Thursday, August 7, 2014

Islam is the best!?
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How the Vatican created Islam - By Alberto Rivera


  1. +bee786
    JESUS is the only way to salvation because He is God and Muhammad was a satanic CRIMINAL!

    Islam is SATANIC and a DEATH CULT!
    Hans S
    7:25 AM

    +bee786 The JESUS Revolution

  2. +bee786
    JESUS with a capital J!

    JESUS is OUR creator: He is God!
    He's our JUDGE.
    Now HOW do you want to meet Him?
    As your Savior and BEST Friend....or as your WORST NIGHTMARE?

  3. +emma jones
    The greatest threat to THE WHOLE WORLD is the INVENTOR of Islam
    : Satan, through the SATANIC VATICAN!

  4. +Gina B
    You're a normal person, because only normal people love JESUS Christ!

    Hans S
    4:47 PM

    +Gina B These are the last days!

  5. The Roman Catholic CULT is the true church of SATAN!

    I LOVE the TRUTH: JESUS is the TRUTH!

    JESUS loves you,

    Satan HATES you!

  6. +Gina B
    No, I´m Dutch, but many of my topics are in English.

    God is JESUS, the Father, the Holy Spirit, amen, and we praise his name!

  7. Please make a distinction between ´Christians´ and real, born again followers of JESUS Christ.
    Many people are called `Christians´, who aren´t born again followers of JESUS Christ, or they call themselves ´Christians´.

    Of course this is TERRIBLE what´s happening, but I believe the Holy Spirit has warned the real born again followers of JESUS in advance to flee, before the muslim-killers came

  8. These people PROJECT their own SELF-HATRED on others!
    They're SLAVES of Satan, and Satan is laughing, because he/she HATES every human being, because he/she is going to BURN in hell FOREVER!

    Satan created islam through his/her instrument the Roman SATANIC Catholic CULT!
    This CULT is responsible for the torture and death of hundreds of millions of people.

    The STUPID thing is: every decapitated person will get her/his head back on his/her body at the resurrection of the dead.

    These killers are mortals too, so sooner or later they'll DIE, because of the curse.

    Let God-JESUS deal with them, because the same kind of monsters killed Him, and all because people want to be god themselves, since Satan DECEIVED Eve and Adam in Paradise.

    The fact of the matter is: WE ALL KILLED JESUS because of our sins!


    1. +sandrodream2
      I have Arab brothers and sisters in JESUS Christ: they are FORGIVEN, just like me.

      We are ONE human family since Adam and Eve!
      God-JESUS is responsible for the creation of different ethnicities and peoples and tongues, because of the UNWILLINGNESS of the people in Babel to spread themselves all over the earth, so JESUS-God FORCED them to spread by confusing their speech, and since then we have many languages (Btw; I'm Dutch) and many different ethnic variations on the SAME concept.
      Hans S
      Yesterday 3:28 PM

      He didn't interfere, so you're right.
      Satan is allowed to do many things through the minds and hands of people, but he isn't allowed to by kill himself, or he will be IMMEDIATELY cast into the lake of fire, and read Job, and you know what I mean.
      This video is very sad: muslims killing muslims, because they don't realise they are possessed by demons on behalf of Satan.

  9. YouTube has removed this video, but thousands of other disgusting videos are still online.
    This video showed the REAL ISLAM!
    Islam is a DEATH CULT, invented by the Satanic Vatican!

  10. Satan is a SCUMBAG!
    He's the one who's turning people into this and his fellow fallen angels too.

    Of course islam is a DEMONIC doctrine, but violence like this is found EVERYWHERE on earth.
    Remember the FIRST murder: Cain killed his OWN younger brother Abel.
    There wasn't yet islam or any kind of false religion.
    Just Satan and his co-fallen angels, waiting to lure humans into sin and hatred and STUPIDITY.

    JESUS-God is the ONLY answer.

    Don't watch too many of these kind of videos: they're propaganda for Satan and NOT for JESUS!

  11. Oh please!! The JESUITS are the most evil people on earth!
    Be informed:


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