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Depression and Suicide

Depression and Suicide

The FIRST honest video of JaclynGlenn

Published on Nov 16, 2014
My experience with depression/suicide and how to overcome it. Not every story needs to have a sad ending. Get a fresh start, and never forget that a little empathy can go a long way. *hugs*

Satan is the spirit of SELF DESTRUCTION and he wants you to commit suicide and cause a lot of GRIEF.
Atheists don't believe in deities and Satan, but where do these self MURDERING feelings come from? When you commit suicide, you KILL someone else's CHILD, someone else's RELATIVE, someone else's FRIEND etc., just as it's the case in a 'normal' homicide.

Satan is a MURDERER and he loves PILES of DEAD CORPSES!
He wants ALL people to commit SUICIDE!
There was a person who only did GOOD deeds, and he was murdered by his OWN creatures he wants to save.
You know WHO I mean.
He is the way, the truth and the LIFE!

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  1. +Crux Driven
    She's lost without JESUS Christ, and she isn't yet aware of this FACT.

    Pray for her, because she is one of JESUS' MANY pieces of art, and why should Satan STEAL this GEM from our ©REAT®?


  2. +Crux Driven
    I know all about suicide
    , and here's a part of my testimony:

  3. Reacties
    1. +Sheree Garcia Great and amen! Praise our Lord JESUS!
      Next time, try to look into the lens of the camera, so we can look you into your eyes.
      Greetings from Hans, from the Netherlands


  4. Thank you Alan, and don't take this video down.

    JESUS be with us!
    Hans S
    9:50 PM

    Amen and praise the name of JESUS!
    He's GOD in the capacity of SAVIOUR!


    Lord Jesus, I'm a sinner, but I believe that you died upon the cross for me. I believe that you shed your blood for the forgiveness of my sin. And I believe that on the third day you rose from the dead and went to Heaven to prepare a place for me. I accept you now as my Saviour, my Lord, my friend. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and set me free from my sin. And because you are my Saviour, I shall not die but have everlasting life, AMEN!

    ASK the Father to be filled with HIS Holy Spirit.
    This is VERY important, because JESUS=God teaches this;

    World English Bible, 2002
    King James Version, 1611
    13 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ASK him?"
    13 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ASK him?
    Luke 11,13

    Example; "Father God, I ASK you in JESUS' name to fill me with your Holy Spirit..and I PRAISE YOU AND I THANK YOU and I WORSHIP YOU!

  5. +Lewis Wheeler
    Yes, like EATING each other! (in response to 'Intelligent, social animals do have established laws.')

    What atheists don't want to acknowledge, or what they're IGNORANT of is that God has CURSED this world because of the ORIGINAL SIN of our ANCESTORS Adam and Eve, and since then we're half animal, half angelic, but more like FALLEN angels than like GOOD angels.

    We're all meant to be LIKE the angels, says the Bible, so which kind of angel do you want to be FOREVER: a FALLEN ANGEL, and be cast into God's lake of fire of His WRATH, where you MUST proclaim that 'JESUS is LORD', or like a GOOD ANGEL, and being CLEANSED by the BLOOD of JESUS Christ, God in the FLESH, and proclaim VOLUNTARY and with JOY and REVERENCE, that JESUS is LORD?
    Hans S
    7:45 PM

    +Lewis Wheeler >You should go join the Amish and separate yourselves from us.<
    This is the first step toward the WISH to ANNIHILATE believers in God-JESUS-the Bible-Creation!
    The second step is actually KILLING believers in God-JESUS-the Bible-Creation on behalf of the POPE=the ANTICHRIST and LUCIFER-SATAN!

    The perpetrators of this EVIL CRIME, which has been PROPHESIED, will BURN FOREVER in HELL, the lake of fire and will be IGNORED by their own maker, while He and His beloved will be having an ETERNAL WEDDING FEAST in heaven and on the New Earth and in the New Jerusalem.

    Not believing in God/JESUS is the ULTIMATE STUPIDITY!

    And I know, because I'm an EX-ATHEIST!


  6. +Sheree Garcia
    Dear Sheree, you say you're sure she's with JESUS, but you're not sure whether she took her own life.

    JESUS saved me from committing suicide and that's why I became His follower.
    Now, if suicide would be a way to enter heaven, I would recommend it to everyone, being the fastest way to be released from this (often) evil world.
    But our Master JESUS gave His life as an UNSELFISH sacrifice in order to be able to save us, and He didn't die in order to choose the easiest way to heaven.
    His death was anything but easy!
    His death was PURE HORROR so that He could be able to BEAR ALL of our sins and pain, of ALL people throughout ALL history!
    I've experienced quite some people who were believers and who have committed suicide.

    I won't judge them, but I'm not sure whether they're saved and I leave it to God-JESUS.

    Leave it to JESUS, Sheree: it's NOT your burden!

  7. +Sheree Garcia
    Leave it to God-the Lord JESUS.

    Recently a female neighbour of ours died of cancer, and she had unbearable pains too, despite the morphine, but she waited until God ended her life, and we're not sure whether she's saved, because she was a Catholic, but we're also not sure whether she's lost.
    We leave it up to God the Father.

    Love in JESUS from your brother Hans

  8. Adam 1984 originally shared this

    This Pastor is a big joke !
    and Jaclyn Glenn is a fool.

    Luke 3:14 And the soldiers likewise demanded of him, saying, And what shall we do? And he said unto them, Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages.

  9. +NaomiLookingUp Sister, I'm not condemning anyone who has committed suicide, and i know several BELIEVERS in JESUS who have KILLED THEMSELVES.
    But where was their FAITH when they listened to the DEVIL?
    JESUS said the following when He saved me: "Hans, there are two things you can do: commit suicide, or start reading the Bible'.
    This is part of my testimony: JESUS is my BEST FRIEND! What about you?
    Hans S
    9:53 AM

    +NaomiLookingUp "Suicide? Go Ahead!" Pastor Bob DAILY!
    Hans S
    9:54 AM

    +NaomiLookingUp Depression and Suicide

  10. Samson DID NOT commit suicide!!!

    Suicide is one of the worst CRIMES, because one says to God=JESUS:


    And/or: "I have the RIGHT to determine my own DEATH!".

    Samson GAVE HIS LIFE and He's an IMAGE of Christ, just like Joseph.

    Remember that God is JESUS gave him this ENORMOUS POWER and without this POWER he wouldn't have been able to destroy the satanic temple for 'Dagon', the 'fish-god.
    The mitre of the POPE depicts this FISH-god!

    Samson died in the process, but it was NOT suicide.

    We can ask forgiveness after we've sinned, but how can a suicide perpetrator plead for his/her soul after this CRIME of SELF MURDER?


    Samson didn't MURDER: it was God's JUDGEMENT on the OCCULT Philistines, the enemies of God's chosen people.

  11. +Todd Hill
    Suicide is a WRONG WORD: I'm Dutch and in my language we also call it suicide (with a different pronunciation), but mostly SELF-MURDER. (zelfmoord, say; self moard)

    It's a CRIME against one self and against God-the Lord JESUS and against loved ones, friends and family.

    I'm and ex-atheist.

    I have topics on my site about suicide:

    Ezekiel38Rapture: Suicide Bridge - Zelfmoord Brug

    Ezekiel38Rapture: SATAN is a SUICIDE BOMBER

    Ezekiel38Rapture: Depression and Suicide

    Rejecting JESUS as Lord, equals committing suicide

    Ezekiel38Rapture: How did Judas commit suicide? Did he hang himself? (Gospels.) Or did he fall off a cliff? (Acts.)

    The word suicide makes this CRIME sound nicer than it is.

    Suicide is ALWAYS STUPID and a one way ticket to hell.

    This young lady is guilty of talking someone into committing a crime on himself, but she can't be convicted.

    If we love JESUS than we don't want to see two victims.

    She needs to be stopped, but only God is capable of doing this, and she needs a good spanking, but from the Lord.

    It's very sad the young man has died, but he can't repent and receive faith in JESUS after death.

    Hans, from the Netherlands, JESUS Christian by the GRACE of God.

  12. There is no reason to FEEL lonely, because JESUS is always there.
    When we lived in our mother's womb it was the same situation.
    JESUS is like a WOMB!


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