Monday, July 9, 2012

(Turin) Shroud made by ‘flash of light’

London - The image on the Turin Shroud could not be the work of medieval forgers but was instead caused by a supernatural “flash of light”, according to scientists. 


Ik ben dood geweest, en zie, Ik ben levend tot in alle eeuwigheden...



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  1. I believe in the authenticity of the shroud of JESUS, which has been STOLEN by the SATANIC Vatican.

    Do some research:

  2. +Grace Bride
    No, that's incorrect, because this is an interpretation by an artist of the face on the Shroud, which exists long before the birth of the Roman Catholic CULT and Eastern Orthodoxy.

    The Catholic CULT had confiscated this cloth, and I say they have STOLEN it.

    If you claim it's Catholic or Orthodox then you're wrong.

    But believe what you want.

    Saying that this proves that I'm Catholic is absurd.

    We've had a discussion before about the hair of JESUS, and I'm 100 % sure his hair was LONG, just like the hair of Samson.
    My wife believes the same as me.


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