Monday, September 8, 2014

This Is the REAL Reason Why Obama Calls Them 'ISIL'

This Is the REAL Reason Why Obama Calls Them 'ISIL'

Published on Sep 7, 2014
You have to look past the deception and see the bigger picture! The end game, Is they want the Levant!


  1. Jewish Leader Fulfills Antichrist Prophecy !

  2. Dear sister, I know so much about 'Obama' and the 'Pope', that I dare to accuse them of being the two beasts.
    The USA was being founded by Satanists on behalf of the Vatican, and Pope Francis is in fact the 'Black Pope'=the boss of the Jesuits, the most EVIL assassins in history.
    Pope Francis is the Antichrist=in stead of Christ=the Vicar of Christ, and he's a Satanist and 'Obama' too, because their god is LUCIFER.

    JESUS Christ is God Himself, and the Father, though when He was on earth He was God in the FLESH, and in this capacity He didn't know about the time of His return on earth, but after His resurrection and ascension He was one with the Father again, and of course He now knows about the moment of His return.

    Time is running out for Satan and his demons, because they know that they only have seven years after the rapture, and the rapture is eminent, though Satan knows as much as we: nothing about the day or the hour.
    But he knows it is very soon, just like God's people, the real Spirit filled beloved of God-JESUS, know it is at hand.

    Satan and the Satanic Jesuits use (steal) all the information (revealed by God-JESUS to the people of the Body of Christ) they can in order to determine 'how late it is on the prophetic clock', so that they can adjust their tactics and schemes, like in the Middle East through ISIS, or ISIL, because this terror-group is being sponsored by the Satanic Jesuits and the Vatican.

    I've read the entire Bible and several books about prophesy, and God-JESUS revealed a lot to me through many sources, like through the internet and through His Holy Spirit, and through the interaction with brothers and sisters.

    I know about praying for 'our' leaders and for the government, but my 'own' government consists of criminals who have betrayed my country to the Satanic Vatican.

    Please take a look on my site, and know more:

    JESUS be with us!

  3. +Alyssa McMorrow
    The JESUITS, and NOT the Jews are behind ISIS or ISIL or IS.
    Islam is an invention of the Vatican!

    They always blame the Jews, because they are SATANISTS!
    Satanists HATE Jews because of JESUS the JEW, who happens to be God.

  4. +Alyssa McMorrow No Jesuit is a Jew, and I know about 'crypto-Jews' and about Jewish collaborators with the Satanic Vatican, but the aim is always to put the blame on ALL the Jews, so that they will be exterminated (even the children), just like during the Holocaust.


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