woensdag 12 februari 2014

Google-YouTube doesn't like JESUS and His followers

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  1. Sonja Grinstead
    6:02 PM

    Hans is there another "tube" like or similar to YouTube that I don't know about!?! ...also I saw your message reply to my request for your advise on the atheist experience that would help me, I saw the first few words "AND THEN IT DISAPPPEARED" from view, I tried and tried everything to get it back but it's lost, ...do you save your comments that you could resend!?! ...sorry! I wanted to see that!!!
    I had an angel visitation regarding my laptop that you will know it's for this reason I'm online re atheism!
    The angel walked in with a white laptop and placed it on my desk and left! ...the laptop was white with blue keyboard and trim on the lid which was open, the lid was much taller than a regular laptop lid.
    I thought on it for a while and came up with that it's a white or pure uncompromised gospel with a far outreach, the blue represents the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I believe it's right for you to know that my intention with atheists is God's idea and for that reason am asking for any direction of your own experience! Also do you have any further to add about the laptop that perhaps I havn't recognized!?! ...Thank you Hans! 
    Hans S
    3:03 AM

    +Sonja Grinstead
    This is what I had told you earlier, and for some reason Google+ made it hard to find it :

    My pleasure!
    Thanks for the Email-address.
    JESUS is getting all the GLORY for saving me from the horrible state I used to be in!
    I was already an agnostic before He saved me, but when I was an atheist I really couldn't understand why people wanted to believe in deities, ghosts and all that stuff.
    Evolution seemed to be logical to me, but I didn't realise that this evolution-doctrine was a cleverly crafted LIE from Satan himself!
    It's an alternative Genesis-story, WITHOUT a creator, and we know WHO this creator is: Satan's enemy, our Lord JESUS Christ!
    When the communists wanted to brainwash people with their satanic doctrine, they knew it would be easier if they FIRST brainwash the people with the evolution-LIE.
    Both marxism/communism and evolution came forth from the Roman Satanic CULT.
    It's the true church of Satan.
    More info about this on my site: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/Roman%20Satanic%20Church

    JESUS be with us, Sonja, and till contact.
    Hans S
    3:08 AM

    +Sonja Grinstead
    Did the laptop look like this? http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Rv9HMiAF5rY/UKnZpEhuwlI/AAAAAAAAE10/Kdm5aUk5aus/s1600/1107763_090224131532_Clamshell5.jpg
    Hans S
    3:11 AM

    +Sonja Grinstead
    Here's an example of how I deal with certain atheists: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2014/09/i-sold-my-soul-to-devil.html#comment-form
    Hans S
    3:14 AM

    +Sonja Grinstead
    'Hans is there another "tube" like or similar to YouTube that I don't know about!?!'
    Yes, there's http://www.dailymotion.com/nl


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