Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MOST people on earth are SATANISTS!

If JESUS is NOT your GOD, then you are your OWN 'god', which makes YOU a SATANIST!

 Hans S
JESUS set me free from SATANISM
What's satanism?
It's being your own god, opposed to the wisdom that only the God of the Bible is God, and that this God manifested Himself in the (hu)man, JESUS (the) Christ, Yeshua ha Mashiach in Hebrew, for He was and IS a JEWISH God, and this will NEVER change!

Say NO to Satan and YES to JESUS  

  • CrippleMansNuts
    It seems that YOU need your eyes opened because you are so arrogant to say that you will go to Heaven and not me.
    · in reactie op Hans S
    • You can go to heaven too!
      Just pray the following: Dear God, I'm a sinner and a transgressor of your holy commandments, and I acknowledge you have the right to damn me forever, but I thank you for becoming man in JESUS Christ, and that you bore MY GUILT and MY CURSE on the cross, so that I could be forgiven by your BLOOD.
      Thank you for your GRACE and your LOVE!
      From now on I will be a follower of you only!
      JESUS loves you!
      · in reactie op CrippleMansNuts 

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