zaterdag 22 februari 2014

Catholic Leaders Praise ‘Son of God’ Movie

Catholic Leaders Praise ‘Son of God’ Movie


"Son of God" Coming to a Theater Near You


Megachurch Pastors Lead 'Son of God' Campaign to 'Take Over' Multiplex Theaters Nationwide


Obama-Satan lookalike cut from film version of hit mini-series The Bible



  feb 19.

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Priceless! at Nativity scene last nite.Story: Earlier pix:



Film Son of God endorsed by the Catholic church




Alert!!!! The Roman Catholic "Church" is Not Christian



The REAL Jesus film 



Twitter doesn´t like the TRUTH - My 'crimes' on Twitter



Banned again on Twitter



LEAVE The Whore of Babylon!



The SATANIC Vatican PROUDLY presents; 'jesus and mary' 


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