Monday, July 9, 2012



Dat zegt men als men de NAAM van JEZUS noemt!

Jezus zegt: IK BEN redding.

"Je moet mij hebben!"

"Alleen ik kan je redden!"

"Ik ben je maker"

"Ik kende je al voordat je bestond"

"Ik heb je vader en je moeder gemaakt"

"Ik ben één met God de VADER"

"Ik hou van jou......hou je ook van mij?"

"Ik droeg jouw straf!"

"Ik bloedde aan het kruis voor JOU"

"Ik stond op uit de dood!"

"Ik voer op naar de hemel, naar mijn VADER met wie ik één ben"

"Ik stortte mijn Geest uit op mijn geliefden"

"Ik kom terug"

"Ik kom naar ISRAËL, want dat is MIJN LAND!"

"Jeruzalem is MIJN STAD!"

"Israël is MIJN VOLK!"

"Ik ben YHWH, Ik ben, die Ik ben"

"Je moet MIJ hebben....alleen MIJ"

Zo zegt de Heer Jezus Christus.



That's what one says as one mentions the NAME of JESUS​​!

Jesus says: I AM salvation.

"You've got to have me!"

"Only I can save you!"

"I am your maker"

"I knew you before you existed"

"I've made your father and your mother"

"I am one with God the Father"

"I love you ...... do you love me too?"

"I bore your punishment!"

"I bled on the cross for YOU"

"I rose from the dead!"

"I ascended to heaven, to my FATHER with whom I am one"

"I poured out my Spirit on my beloved"

"I'll be back"

"I come to ISRAEL, because that is MY COUNTRY!"

"Jerusalem is MY CITY"

"Israel is MY PEOPLE!"

"I am YHWH, I am, that I am"

"You've got to have ME.... just ME"

Thus says the Lord Jesus Christ.


  1. +Bronwyn Llewellyn
    I'm a JESUS Christian:


    DEAD without JESUS

  2. +Catherine Scarborough You've got almost the same surname as Barry. You said 'I am also a child of God and JESUS CHRIST'. JESUS is God, so you're His child.
    Our God is 'really something': He manifested Himself in the past as the pillar of fire and smoke and as the 'Angel of 'I AM'(who I AM) (the LORD) and as the mysterious Priest Melchizedek and He came on earth and died as a relative young man, and He's now active within every born again follower of Him who's filled with God's (HIS!) Holy Spirit. But He's GOD!
    There is only ONE God.
    How did He do this?
    Well, one has to be God to be able to do such a thing.


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