speaking about in truth, she’s connected to him and I think she’s his hidden move down road. Meaning, Obama is truly the big dog counterfeit. Controlling and empowering the Antichrist spirit in his people and to infect our land thru his people. That’s the dragon who technically is stronger than the beast, right?


  1. Star Wars coming? Trump ‘seriously’ considers creating US Space Force
    The True History and Purpose of NASA: Chemtrails-> Project Blue Beam

  2. +Tim Diesel Stanford BTCP Hitler never read a book: only newspapers and magazines, and 'Mein Kampf' (My Struggle) was written by a Jesuit Priest: 'Mein Kampf' was written by Jesuit Father Staempfle

    Hitler was a good orator and ACTOR.
    He survived the war and went to the US and he lived VERY LONG!
    The US financed BOTH Hitler (Jesuit trained) and Stalin (Jesuit PRIEST!) on behalf of the Vatican.
    Churchill was an idiot too and a mass murderer.
    Roosevelt was a 33 degree FREEMASON, working for the Vatican and all US presidents are merely pawns of the Papacy and the Jesuits.

  3. Obama says he's from Kenya, again
    The Truth About The so called ANTICHRIST - Hitler's grandson


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