Sunday, December 7, 2014

Prelude to next World War on behalf of NAZI-USA and the Vatican

The Satanic scumbags in Washington want another world war in order to reshape their VATICAN New World Order, just like they did in the past when the USA sponsored Adolf Hitler on behalf of Pope Pius XII and the JESUITS.

They know they can't beat Russia, so they start a HUGE CRISIS in the Middle East in which Damascus will be DESTROYED, of which Israel will get the blame, and which will make Russia the fearsome Gog and Magog of Ezekiel 38/39, together with its allies, because the state of Israel is part of the Vatican NWO, and apparently an easy prey for Russia, which will want to take revenge for the destruction of Damascus on behalf of the entire Islamic world.

This will happen AFTER the coming Psalm 83-war, which will be EXCLUSIVELY about the islamic Arabs who will try (again) in vain to eliminate Israel

But they will be utterly destroyed by GOD HIMSELF, after which the Vatican really can start its VATICAN NEW WORD ORDER on behalf of the POPE and SATAN!

This means that the (pre-tribulation) RAPTURE is at hand!

US Congress declares war on Russia with new law






English: the language of the Roman Empire-Vatican NWO



We have all become CATHOLICS, whether we like it or not!



Coup completed: American investment banker new Finance Minister Ukraine

The Jesuits Control America From Georgetown University


  1. +d3 br33c3
    'The Vatican NWO is coming to a place near you'
    Europe's next!

    My blog is a Google-blogger-site and it's being hosted by CIA/NSA-666-Google...

  2. +Deondre First part of the translation (with the help of Google translate, but in order to be able to translate Dutch into proper English, it's not enough to use Google translate only):

    Obama administration conducts first test by disabling critical internet media Xander 12-06-2014 15: 01- tags: EU, Society, NWO Conspiracy, USA

    Independent reporting in the US can now be blocked at any time - "New Speech" in EU (and the Netherlands) has become hard reality: special counsel in Germany checks politically correct reporting on immigration, crime and Islam.

    The US government on Wednesday, for the first time attacked some news sites, which were down for a short time.
    According to Mike Adams, NaturalNews administrator -one of the largest alternative sites in the land, this was a first test of the Obama administration in preparing to turn off the independent reporting on the Internet, so that there's only room for government propaganda.

    In California,last Wednesday, were known news sites, including Drudge Report, CNN, Epoch Times and the Christian World Net Daily not achieve anymore for two hours. Adams' sources revealed that the US government was behind this, which would have satisfied noted that it is technically possible to close down or rapidly change hostile websites at any time.

    The government wants total control over coverage.

    The latter is possibly even more disturbing, because it means that the government can bring fake copies of existing websites in the air/online.
    There is little imagination needed to think that it's very easy in this way to sell even the most critically-minded American mendacious propaganda as being "truth."

    The government, police and secret services want to keep in the event of natural disasters, terrorist attacks or other major disasters
    (think of a possible Ebola epidemic) the news to the public totally under control. That means that as many people as possible may hear and read only the official version of events, before independent journalists, bloggers and activists come out with other 'unwanted statements and evidence (photos and videos).

  3. Spy on citizens

    Since the "war on terror" began, after the 'attacks' on 9/11/01, spying on citizens by the NSA and other secret services has boomed.
    Simultaneously, the police and Home Guard was being transformed into a militaristic power. So meanwhile there have also been made preparations in order to paralyzefor the Internet, being the last bastion of free speech.

    Hack Attack

    The secret services had predicted last Monday night, via a 'flash memo, the infiltration of business websites by "unknown hackers". It had been preceded by a digital break-in at the world's largest film studio Sony Pictures Entertainment, in which personal information was being stolen from numerous prominent movie stars.

    Allegedly, North Korea was behind this hack, which allegedly was furious at the recent action comedy "The Interview," in which the director of a celebrity show is being used by the CIA in order to murder the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un after an interview.

    (corrections might follow)
    Hans S
    9:08 PM

    second part:

    False flag

    True or not; disabling large websites in California have shown that the US government is able and willing to take over and manipulate the entire internet. This also means that the government is able to put a crisis in motion at any time, or even may feign one. It may happen that a major false flag terrorist attack occurs, after which the government immediately and abundantly (but falsly) puts 'evidence' of 'desired' perpetrators (natural enemies of the globalists in Washington) on the internet.

    'New Speech' hard reality in the US and EU

    In the EU we are for years being exposed to manipulation by the government. Sometimes there is something leaking out, such as the recent 'wish' of the Dutch government that TV programs no longer pay much attention to crimes committed by (islamic) immigrants.

    In Germany there's even a special board that determines in which way the mainstream media must "politically correct" report news, like the cover up of crimes, comitted by foreigners, and displaying the most positive image of immigrants and Islam.

    In the book "1984", written in1949 by George Orwell, a totalitarian state is being described, in which thought and speech by "New Speech" (eg. "War = peace) is totally controlled, managed and manipulated.

    The writer was only 30 years off the mark, because in the year 2014, "New Speech" ("unemployment = economic growth, cuts = better care; EU = prosperity; Islam = peace, multicultural = enrichment, Russia = evil; CO2 = warming up'; etc.) in our media and politics, has become the harsh reality. The only thing missing is the final silencing of all dissenting voices, which was being tested last week in the US.

    (corrections might follow)

    The Lord JESUS be with us!

  4. The Jesuits Control America From Georgetown University

    See link above

  5. +Awaken Sheeple
    Nuclear power plants exists, but nuclear weapons don't:

    1. +Awaken Sheeple
      Yes, but nuclear explosions are a hoax.

      I used to believe in this fairy tale most of my life, but thanks to research by others I'm now better informed.


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