Thursday, April 11, 2013

Heavenly Father...SAVE ME!

Anastacia - Left Outside Alone


Anastacia cancer returns 



 Hans S
I need to pray
Heavenly Father (JESUS)


  1. The audio of this version is slighty different from the other version, which I like more.

    But 2:36 is the best part of the song, and the end.

    I pray for Anastacia, because I lost someone of her age (44) because of cancer and because I heard her singing to my Lord Jesus when she was only six, and back then she already had a great voice, but mostly because she's a precious person.

    "Heavenly Father (JESUS) save her (and anyone who's in need of your grace)"

    Hans S

    Now listen to a black (brown) girl with a white voice:

    Tasmin Archer - Sleeping Satellite


    Hans S


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