Sunday, April 27, 2014

'Fun' with Hitler - 'Lol' met Hitler - 'Spaß' mit Hitler

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The Pope is the 1st BEAST of Revelation 13

De KRANKZINNIGE Roomse sekte: De twee pausen zijn tegenpolen

Angela Hitler








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  1. Antichrist means 'in stead of Christ' and in this respect there are TWO antichrists, or two BEASTS, as Revelation 13 tells us, and they have been identified: Pope Francis and 'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis or Barry Davis).
    Are you ready for the coming of JESUS Christ?

  2. 911 insidejob - Knight of Malta George W Bush - Talks about Crusade on Sept-16-200

    Published on Apr 27, 2014

    First of all George Bush is NOT a Christian he is the Opposite ! (Skull & Bones Member & 33rd degree Freemason)
    That's 5 day's later folks....this was all pre-planned ! The War in Iraq was planned just the way it went , they are very good in controlling what the masses think , to control our minds , through the Mainstream Media , The Tell a Lie Vision they own all of it , The Jesuits , Knighthoods and High masons all these groups are overseen by a single man the Jesuit Superior General , that's the harsh truth about our corrupted World Power structure , hiding behind Christianity.

  3. What lies behind the Catholic Church, Unholy Silence

    Published on Nov 19, 2013

    The Vatican is being exposed for what it is: The most criminal organization in existence. The crimes that they have managed to commit against humanity for 2000 years via its criminal priests, nuns, and evil religious leaders are now being discovered worldwide, as it is written that any day now, the Catholic Church will go up in flames and be destroyed forever, as it is the mother of all abominations on Earth.

    The Protect Your Children Foundation is documenting and exposing all of its crimes worldwide, alerting entire nations of the dangers that the Catholic Church poses to our children in our communities, as they have been implementing crime schemes of rape, torture, starvation, human experiments, abuse, exploitation and more in its religious institutions, while claiming to 'help children'. The Vatican has utilized its false appearance of mercy, claiming they are representatives of Christ, when in fact, they do this to gain trust and commit crimes. For more info, visit:

  4. +Dave F
    You've said it yourself: "his own father is a bastard child of the Jewish Rothschild Family".

    So if his father wasn't a full Jew, than Hitler couldn't possibly have been a real Jew.
    This is all propaganda by the satanic Jesuits, because they HATE Jews, and they like to put the blame on the Jews.

  5. WeAreONEbigFamily is Back

    Osama Bin Laden was a CIA asset , his codename was Tim Ozman , also his halfbrother was in the Carlyle Group making dosh with the Bushes and other Knights of malta's , The Taliban was financed by the Vatican controlled US governement with 180 million a year to cooperate to make way for a Pipeline from the Caspian Sea through Afghanistan , when the Taliban opposed these agenda's , war was the answer , Then the Twintower attacks happend followed by the Iraq war and Aghanistan War , Bin Laden assisted in this plot betraying the muslims in general. Al Qaeda was funded by The Knight of malta CIA too Knight of malta Polish Roman catholic Zbignieuw Brezinski has assisted them , Hamid Karzai was also a CIA asset.

  6. ALL radical Islam is secretly controlled by The Knights of malta and The Jesuit order through High level Freemasonry , Nazism and the agenda for Albert Pike's WW3 which was designed between Israel and The Middle East , Its all Masonic Agenda's led by The Jesuits in Rome , The Israeli Governement is just as corrupt as Radical islam , infact secretly they are all friended at the Top , all that are invited in the Vatican...check out Shriner Freemasonry

    WeAreONEbigFamily is Back

  7. Replies
    1. Hillary Clinton accidentally admits that the CFR runs this nation. Wow.

      andy helm
      1 day ago

      Zionist bankers Rothschilds, commissioned by the Queen and Vatican. Rockefeller, Warburgs, Astors, Oppenheimers, Morgans between them control Fed Reserve (Not even Obama can investigate them) and almost every central bank on earth. Own majority ms media and have certain poltiticians in their pockets. Last person to stand up to them with his 1963 speech on secret society and executive order 11110 was J.F.K. They are responsible for nearly every major war in history including 911, Tonkin lie, wmd lie. We were warned.
      19 hours ago

      +andy helm 100% correct !!!
      Hans S
      3 seconds ago

      +andy helm The Jesuits Control The World


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