vrijdag 31 oktober 2014

Get Ready... Get Set... Big Changes Are Coming!

30 October 2014: On the calendar that we use the last two months of the year 2014 and the start of the year 2015 have taken on the appearance of being quite critical in the prophetic scheme of things. The Lord has many appointed times as one reads through the many 'last days' prophecies, and as has been discussed here over the past few years these prophetic appointments are stacked up and ordered in such a way that our world will become more and more unrecognizable from what we have known in the past few decades as each event comes to pass.

I have gotten the sense that the proverbial can has been kicked in complete darkness just about as far down the road as is possible. And it is now its hard to see where it will be kicked next because, as the image above so brilliantly illustrates, the sun has risen and is directly in our eyes. Just as the sun is low in the sky this time of year, it's glare making it that more difficult to see where one is going on foot or in a vehicle, that is the sense I am getting that what is about to occur around the world, but especially in the Middle East, will change all manner of things in ways that no one has anticipated with any accuracy.

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  1. NOT APPOINTED UNTO WRATH https://www.raptureready.com/resource/stanton/k2.htm

  2. Great message, Kenny!
    JESUS be with us, brother!

    Hans S
    8:03 PM

    +Kenny Jacobs
    My pleasure!
    JESUS be with us!

  3. Ah, CIA/NSA-Google+ is censoring me again, so I try it this way:
    Google search: We have all become CATHOLICS, whether we like it or not! (2nd link/result)

  4. Google search (I can't put the link here, because I'm being censored by the Vatican NWO): THE POPE IS THE ANTICHRIST THE POPE IS THE ANTICHRIST THE POPE IS THE ANTICHRIST THE POPE IS THE ANTICHRIST (2nd link/hit)

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  6. +Victor Callaway
    Get to know JESUS and acknowledhe He is God
    , ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit and read the Bible with God's eyes and then you don't have to ask me these questions again.


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