Saturday, February 14, 2015

In Progress - Obama's AUMF Mutates to Obama's Man-Caused Disaster (OMCD)

UPDATE 14 February 2015: With an eye still on SITREP E12-14: War on the Islamic State as the genesis of the blatant hoax brought before Congress, the American people and even our closest allies by President Obama, his administration and the U.S. State Department, the sum of this leftist political contrivance has essentially left approximately 320 US Marines trapped deep in the desert of western Iraq at Ein Al-Asad Air Base. These Marines were originally deployed to Ein Al-Asad to train troops of the Iraqi 7th Division in combat tactics.  Now they are fully enveloped in yet another Obama-Caused Disaster.

It now appears that nearly simultaneous with Obama's delivery of his AUMF charade, Islamic State forces began attacking Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in the adjacent Euphrates River village of Khan-al-Baghdadi. Initial reports yesterday had the ISF repelling the IS attack, but that appears to have been pure propaganda from the Shi'a-led Iraqi government, with IS forces apparently overwhelming the ISF and allied tribal defenders and then pressing on to attack the Ein Al-Asad Air Base itself. More recent accounts report that Iraqi forces have been defeated in the battle for Khan-al-Baghdadi and that if tribal forces withdraw from further combat then the whole of Anbar Province could be lost to the Islamic State.



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