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by simonshack on November 20th, 2010, 2:56 pm
by simonshack - Nov 4, 2010

There's an extremely popular video on Youtube. It's called :


It was published on Feb 18, 2008 - and has now totalled 1,347,485 views
I guess people just love watching falling pixels...
Of course this video has been taken down by VATICAN controlled Google-YouTube because Satan doesn't want people to be informed.


9-11 - SEPTEMBER CLUES - full version











  1. +Annie Oakley
    Eyewitnesses saw a MISSILE
    , but the networks said it was a PLANE: brainwashing.
    And about the jumpers: 'REAL SUICIDES' on 9/11
    Of course Google+YouTube has REMOVED the video, because Google+YouTube is being run by Vatican controlled ENEMIES of the truth!
    We're on HOSTILE territory.

  2. +Annie Oakley
    Annie, there were no planes being used on 9/11: the Vatican controlled government used MISSILES.

    Please watch: THE 9-11 TV HOAX EXPOSED

  3. +StarFire Alternity
    There were NO suicides!

    It was all an ILLUSION!


    StarFire Alternity
    4:40 PM

    Hmmm can we really call these poor peoples life ending " suicides" ?

    1. +StarFire Alternity
      It was all FAKE and a HOAX.


      StarFire Alternity
      4:53 PM

      How do we know that Hans,? these monsters will destroy not just the buildings , but the people in them too .

      They will also take out planes , helicopters , anyone who doesn't agree with them , to them , life is not precious it's cheap.

      Titanic , the Jesuit Captain of that Ship , ignored the iceberg etc and hit the damn thing , just to get one member of the Astor family , these people kill and eat themselves , they are not particular

    2. +StarFire Alternity
      Have you done some research yourself?
      September 11, 2001 is a long time ago.

      Don't believe ANYTHING the 'authorities' tell you.
      They are ALL LIARS on behalf of the Vatican and the Jesuits....and Satan.

      I provided sound information.
      It seems you haven't yet investigated the matter.

      To answer your question: no one died on 9/11.

      Except, maybe from a heart attack.


      StarFire Alternity
      10:46 PM

      So your claiming that no one died here Hans at all ?

    3. +StarFire Alternity
      It's not forbidden to stay uninformed.

      Do you love JESUS Christ?


      StarFire Alternity
      12:18 AM

      So you provided me a link of how many possible links you could provide, are astonomical, you seriously think these people kill no one ??
      Im not examining your 'evidence' Hans because I think its bullshit .
      I know what the vatican are capable of and Murder is always a trademark , I think your wrong and that an end to the matter .
      I have no time to waste of trivia such as this anyway . You might .

    4. +StarFire Alternity
      Your name is not 'StarFire Alternity'.

      I asked whether you love JESUS, because in case you do, you are not afraid to show your face to the world and to be identified by your name.
      We met because of Donna, and she's giving a good example of a JESUS believer who isn't afraid to show herself to the world, using her real name and not a fake name.
      Many people LIE on the internet about their identity, and this goes too for people who say they believe in JESUS.
      Are they afraid to suffer and die for their Lord, while their Lord JESUS has done everything for them under His true identity, so that they won't have to burn in the lake of fire?

      You seem to want to believe everything that 'the government' and the main stream media says, and Satan loves this kind of attitude, because then it's easy for him to manipulate such people, so that they won't expose and resist his evil plans through the evil Vatican and the evil Jesuits.


      StarFire Alternity
      12:34 AM

      Now you are below the belt Hans ..shame on you !

      Because I refuse to believe your theories in a world of polarities YES I love the Lord because He is my Saviour ...conversly what you say has nothing to do with MY salvation . You as will be seen by The Lord Jesus ane Chief Justice...owe me an appology .

    5. +StarFire Alternity
      Wow, what an aggressive attitude, David.
      Control the testosterone that's giving you this outburst of anger.

      I'm not your enemy, but I only wanted to know your name and I'm amazed that so long after 9/11 you still think that people died during that JESUIT-controlled MEDIA HOAX.

      And what have my videos to do with it?

      So you want to smack me straight in the mouth?

      Let's see what +Donna Diggzzz thinks about that, because we have email contact too, because she is my sister in the Lord JESUS Christ.

      You know this is the entire problem in this world: since our ancestors Adam and Eve thought it would be a good idea to be god themselves, people HURT each other and their first son became a killer.

      What a disaster and only because people can't control themselves as if their bodies are more important than their brains.

      Our real personality is within our BRAIN and not in this biological 'machine' that is our 'vehicle', our body.

      There are people who are deaf, dumb and blind and also paralyzed, but they're still human beings, because of their BRAIN.

      Galatians 5:22-23 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
      22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
      23 Meekness, temperancy: against such there is no law.

      You called me worse than a Pharisee....that's a mild criticism, because I've been called WORSE THAN SATAN!

      Now God is My Father and my Father is far more dangerous than Satan.

      Is God your Father too?

      I have this song for you and cheers: Simple Minds - Sanctify Yourself


      StarFire Alternity
      11:03 AM

      You are one law to your self ! You are also just a Man and a sinner , like me , I have nothing whatsoever to justify to you Hans, I see your videos are absolutely nowhere, neither are your videos .

      I do thing my own way in captions in voice , whatever I may be doing at the time , with over 3000 subscribers , I have revealed plenty of truths and filmed others who do the same exact thing .

      I have been in courtrooms filming and my face has been in the press aswel, when we collectively arrested a Judge in fact , an earthly one at that within his own place of buisness.

      Thats also on my channel , I have no need to use my Given Name , I sometimes use it in comments to nice people , of which you are nt one ,

      Id have a job turning the other cheek with you , I'd probarbly be very inclined If I saw you to smack you stright in the mouth !

      What about Donna why drag Donna into this ? you thing Digzzz is here real name to , I know all here names , every one because I mail her in physical and she knows me

      I have pictures from from here and all her children on the wall in my house , you just are one jealous son of a bitch , and not fit to be called a Christian man .

      You all that you say you are , I have been reserching and looking into mysteries , deeper than you will EVER know of including everything youve never thought of .

      I will NOT smile and make you right you egotistical maniac , I am very much aware we live in a world of deceptions. you cannot prove for one thing no one died in 911 , when the elite make so much energy from death !!

      David Adrian Gwyn Jones ( in Propria Persona )

      David for short , for you , you will will call me whatever you want , I care not , nor do I care to be called out on my faith my YOU !

      Your worse than a pharisee !

      Thats the last we EVER speak , goodbye Mr Bond 

    6. +StarFire Alternity
      We are all meant to be like the angels and that's our eternal destiny.

      Once we were LOST and then we were FOUND: AMAZING GRACE, thanks to God-the Lord JESUS.

      I say God-the Lord JESUS, because I used to be like Thomas when I was an atheist, and Thomas was the first who called JESUS GOD:

      John 20:27-28 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
      27 After said he to Thomas, Put thy finger here, and see mine hands, and put forth thine hand, and put it into my side, and be not faithless, but faithful.
      28 Then Thomas answered, and said unto him, Thou art my Lord, and my God.

      Amen: JESUS is our LORD and OUR GOD!!

  4. +StarFire Alternity
    Thanks David, and Have a JESUS-blessed week too and also your Mum
    (mom, as the Americans say and if you want to know how we Dutch call our mothers: click on the loudspeaker icon and listen ) Suzi, and this goes for you too, Donna!


    StarFire Alternity
    Yesterday 9:07 PM

    I was never really a atheist. I believed in God as something Huge , and Jesus as just a historical figure , because we studied this in School back in the day , but thats as far as that went , a topic of education in school ( Its much more now of course , it my Life to get correct or die )
    I Picked Religious Education as a chosen subject and gained an O level at time in the subject.
    Although really what we really got was a brief guide to just certain books and thats all.
    I left school at 16 , maybe I should have taken it to A levels and learned more , but I worked out the party line in school, question anything , and you dont pass anything .
    Curriculum rigid or you fail lol , no room for questioning unless we took their answers as satisfactory .
    RE was quite funny for me Iwould ask who are the Nephilim and who are the Rephaim etc and fallen Angels , who are The Elohim and awkward questions innocently , to get a board duster thrown back at me for even asking ! LOL
    I pressed the subject even more , the teacher Holy Howells we used to call him would get super frustrated , bless him . I guess off the curriculum he wanted to know , every bit about those , as I did .

    On Angels we know some of them lost their High estate , and Lucifer was Gods favorite Angel , I read somewhere ( it wasn't in the Bible ) and I have no source material for it , but what I read made sense

    I think we we second to be created according to what I read , and Humans where the PRIME PROJECT ( Gods Masterpiece ) to be created AFTER the Angels , who in themselves , where created to look after Human Biengs ( Adam and Eve ) bieng the only 2 that ever did originally posess , for a time , and everlasting life and incorruptable body , until Satan found out that Humans where going to be a step higher than him

    1. I read Lucifer that he searched the infinities , he did a lot of things , he did a lot good things for God , and God taught him all sorts of things, and he was appointed Light bearer , to light a path for man I suppose .

      He was created very beautiful and perfect in his Angelic body , but the Idea of Man bieng made in Gods image made him rebell against God in his heart

      I read God took a dim view of that rebellion and other angels bound themselves with curses on mount Hermon I think it was ( not sure )

      So humankind came in Adam , then Eve, angels already around helping God or supposed to be

      The rest is our sad history , and it grieved God that he had even made Man , imagine it , HIS Great Project !! His Opus Magnum , thwarted by an Angel

      One day soon Hans I do hope and pray ALL will be revealed , and not by degrees, but in fullness of Story , this planet , or sphere of lowered existence that we are in , has to have a solution and clarity , for us that will be with Jesus Christ , so far he has picked you up and me and Donna , and countless others , and when we at our weakest , he proved his Stongest , because we has a mustard seed of faith : )

      We had the sense to water it and grow it , and thank goodness for that mustard seed of faith :))

      We have no problems Hans it's all good and forgiveness heals everything :)

      In fact forgiveness is a weight lifted :) I feel a lot lighter now i hope yu feel the same

      and thank You Donna Diggzz for you'r NO nonsense from us dumb men , input :)

      God bless us ALL we all will need it :)) every single day , right now I can say of myself I fall short of the Glory of God , and I realise it . every time the ugly snake rears its head in my heart .

      If I ever get my hand on that snakes neck damn thing , your all invited to kill it :)

      Hans S
      9:53 AM

      +StarFire Alternity Thanks for the above!
      David, you said "The rest is our sad history , and it grieved God that he had even made Man , imagine it , HIS Great Project !! His Opus Magnum , thwarted by an Angel

      It was Eve and Adam's own stupid fault!

      Some time ago I wrote this short article, based on a longer article in Dutch: A sickly jealous morning star

      We are all being tested and that's because we're meant to be like the angels with supernatural, indestructible bodies and God-the Lord JESUS wants to be sure who He can trust and who aren't trustworthy.

      It's that simple!

      God-the Lord JESUS wants us to be LIKE HIM!

      If all people are like Him then there is peace and love and harmony.

    2. But to a greater or lesser extent many people resemble the devil, characterwise.

      This can still be changed, but until this happens, they are allies of Satan=adversary.

      I don't hate Satan: I hate what he thinks, and all what he thinks is ROTTEN and EVIL.

      He can't be saved and changed, and that's why I wrote this article: Thank God for the creation of ANIMALS

      Men aren't dumb, but they can learn from women to cooperate.
      Men are competitive by nature.
      That's not wrong, because it leads to better results and achievements.

      Men made the majority of all inventions, and I could go on and on.

      But within the Body of Christ we are called to serve each other, and JESUS Himself, and also the Apostle Paul and the other Apostles, gave their example to us, and their teachings.
      And of course we can also learn from the righteous women in the Bible.

      Onward Christian soldier until we are where JESUS is!
      And then let the divine WEDDING PARTY commence, in honor of JESUS!
      StarFire Alternity
      1:06 PM

      +Hans S Hiya Hans and Good day :D There is nothing about what you have written up above there, that I would disagree with.
      Just this morning , I was discussing this my Mum and we both agreed that we HAVE TO HAVE A TESTER to prove fit for purpose .

      As much as don't don't like Satan, like you you I hate what he thinks , and his invasive mind he must have a purpose as Tester, and he sure is doing his job as a tester.
      Sickening as he is .

      He almost is quality control manager from the Angelics, perhaps that's his Job ?

      No of course all men are dumb, far from it, they have great intellect, but heart intelligence is stronger in a Woman I'd say.

      Whatever , we a mixture of polarities , looking for fusion with The Godhead , bottom line .

      Your quote here is spot on

      "We are all being tested and that's because we're meant to be like the angels with supernatural, indestructible bodies and God-the Lord JESUS wants to be sure who He can trust and who aren't trustworthy.

      It's that simple!

      God-the Lord JESUS wants us to be LIKE HIM!

      If all people are like Him then there is peace and love and harmony."

      I couldn't word that any better not could I apply to it a greater meaning :)

      Love it Hans , and I will read your links in a bit , I have a bit of a busy day , bieng a Monday and yea look forwards to reading it .

      Its good too that we have forgotten our rubbish row , its now consigned to the trashcan and the lessons that where good ...kept :)

      Have a wonderful blessed week Hans :)

      Donna Diggzzz
      1:17 PM

      +StarFire Alternity
      StarFire Alternity
      5:07 PM

      +Donna Diggzzz You are just the TOTAL sweetheart you are , blessed be the Peacemakers ,like you Donna, Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God
      We all who know you, love you from here to eternity , and we all love The Lord Jesus and not Darth Vader
      I wander If Jesus loves Darth Vader , I didn't like him much lol :)
      I have a note to write back to later as soon as I can find time in which to write it , and studies to read by Hans .
      Got my work cut our today , and healing the hurts Donna ,no one I know does better a job than you, that I know in this world :) XX Thank you and God bless your day today and everyday XX

      Love Susanna and Myself.


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