Sunday, January 20, 2013

WE ARE IN HIS LIGHT - His Eye Is On The Sparrow - Het kleinste musje

Dutch version:


The Holy Spirit great light of Jesus Christ in us, and of eternal truths taught us by the Holy Spirit through His word, grows as we submit to God's will for us (becoming "Holy", also referred to as sanctification) and shines through us, beloved. The light of Jesus shines in darkness and the darkness is not able to take it in (John 1:5). Our walk in His light is to those in darkness, peculiar, unacceptable, and too often we are vilified as our Lord was, and in this we rejoice, if in His love we live, becoming more like Christ we become.
The gate is straight and the way is Christ and no other, which walk we walk, by the foreknowledge of Almighty GOD of our presence here in His plan, predestined, now called in THIS TIME as one of His elect, to serve with our life's being, the Lord Jesus, opens wider and wider, The Way, who is all Jesus, and IT IS AMAZING GRACE!

Beloved, we are not of this world, but surely GOD called us through our parents, whether in or out, of His faith, to be His. He bought us with His life's blood. He knew us before our mother's womb. Even before this world we walk was made! And when He called us, we, in our being, somehow, married in desire, to His will, said YES Lord in our individual circumstances, each unique, and so it is: A DESTINY GOD GUARANTEE'S IN THE EVER PRESENCE OF JESUS FOR US (& we in Him) BEFORE OUR FATHER, unto eternity with the family of GOD of all ages. One day, in eternity, on perfected sinless earth, traveling in unending space and time, we will be His witness, in perfect Jesus Love! for the GLORY OF GOD!

In fact, we have a mansion above in the new Jerusalem, the Golden City our Lord has built for us! This is something!!! I can sing about, but the totality, I cannot yet know, but we will one day, when we are with Jesus!

This reality, we KNOW by faith, is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak! We see now through a glass darkly. One day face to face with Jesus Christ, we will be in the perfect state, a spiritual body recognizable, a perfection that knows NO sin, a soul/spirit pure, as GOD planned from eternity past. Then we will be as Christ is, His bride, with our beloved Lord, who died and was raised from the dead for our justification through Him, not we, but Him!, that we could die to our old dead self and be raised a new creation, born again, in Him, and have blessed in us, permanently, God the Holy Spirit. And in this great blessing, Jesus lives in us by the Spirit, and our Father in Jesus, dwells in this flesh, a house of daily worship and praise, the proof in faithful works that last forever, unto GOD.


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