Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Satan is a LIAR!

Who the HELL is Satan?

Satan is a FALLEN ANGEL and a way of thinking and he/she rules the world and his/her headquarters are THE VATICAN!

He/she is getting CRAZIER by the day!



But who controls this MONSTER?

GOD, aka JESUS!!


God is the hand and Satan is the shadow and God determines where the shadow of the hand may go...

You'd better be on God's side or you will PERISH!

God ALLOWS Satan to act and the CHALLENGE is: do we want to resemble JESUS or the devil?

Read the Bible and the gospel of GRACE in order to get the RIGHT INSTRUCTIONS!

The most controversial little piece of land on earth



The JESUS Revolution




Satan HATES the pre-tribulation rapture!








  1. +So Sue Me
    +G Zuss
    +Yohan Tims
    Satan is a LIAR!


    My mom had the same experience: the Roman Catholic CULT RAPED her mind and soul!

    And she was literally RAPED by a Roman Catholic relative when she was a child!
    That's why I HATE this EVIL CULT!
    Through her, Satan tried to destroy me too.
    He failed, thanks to my dad, who was an ATHEIST!

    My dad died when he was 53, and he died a HORRIBLE DEATH, yet I believe he's saved, because I told him about JESUS.

    He thought I had gone INSANE, but when He died, he remembered it.

    Yet, I love my mother, because she couldn't help it that she was being raised in this SATANIC FASHION.

    She HATES the way I (and my wife) believe in JESUS!

    She has been BRAINWASHED by this SATANIC CULT, though she's a non-practising Catholic, who's 86 now.

    When the Roman Catholic NAZIS occupied my country, she was also being forced to learn German!

    Her parental home was completely DESTROYED by a V-1 missile, killing her two younger brothers!

    She was 16 in 1944 when the war ended in the south of the Netherlands.

    Many more would still die in the months up to may 1945 by the VATICAN controlled NAZIS.


    And HURRY UP!

    I hate to be in a world together with SATAN!

    YET you keep me in this HELL HOLE.

    Thank YOU!
    Hans S
    2:19 AM

    +TONY COSTANZO Gillan - Life Goes On https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-94Emp_AsQ
    Hans S
    2:34 AM

    Lyrics: https://plus.google.com/106087908907898703754/posts/9ffbxkjRAff

  3. +Knives Savrem
    Repent: you're spiritually as dead as a Dodo!
    JESUS is the ONLY answer.

    He loves you and Satan hates you!

    I do a PUBLIC PRAYER for you: Father, put some sense in 'Knive's' BRAIN and make him/her/it a BELIEVER in YOU, LORD JESUS!

    Thank U and AMEN!

    PS: you have ZERO subscribers, so I believe you are a (paid) Google+-TROLL, but you're a HUMAN and on your way to hell, unless you start believing in (Y)OUR creator JESUS!

  4. +Gerald Allen
    Gerald, YOU are PROOF of God!

    God's name is 'I am' and He gave you this 'I am consciousness'.
    You're not an irrational ANIMAL!

  5. +Mikie likesit
    I appreciate the fact that Gerald is showing his real face, and I believe he's a piece of art.

    I wouldn't mind drinking a scotch with him.
    You are unable to convince him, and no one could convince me, when I was an atheist, except God, and he even used the devil.

    I knew about satanic powers before I became a believer in God-Jesus-the Bible-creation.

    Yes, it's a good album and a blast from the past, when I was 21.

    All my 'friends' were unbelievers and mockers and I was a scoffer too.
    Jesus was completely irrelevant to me during that CRAZY period, though I loved the original album of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' with Ian Gillan in the singing role of Jesus.

  7. +Sheree Garcia
    Lord JESUS, you have created Rachel, and we ask you to SAVE her
    and to make her a believer in you. You respect her free will, but please break her, so that she will listen to you and adopt YOU as her REAL FATHER, as much as you want to adopt her as your BELOVED Son of God, your future ANGEL!
    Do it, in JESUS' name, and thank you for listening! Amen

  8. +Sheree Garcia Knives Savrem is trying to turn you into a SATANIST.
    He's a follower of SATAN and on his way to hell.
    Don't listen to the devil.
    ATTACK SATAN in JESUS' name!
    He's a LOSER and he knows it!
    Mention the BLOOD of JESUS: Satan HATES it!
    Hans S
    10:01 PM

    +Knives Savrem
    You're an INFILTRATOR of Lucifer and I'm a WARRIOR of God, aka JESUS.
    You're NOT here as a FRIEND, but as an ENEMY!
    Repent, or BURN in hell!
    Hans S
    10:06 PM

    +Sheree Garcia 3
    1 Now the serpent was more subtle than any animal of the field which Yahweh God had made. He said to the woman, “Yes, has God said, ‘You shall not eat of any tree of the garden?’”
    1 Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?
    Read more: http://www.biblija.net/biblija.cgi?Bible=Bible&m=Ge+3&id14=1&id7=1&pos=0&set=3&l=en&idp0=15&idp1=8


  9. There's only ONE good Christian book: the BIBLE!
    But we must read the RIGHT translation, because Satan has produced a LOT of so called 'bibles' through the Roman Catholic CULT
    : http://www.biblija.net/biblija.cgi?Bible=Bible&m=&id14=1&id7=1&pos=0&set=3&l=en&idp0=15&idp1=8
    Hans S
    10:20 PM

    +Sheree Garcia
    The KJV 1611 is GOOD, but not perfect: God has not appointed the Body of Christ to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord JESUS Christ.


    God-JESUS is not angry at His true worshippers, who are longing to be with Him, but at those who don't love Him and those who are lukewarm and religious.

    These people will be left behind, because they don't have the character of the wise virgins and not the character of Enoch.

    There are believers who think they have to EARN heaven by being a martyr during the coming tribulation.

    They don't read the Bible correctly, because the coming tribulation has mainly to with ISRAEL.

    They don't see that God is a JEW: JESUS Christ.

    The rapture is in the Bible, but some CRIMINAL translator translated 2 Thessalonians 2:3 WRONG:

    This is a good example of a comparison between the KJV and the WEB, and in this case I choose the WEB-translation, because the rapture is in the New Testament, but that's unclear if one's reading the KJV or other English translations, and all Dutch translations are also wrong concerning this verse: 2 Thessalonians 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; (KJV)

    This is the RIGHT translation:

    World English Bible 2002

    2 Thessalonians 2:

    3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except the departure comes first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.



    In SEVEN English translations, prior to the KJV 1611 the Greek word 'apostasia' was translated RIGHT, by the word DEPARTURE, and NOT by the words 'a falling away'.

    Some IDIOT was used by the devil to CHANGE 'DEPARTURE' into 'A FALLING AWAY'.

    Again: SEVEN translations pror to the KJV translated 'apostasia' CORRECTLY with the word DEPARTURE.


    Jesus be with us!
    Maranatha! http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.com/2012/02/rapture-under-attack.html?showComment=1406422564330#c4008102689311896146

  10. +G Zuss Wat een geouwehoer!

    Google translate: What a crap!


    In Dutch we make of verb of someone who's talking like an old whore (ouwe hoer, or oude hoer. Pronunciation: owuh hoor), and that's what you're doing: ouwehoeren, or literally translated with 'old whore chatting'.

    PS: een sounds like an

  11. " ~ if Evolution was true, God never created Adam and Eve... And therefore there is no original sin. And therefore there probably is no such thing as sin. That would mean that Jesus wasnt God's Son who Died for me. That would probably mean there is no God~"

  12. +Danaus plexippus God, aka JESUS is the creator of the animals and the animal BRAIN.
    If God wants animals to talk, they CAN talk, simply because God wants them to talk, and examples are in the Bible.

    Your brain is being manipulated by God's enemy Satan, who wants you to be like him, so that God will cast you too in His garbage can and place of ETERNAL TORTURE, the lake of fire.
    Satan made you BELIEVE that 'evolution' is true and you are some kind of animal, and NOT what you really are: a future ANGEL, having a supernatural body, which is indestructible, but which can feel pain.

    Satan wants you to remain uninformed and STUPID.

    The earth is the only place within this universe which contains life, and it's standing STILL.
    The sun. the moon and everything else revolve around the earth, because earth was the first celestial body which God-JESUS had created.

    I am an EX-atheist, who has just become 55 years old and it took me 53 years to get rid of this AWFUL LIE, called HELIOCENTRISM.

    Satan's favourite DECEPTION is SUN-worship, and the CROSS on which JESUS died, is the symbol for the sun, and also the Swastika, and that's why he's behind the THEORY of evolution and HELIOcentrism.

    Your 'I am-consciousness' is being PROGRAMMED to go AGAINST my 'I AM-consciousness', because my 'I AM' is connected to God HIMSELF!

    You're talking to God, because I AM His ambassador, trying to inform you, just as others have informed me in the past, when I still was a BELIEVER in evolution and thought that deities don't exist.

    Hans, from the Netherlands

  13. +Dylan Taylor
    Read the Bible and WISE up.....or remain uninformed and STUPID.

    God has CURSED His OWN creation, so since then it SEEMS He doesn't give a SHIT about anything...


    He came on earth as JESUS CHRIST, taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for His OWN INVENTION and His human and animal CREATIONS.

    You can't KILL JESUS TWICE!

  14. +Dylan Taylor
    I'm an EX-ATHEIST: I did not believe in deities and I thought that religious people were insane.

    I believed in evolution and in alien life.

    How is it possible that an atheist became a believer in God-JESUS-the Bible-creation?

  15. +So Sue Me
    You're too good to me.....


  16. +So Sue Me
    I hate Christianity too, but I LOVE JESUS

    He's the inventor of everything, like beer, T-rex, pretty women, handsome men, and much more http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-TTzR8aaP8tY/VKvXTcakUYI/AAAAAAAAaRc/CwOk2sl4n0Y/s1600/satan%2Bhates%2Byou%2C%2BJesus%2Bloves%2Byou!.png

  17. +john doe Потому что он мой отец и мой создатель и моего Спасителя и моего лучшего друга Because He is my Father and my creator and my Savior and my best friend
    Hans S
    5:01 PM

    +Кщёнже Анджей Речь идет не о религии, а о Боге, Кто такой Иисус This is not about religion, but about God, Who is Jesus
    Hans S
    5:02 PM

    +Lewis Wheeler
    Have fun: http://xembryo.blogspot.nl/2015/01/jesus-is-rock.html

  18. +Кщёнже Анджей
    This world exists about 6000 years.

    The Bible is the truth.
    Evolution is absolute nonsense.
    The earth doesn't spin and heliocentrism is nonsense too.

  19. +john doe'hahaha the earth dosen't spin?'
    Yeah....didn't you know or are you drunk or high on dope?

    Hans S
    11:33 PM

    +Lewis Wheeler
    You have the right to remain DUMB.
    In case you have some working brain cells, or perhaps even ONE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gu4AYVurSdM

  20. +troy miller
    This question: "Why do you want to know?"

    It's foolishness to try to imagine that dead matter (after a very long period of time and coincidence) wants to evolve into thinking entities who are doubting the fact that they were being created by a personal creator.

    Evolution just never happened and calling it 'scientific' is a JOKE.

    But if you want to make me laugh, just go ahead.

  21. +Dylan Taylor
    The Boss says the following to you: But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is
    , and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. http://www.biblija.net/biblija.cgi?Bible=Bible&q=rewarder&step=20&qall=0&qids=1&idq=8&pos=0&set=3&l=en&q1=1

  22. +Кщёнже Анджей
    The Big Bang is a fairy tale.

    God doesn't need a stupid BANG in order to create.
    He speaks the WORD and it IS.
    JESUS is the WORD.
    JESUS is GOD.

  23. +Кщёнже Анджей
    JESUS is 'Jehovah', though that isn't God's name.
    God's name is 'I AM, who I AM' or simply 'I AM'.

    'JESUS' means 'I AM Salvation'.

    He is God in the capacity of Saviour.

    He's the beginning and the end.

    He's the one you need, because He has created you and He wants to be your FATHER!

  24. +troy miller
    The question is: 'why do you want to know?'

    You're nothing more than a robot, according to your philosophy, which is able to program itself, and you've come to this point after millions of years, but you're still not better off than the so called first living cells.

    You're still DYING and you have to reproduce in order to keep life going, but you don't know why this system exists, and you don't know why you have a head on your body, or a body at all.

    Why aren't you just a cloud or a thought?

    Why do you need to exist as an entity with a physical body, and why do you exist at all?

    Do you know the answers to these questions?

    I do.

    You can learn something from me, but you'll need to willing to reprogram yourself.

    You're talking to an ex-atheist and an ex-adherent of the 'scientific theory of evolution'.

  25. +Doktor Antitheist
    Yes, you are too unintelligent to be able to reason with me, because you need the wisdom of God, and wisdom is the combination of intelligence and love.

    People like you, and all the other atheist psychopaths, can only think from their reproductive organs, because their pornographic minds keep them from really wanting to become any wiser.
    God drowned about 6 BILLION idiots like you, just like that, because they were less than shit.
    So now you know what you are: less than shit, and you need to be exterminated.
    Now the funny thing is that God is using His own adversary in order get this result, and His adversary is the head of the Roman Catholic CULT, who's worshipping Lucifer.
    This evil cult will start a world dictatorship, much worse than anything in the past.
    It's all in the Bible and it's all been prophesied.
    So if you want to stay less than shit, please continue and you'll end up in Gods trash can and you will burn forever, together with your hero, Satan.
    We won't be missing you, while we'll be having a holy party in heaven and on the New Earth.
    We choose love and beauty and righteousness, and you choose.....to be less than shit.

  26. +Jesse Contreras
    It's simple: we will keep our sexual identity, male and female, but without certain earthly characteristics, and we will never be (almost) naked, like under a shower or with our spouse or when we have to be examined by a doctor, or on a beach or in a swimming pool.

    Adam and Eve were naked, because they were the only two human beings, and because they were given the assignment to procreate.

    This works best while being undressed, as we all know, but it's a private act, so not meant to be seen by anyone but God.

    But in heaven and in eternity our sexual role will be a thing of the past, and we will be like the angels, and we will be forever clothed in white, pure, fine linen. http://www.biblija.net/biblija.cgi?Bible=Bible&m=Rev+19%2C14&id14=1&id7=1&pos=0&set=3&l=en

    The Bible doesn't mention 'daughters of God', but only 'Sons of God', so we will all be Sons of God, both men and women.

    We will still be able to eat and drink, but we won't NEED to eat and drink, and we will NEVER sleep, because our new eternal heavenly bodies won't need to be regenerated during a period of sleep, and (of course) we will never die.

    We won't miss the sexual 'thing', because we will be like CHILDREN, though with the wisdom of God the Father, and (normal) children aren't interested in sex.

    Keep following God, and know He's JESUS.

  27. +troy miller
    I didn't believe in deities, and there was no need for me to do so, but I did BELIEVE in evolution, because it's a BELIEF and not a fact.

    Once I had a dream, and I was a CLOUD.
    No human body, but a cloud.

    Why do we need a human body, with a head on top, containing TWO hemispheres, who are thinking differently from each other, yet forming ONE personality?



  28. +Jesse Contreras We won't remember anything BAD, because in heaven and on the New Earth everything will be GOOD.

    But we will NOT be brainwashed by God-JESUS.

    Yes, JESUS is God, and because you don't yet know this truth, I know you're not BORN AGAIN yet.

    But this can be arranged and settled: JESUS is God, because Thomas said so: And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God. John 20,28

    Thomas called JESUS, GOD!!!

    And that's the truth.

    When JESUS was praying to the Father, He was praying to His alter ego, because there is only ONE God, and JESUS said the following: Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father? John 14,9

    JESUS is the FATHER!

    He prayed to the Father because He is our EXAMPLE and our ROLE MODEL!

    God came on earth in the capacity of JESUS, and as a Son of God, and as the 'Son of Man'.

    You say that JESUS is your Savior....that's GREAT!

    Now receive Him by ASKING the Father to be filled with His Holy Spirit and be REALLY born again and rapture ready:
    Hans S
    9:49 PM

    +Jesse Contreras

    World English Bible, 2002
    King James Version, 1611
    13 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ASK him?"
    13 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ASK him?
    Luke 11,13 http://www.biblija.net/biblija.cgi?Bible=Bible&m=Luke+11%2C13&id14=1&id7=1&pos=0&set=3&l=en

    Example; "Father God, I ASK you in JESUS' name to fill me with your Holy Spirit..and I PRAISE YOU AND I THANK YOU and I WORSHIP YOU!
    Hans S
    9:50 PM

    +Jesse Contreras IS JESUS "GOD?" - In 5 Minutes - the matter is SETTLED - Indisputable!
    Hans S
    9:50 PM

    +Jesse Contreras Who is the Holy Spirit, and Why Did God Send Him?
    Hans S
    9:51 PM

    +Jesse Contreras
    Sinner's prayer Google search: http://goo.gl/eaz11m
    Images (leading to sites): http://goo.gl/6GULeQ

  29. +Brad Tripp
    Quote from your Google+ page: "Research The lost book of enki, the book of enoch, the story of the annunaki, and Michael Tellinger."


    Read the BIBLE!!: http://www.biblija.net/biblija.cgi?Bible=Bible&m=&id14=1&id7=1&pos=0&set=3&l=en

    JESUS is GOD and GOD is JESUS!
    Hans S
    10:14 PM

    +Brad Tripp IS JESUS "GOD?" - In 5 Minutes - the matter is SETTLED - Indisputable!

  30. +Patrick Smith

    Our body is a VEHICLE of our MIND and our SOUL!

    The core of every human being is his/her SPIRIT!

    And this is what the Bible teaches.

    That which is born of the flesh is flesh. That which is born of the Spirit is spirit. John 3,6

    We are meant to be like the ANGELS!

  31. +troy miller
    Kill yourself! Then you'll know!

    If God is with you, you'll survive, but if He's not, you'll go straight to the realm of the dead, awaiting the final judgement and the lake of fire.

    Satan has no power over a DEAD person.

    Satan is the ruler of THIS dimension, but JESUS is restraining him

  32. +troy miller
    Why do you want to know?
    That's the question.

    Why do you want to be like...............GOD?

    What's your motive?

  33. +Juochi Okuwa
    Amen; it's all about JESUS!

    He's the WORD and the Holy Spirit is JESUS in spiritual capacity, and He's ONE with the Father and God, and He's the creator, and our Saviour!

  34. +Jesse Contreras Being born again, is being chosen, and I'm sure I'm chosen, because JESUS talked to me when He saved me, and more about this is here: JESUS is my BEST FRIEND! What about you? http://xembryo.blogspot.nl/2014/09/jesus-is-my-best-friend-what-about-you.html

    When I was in military service, I thought I was serving my country, but I was serving NATO and NATO is serving the interest of the Vatican.
    Hans S
    1:23 AM

    +Jesse Contreras http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/Roman%20Satanic%20NATO

    Most Americans don't know their country has been taken over by the Vatican, and they don't know about this:
    Jesse Contreras
    1:25 AM

    +Hans S I refuse to read something against my country. Sorry...
    Hans S
    1:36 AM

    +Jesse Contreras Washington D.C.'s original name was Rome, Maryland http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2014/09/washington-dcs-original-name-was-rome.html

    So 'your country' is more important to you than the TRUTH?
    That's a shame, because the Roman soldiers who murdered JESUS did the same.

    The USA is the new Roman Empire, in combination with the EU.

    Satan's headquarters is Rome and the Vatican.

  35. +troy miller Yes, you want to to marvel at this amazing existence, being your own god.

    That's the whole problem, because 7.2 BILLION people think they are god, except those who know they are not, and that they're the result of creation and a creator, whom the Bible reveals as JESUS.

    Even many who call themselves Christians don't acknowledge this, and especially Roman Catholics.

    But I'm NOT a 'Christian' but a follower of JESUS.

    God is able to make you doubt the 'facts of evolution', and in the end I came to the conclusion that evolution is one big lie.

  36. +troy miller
    Of course you say you don't want to be (a) God, because you're already acting and thinking like one, because the REAL God (=JESUS) has made you IN HIS IMAGE, and not so much outwardly, but concerning your BRAIN.

    You're under the ILLUSION that by using this God-given ability to THINK, without acknowledging and honouring the MAKER and INVENTOR of your 'bio-computer' in your head, you are able to reconstruct the origins of your existence, and I used to think that way too in the past, so I understand, but it's IMPOSSIBLE without positive knowledge of the WORD of God.

    The word of God is God's way of thinking, written down by chosen people over a long period of time, and the result is a BOOK, called the BIBLE.

    When God saved me from SELF-DESTRUCTION, He gave me (very loving and gently) this information:

    'Hans, there are two things you can do: commit suicide, or start reading the Bible'.

    I had NOTHING to lose, so I bought myself a brand new Bible and started to read and study.

    Then God DECODED His WORD for me, because the Bible is ABSOLUTELY NOT a NORMAL book: it's a CODED book, and one can ONLY understand it when one is BORN AGAIN, and filled with God's Holy Spirit=HIMSELF in spiritual capacity.

    JESUS is the KEY, and He'll UNLOCK the secrets of His Word, provided one LOVES Him and OBEYS Him.

    Atheists and unbelievers can read the Bible, but they aren't able to decipher it, and God is making them see only the BAD things, because they aren't willing to acknowledge that JESUS is Lord and God, and that He loves them.

    To them the Bible is an EVIL book!

    To them God is the devil himself, and the devil seems to be the 'good guy'.

    God is ALLOWING the devil to play MIND CONTROL GAMES with the UNBELIEVERS.....UNLESS He sees a person who's willing to listen to Him.

    I'm such a person, because I was willing to listen, and since then I'm a follower of JESUS=God.

    Since then God is my FATHER!

  37. +troy miller
    No, that's their own DAMN FAULT!

    You like to ACCUSE God, because you think you're smarter than Him, but you will fall upon your OWN sword and die.....unless you are CHOSEN to see God's truth=JESUS, who is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.

    JESUS is able to save you from HIS own WRATH, because He is God, who became man, in order to bear (y)our SINS on the cross, and who rose from the dead.

    But if you want to MURDER Him again, because YOU are EVIL, you will meet Him as your WORST NIGHTMARE, and compared to Him, the devil is nothing but an INSECT, a stupid ROBOT or a stupid VIRUS.

  38. +troy miller
    No, He allows the devil to mislead them.

    You're never able to accuse God, because He's MUCH smarter than you.
    It's pathetic to try to outsmart God-JESUS.
    Satan tried it, and he failed, and Satan is a VERY intelligent fallen angel, but without the wisdom he once possessed, because God took it away from him, after his rebellion against his own maker.

    Wisdom is a mixture of intelligence, knowledge, LOVE, righteousness and much more.

    Atheists are drawing conclusions about the origins of this dimension (and only when they're awake, because when they sleep, they are powerless and at God's mercy) from a CURSED world and universe, after the Fall of Adam and Eve.

    That's really SILLY, because they can't imagine how this world looked like BEFORE the original sin and God's curse.

    But there are things that are still the same, like an earth which is NOT spinning and the sun, moon and the stars, which revolve around the earth.

    I used to believe in Heliocentrism, but it's complete NONSENSE.

    There were no men on the moon, and there are no nukes, and space flight is also a hoax, just like the 'cold war', and the 1st and 2nd 'world wars', which were in fact ONE modern INQUISITION by the Vatican.

    The Roman Catholic CULT is in fact the hidden Roman Empire, and the Pope is in fact the Emperor.

    He's the true ruler of this world, disguised as a 'Christian' leader, and he worships LUCIFER.

    'Obama' is his MUPPET, just as Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong and others were the stooges of the Vatican in the past.

    The terrible Holocaust was being perpetrated on behalf of the Vatican and Lucifer-Satan.

    The Vietnam-war was about the interests of the Roman Catholic CULT, like the DRUG trade!

    JESUS-God is coming soon, and He will DESTROY this EVIL Babylonian system.

    The Pope is a paedophile and a baby-eater!
    He's INSANE and 'Obama' too, because Barry Davis (Obama) is a homosexual and Michelle 'Obama' is a transvestite or a transgender.
    'Their' children have been adopted, in order to give the impression of a normal Presidential family.
    Poor children....

    The USA is NAZI-America and the EU is NAZI-Europe.
    Hans S
    6:05 AM

    +troy miller
    Oh, and islam was being concocted by the Vatican, just as marxism and communism/fascism/feminism and more evil things.

  39. +troy miller Don't dodge the issue: you don't want to be saved.
    You like to be a sinner=criminal and you're deliberately taking the risk of being cast forever into God's garbage can of PUNISHMENT, where you will be FORCED to proclaim that JESUS is LORD, and subsequently God-JESUS will IGNORE you forever, while He's having a GOOD TIME with His beloved chosen ones.

  40. +Gerald Allen
    I know you don't believe in Him, but JESUS has got the most beautiful beard of all!


    He tricked us all when He was on earth, being a young man of about 30-33 years old, but in fact He's as old as existence.


  41. +troy miller
    Indeed: Deep Purple - Speed King - Jesus is the Rock

  42. +Danaus plexippus
    You had set the tone of this 'debate' by saying WTF= WHAT THE FUCK, so don't tell me I'm a lousy debater.

    The fool says there's no God, and that's from the Bible, so I'm telling the truth when I call you a fool.

    All people are CRIMINALS in God's eyes, so I don't need to worry about ANYONE'S opinion, and my message to you is: you're lost without JESUS Christ.

    JESUS is God and He's the creator and He wants to save you from His own wrath.

    You can accept Him as your best friend or as your worst nightmare.

  43. You don't get it: it's 'be sure to burn in hell, because you're evil, but if you believe I died in YOUR place on the cross, bearing YOUR GUILT, and if you decide to be grateful, I will NOT cast you into MY garbage can, the lake of fire, and don't you ever think you can beat me, because I am God and I NEVER sleep, and you can't even stay awake like me, and you're slowly DYING'.

    I know you better than you know yourself and I know you better than your dad and mom, because I created you in your mother's womb, and I'm the one who really loves you, because I AM LOVE myself, and I'm the beginning and the end.
    But if you choose to HATE me, than I can do nothing for you, and than I have to DETAIN you forever in my ETERNAL supernatural PRISON where I will FORCE you to proclaim that JESUS is LORD!, while I'm having an eternal HOLY WEDDING PARTY with my beloved in heaven and on MY new Earth'

  44. +Yerodin
    And that's all you can say?

    You don't have to be saved and you're free to go to hell.
    Take or leave it.

  45. ProConstitutioner
    3 months ago
    Linked comment

    A billion years old? Hold up, let me grab my tin foil hat before hearing about how we evolved from a rock which came from nothing billions of years ago. Evolution was contrived by satanist in order to create a godless nation in preparation for the new age religion under the anti christ. You fell for the lie. Evolution is anti christ in every way. Evolution says men are not all equal. The Bible says all man in made in Gods image. Evolution says we need population control. God said be fruitful, and multiply. Evolution says its okay to kill the weaker races to speed up evolution, and that there is no right or wrong. You are your own God. The Bible says thou shall not murder, and to love your neighbors as yourself, to put others before yourself, and to help weaker people, not kill them. Evolution says death came before man, yet God says man came before death. Evolution says it took billions of years for all this to come into existence yet the Bible teaches a 6 day creation about 10,000 years ago or less. Evolution says being gay is ok, but the Bible says its an abomination. Evolution says man made God. The Bible says God made man. Evolution, and everything about it is very anti christ as you can see. Now let me ask you, have you been indoctrinated into this Luciferian doctrine? Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and many other mass genocides were committed in the name of evolution, and you say religion is dangerous? I would have to agree, because evolution is not science, it's a religion that they mix into science in order to call it science. To say you believe in evolution is to say black people are inferior, because that's what evolution says. If evolution is true, then what Hilter did was not wrong, but the very conscious we have that tells us it was wrong is another proof that there's something in us that helps us discern between the two that can not have evolved into existence.Many people out there who are perverts, homosexuals, pedophiles, and other immoral lifestyles use evolution as an excuse to justify their actions. They hide behind evolution as an escape from God. 2nd Timothy 4:3 "For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear."

  46. +sepiasiren
    Do you know why you exist and why you have a head, and why your blood is as red as mine, and why your ego is telling you to respond to what I'm saying, and do you know WHY you have an ego at all?

    I know a HUGE EGO who became a small baby and who died in our place as if He were a CRIMINAL, but He was and is INNOCENT and He LOVES you!

    Please read this: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.com/2015/01/satan-is-liar.html?showComment=1421891766143#c6117499469504288482

  47. +RaggsNation
    Well, I'm Hans, and who's 'RaggsNation'?

    Everyone's my family, through Adam and Eve and Noah, and everyone may know who I am, and even the most evil person, or the devil himself.
    I'm here to proclaim the name and fame of JESUS, my HERO, and to annoy Satan, my adversary.

  48. +bryan allen
    Wise up: A sickly jealous morning star

  49. One is either a FORGIVEN born again follower of JESUS Christ, God in the flesh, or an UNFORGIVEN SINNER.
    All forgiven, born again followers of JESUS have become Sons of God and are adopted by God the Father, who is ONE with JESUS.
    The unforgiven sinners will be cast into the lake of fire, unless they repent, which is part of God's GRACE, because He's leading certain chosen sinners to repentance.
    But all people are invited to become God's children and beloved.

  50. +Sheree Garcia My point was: did you sleep long enough/well?
    Some times I don't sleep enough, and then my eyes stay half open.
    Don't be too focused on stupid demons.

    Be filled with the Holy Spirit and Satan and his hordes will flee from you as if you're smelling awful.
    They don't like the scent of Christ JESUS!

  51. +Sheree Garcia
    You see them?

    They don't belong in your house, so proclaim the name of JESUS and they'll go.
    And we don't have to yell at them, because they know they can't win from our hero JESUS.
    .....annoying creatures, those fallen angels....

  52. +Sheree Garcia
    Great testimony, Sheree, and well known to me.
    I always live on the edge, because I didn't want to be saved: I just wanted to be left alone.

    But God, aka JESUS had other plans with me, so how could I resist the maker of everything?
    JESUS be with us, Sister, and I believe it won't be long till we're where we'll no longer being tested and we'll be tagged with the words 'PASSED' and we'll hear 'enter the PARTY'.

  53. +albdavidt
    It's not about being cool or not, or being a 'she' of a 'he'
    , because the first SATANIST was a woman, and she got us all into this trouble by listening to the devil.
    You're not cool by using a picture of someone who has committed SUICIDE.
    Rejecting JESUS is WORSE than suicide, and one would wish that one had never existed.
    Going to hell is VERY uncool.

    1. Comment on this comment: Adam had been so stupid to listen to Eve, and He was God's first human creation, and he should have known better, and he should have said to Eve; 'no, I'm not going to eat from the forbidden fruit, and you have disobeyed God, Eve'.
      But what would have happened next?
      Then God=JESUS would have had to cast ONLY Eve into His lake of fire, together with Satan and his demons=fallen angels.
      This would have been the end of the 'human project', because Adam wouldn't have been able to procreate on his own.
      So God allowed Eve to seduce Adam, and the rest is history.

      God-JESUS is very smart: He's USING the devil in order to get WHAT HE WANTS, and He took FULL RESPONSIBILITY on the cross, which is the SATANIC symbol for the Babylonian 'sun-god', during the time of Hitler, known as the Swastika.

      This 'sun-god' is the TRUE 'god' of the Vatican and the Pope, and it's one of the guises of LUCIFER-SATAN!

  54. +InnerMittenSignal
    Near death experiences can be very DECEIVING.

    In the beginning of my conversion I talked about JESUS and my faith to an old school mate, and he told me that he already 'knew about the afterlife', due to a near death experience, and I couldn't tell him anything about the need to repent and to believe in JESUS, because of it.

    But God also used it in my life, because when I still was a searcher and unsaved, I read a book about NDE's and this intrigued me very much and made me wonder whether it might be true, and this was during a time (late 70's) this subject was still taboo.

  55. +ReligiousIntolerant
    You're LOST without your maker, JESUS Christ.

    You're talking on behalf of SATAN, and you don't seem to be willing to acknowledge it.
    God, aka JESUS, is VERY INTOLERANT toward people like you on Judgement Day, and they will be cast into His trash can, the lake of fire, where they MUST proclaim that JESUS is LORD, and NOTHING else.

  56. +ChaChinnngK You take the risk to get responses you don't like by coming on the internet and you didn't mind your own business when you had something to judge and say about Michael and me, so you're a hypocrite, which is a typical syndrome of all people with a god-complex, and that's due to the fact that we're all the offspring of Adam and Eve, the first two people who believed the suggestion of Satan that people can be like God by 'eating' (they actually did, but it has in fact a spiritual meaning) of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
    I'm informing you, whether you like it or not and the reason is twofold:
    In case you're wise (and wisdom comes solely from God) you'll do something constructive with what' I've said, and in case you're unwise (which most sinners are) you'll have no excuse when my God=JESUS will judge you on Judgement Day.
    He wants to be your friend, but He'll turn into your worst nightmare when you think you can exist without Him, because He created every tiny particle of your being.

  57. +ChaChinnngK
    You don't know me and you don't know my Father who wants to be your father too, and His name is JESUS, (y)our creator.

    You don't have to know Him, but one day you will know Him, and the question is where this will be: in heaven or hell.
    I'm not sugarcoating this message to anyone and if you don't like it, then so be it.

  58. +Lord Dennis The Roman Catholic CULT is the true DEATH cult, you're referring to, and JESUS is indeed God, manifested in the flesh, who died in OUR place on the cross, and so He allowed the devil and evil people (His own creatures) to MURDER Him, being as an innocent LAMB of God, in order to be able to forgive you and me and everybody who dares to say 'thank you JESUS!' for this feat.

    You ACCUSE God=JESUS and you call Him a CUNT, which I don't mind, because its just a word and the word 'cunt' refers to vagina and this body part was invented by JESUS and when He was born into this world, He went out of His mother's vagina, just like most of us, except those who were being born via cesarean section.

    In your case the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT has been very successful in representing a FALSE image of who really is and what He really stands for.

    The Roman Catholic CULT is the counterfeit of the true 'Body of Christ'.

    The word 'church' is a typical Roman Catholic word and the right word is 'assembly' or 'congregation', because it's NOT about church buildings, church organs, church bells and church people, but about a loving relationship with OUR creator.

    JESUS is my BEST FRIEND! What about you?

  59. +Lord Dennis
    JESUS is more real to me than you, so you may say what you want.

    Here's some nice mucic for you: The Stranglers Do You Wanna - Death & Night & Blood (Yukio) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVTeqWQwZwU

  60. +G Zuss
    Thank you very much and talking about 'fucking cunts'
    : Let's talk about the human vagina http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2014/02/lets-talk-about-human-vagina.html

    Only very dumb people would assert that the concept of our reproductive system and our genitalia came about through time and stupid coincidence.

    People who study this very complicated system from a scientific point of view must admit that it's impossible that a fairy tale, called evolution, could have generated such a sophisticated biological system.

    Our reproductive system is a clear example of DESIGN, and this designer is God-the Lord JESUS.

  61. +Hari Seldon The Miracle is You! http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-miracle-is-you.html


    1. Hari Seldon 12 minutes ago
      +Hans S PROVE IT!


      Hans S 3 minutes ago
      +Hari Seldon The Miracle is You! http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-miracle-is-you.html

    2. +Hari Seldon The video 'The Miracle is You' isn't made from a theological viewpoint.
      "It took millions of years" Of course: in your FANTASY!
      Jurassic; Dinosaurs are YOUNG - ALL of THEM - Proven http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/06/jurassic-dinosaurs-are-young-all-of.html

  62. +Hari Seldon It's not forbidden to stay ignorant, so keep BELIEVING without proof in your evolution fairy tale, and be HAPPY with what you believe, and eventually you'll find out how dumb you have been when you'll be baking and roasting in the lake of fire. It's a great place for creatures like you! Your THERAPY will be to proclaim forever that JESUS is THE LORD and 'psychiatrist JESUS' will IGNORE you, while He's having FUN and HAPPINESS in heaven and the New Earth with His beloved.
    So, you keep believing in your SHITTY SCIENCE FICTION and I keep believing in the TRUTH and real SCIENCE. Unless God grants you the WISDOM in order to see that evolution is one of the stupidest ideas in history. Dinosaurs: PROVEN YOUNG. Do NOT watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq9eEiM4nkc&feature=share

  63. +G Zuss I was only joking, because atheists believe they are animals! So, you trust in this TRIBE, called the 'police'?
    During the Nazi-occupation of my country, the Netherlands, ALL the Dutch police officers aided the ROMAN CATHOLIC Nazis when they were rounding up the Jews.
    Most of them were KILLED: about 102.000, and many of them were BURNT ALIVE: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/11/the-hideous-crimes-of-popes.html This TRIBE, called 'the police' are everywhere the same and they are pawns of the government, even when a government has become SATANIC, like in the VATICAN controlled US.
    The Roman Catholic DEATH CULT is the COUNTERFEIT of the REAL Body of Christ.
    It's the true church of SATAN.
    I've great news for, you, ARROGANT person with a god-complex: BREAKING NEWS: We all DESERVE to ROT in HELL! http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/09/breaking-news-we-all-deserve-to-rot-in.html

  64. +Hari Seldon To be honest: no. But listen, my dear Hari Seldon and G Zuss: you're not able to convince me that there is no God and vice versa it's the same. No one was able to convince me of God's existence than God Himself, when I was a GOD-DENIER.
    Now the peculiar thing is that I KNOW there's another 'god' who's doing his best to make people believe he doesn't exist too, and I'm talking about the DEVIL.
    Atheists are proof of the existence of the devil - Dr. Spock http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/02/atheists-are-proof-of-existence-of-devil.html

  65. +Hari Seldon
    NO YOU CAN'T convince me with 'reason and evidence', because there is NO evidence for 'evolution'.

    Just examine (y)our BRAIN!
    Our BRAIN is our real being and why should SENSELESS mechanisms, called 'abiogenesis' and 'evolution' come up with something like the HUMAN BRAIN?
    What is the REASON for DEAD MATTER to come up with VERY ADVANCED BIOLOGICAL COMPUTERS (we all have a LEFT and a RIGHT hemisphere), residing in a human SKULL in order to contemplate it's EXISTENCE?
    But my strongest argument against evolution is this: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2013/11/heliocentrism-false-science.html No Heliocentrism, no evolution!
    The FIRST celestial body in space was EARTH!
    There was no 'Big Bang'....or maybe in the pants of a crazy evolutionist....the BIG FART

  66. +Hari Seldon I have BETTER things to do than reading this paper, and that's telling you and others that TIME is RUNNING out, because the world is on the brink of World War Three. NAZI-US Covertly Prepares For Russian War http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/12/nazi-us-covertly-prepares-for-russian.html
    This means you'd better read REAL interesting information, which is the BIBLICAL TRUTH. And even if I had read the letter, you would say I'm an idiot, because we fundamentally don't agree on the origins of life and this existence/reality.

  67. +Adam Jacobsen Thank God for the creation of ANIMALS http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/03/thank-god-for-creation-of-animals.html


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