Friday, February 6, 2015

Obama says Christians are killers too

Obama says Christians are killers too

Published on Feb 5, 2015
Unless you see this video and hear what Obama said with your own ears, you may not believe it. The video of him speaking is less than a minute but it packs quite a wallop and it is TOTALLY against Christians!

Obama: 'Terrible deeds committed in name of Christ'

Is the Catholic church a Christian church?

Satanism practiced by the Popes

Vatican openly admits it embraces Babylon (Paganism)

Foxes Book of Martrys

Vatican Exposed as VAT-OF-SIN

Hans S 1 second ago

STOP using the term 'Christians' when referring to REAL FOLLOWERS of JESUS Christ.

The OUTSIDERS called the first JESUS-FOLLOWERS 'Christians'.

I'm NOT a 'Christian': I am a JESUS-FOLLOWER, and I love to proclaim His NAME: JESUS.

When I call myself a 'Christian' I'm NOT proclaiming the NAME of JESUS.

MILLIONS dare to call themselves 'Christians', while they're NOT REAL, BORN AGAIN, HOLY SPIRIT FILLED FOLLOWERS of JESUS Christ, GOD in the Flesh.


  1. +ReidBaerPoetry
    'Obama' (Barry Davis) is the pawn of the Vatican
    Hitler and Stalin were Vatican pawns too.

  2. Replies
    1. +Kenny Jacobs Brother, I understand your reasoning, but the series 'Left Behind' were part of the DECEPTION, because the Antichrist is always A Pope and I believe the current Pope is THE Antichrist.
      Try to understand the psychology of Satan: he's a DECEIVER.
      Most people on Earth think the Pope is just the leader of the largest Christian church, the Roman Catholic church.
      During the days of Adolf Hitler, he received his orders from Cardinal Pacelli, who became Pope Pius XII in 1939, and Pope Pius XII was being controlled by the 'BLACK POPE', the leader of the JESUITS, Wlodimir Ledochowski S.J.
      The current Pope is BOTH the leader of the SATANIC JESUITS and the BLACK POPE and the WHITE Pope, in order to DECEIVE, on behalf of his 'god' LUCIFER.
      The true god of the Roman Catholic CULT is LUCIFER, disguised as 'Mary', who is VENUS/ASTARTE/DIANA/SEMIRAMIS.
      Their object of worship is the SUN.
      The NAZI-SWASTIKA is a symbol of this SATANIC 'sun-god'.
      Yes, the UN is a tool of the Vatican too, as is NATO, the EU, the CIA/NSA/FBI and more.

      ALL EVIL ROADS lead to Rome, because every Pope is the EMPEROR (Pontifex Maximus) and the BOSS of this world, PRETENDING to be ONLY a spiritual leader.
      Nothing could be further from the truth!
      The Vatican is in fact the MOST EVIL MAFIA-STYLE organization in EXISTENCE!
      Satan rules this world through the Vatican.
      'Obama' is NOT THE Antichrist, no: he fulfills a similar role as Hitler AND Stalin in the past, because Joseph Stalin was even a WORSE MASS MURDERER than Hitler and he was also a JESUIT, just like Hitler.
      Mao Zedong was also a JESUIT-schooled BUTCHER.

  3. Replies
    1. Everything on behalf of the VATICAN! We have all become CATHOLICS, whether we like it or not!
      Hans S
      9:41 PM

      The Pope owns your money and your life!
      Hans S
      9:41 PM

      The Papal Colonization of America

  4. +Daniel Carelli
    You're not happy and you're a moron by being a Satanist.
    You're choosing to lose everything and you'll burn in hell, whether you believe it or not, unless God-JESUS grants you His mercy and opens your eyes.

    Satan has turned you into a liar, so communicating with you is useless.
    It''s similar as talking to a DEMON.

    I'm proud of my blonde sister in the video who opened her mouth against these SATANIC muslims and the EVIL government of Texas and the USA, ruled by the MUSLIM 'Obama' (Barry Davis).
    Islam is SATANISM, concocted by the EVIL Vatican.

  5. +Joyce Ben
    Don't worry, be happy with JESUS!

    JESUS wants to give is HIS JOY and Satan wants to give us his misery.
    JESUS also gives us His FIGHTING spirit, because He was always at WAR with Satan, in a spiritual sense, and He still is through the Holy Spirit WITHIN His beloved on earth.

  6. +Joyce Ben
    Joyce, I used to listen to this man, due to a sister I know who still loves to listen to him, and I wanted to know what she liked about him, but I don't trust him anymore, because I believe he's deliberately NOT informing people about Pope Francis and the Papacy.
    He may be a Christian, but he's NOT my teacher.

    You're free to listen to him, but I don't want to listen anymore to his false prophesies.
    The same goes for Anita Fuentes, because she is AGAINST the pre-tribulation-rapture and she's NOT informing people about the EVIL that's coming forth from the Roman Catholic CULT and Pope Francis.
    I also don't like his STYLE, and the same goes for Anita Fuentes.
    I prefer to listen to brother Kenny Jacobs, who's a MODEST man, and he's not a preacher, but just someone who's informing us about the news related to Bible prophesy.

  7. +Joyce Ben
    Joyce, there should not be division among followers of JESUS, because JESUS commanded His beloved to LOVE each other, but I've experienced a LOT of hostility, coming from ANTI-pre-trib-rapture believers, and some of them even called me evil or dangerous.

    I'm an ex-atheist and I'm glad I'm a follower of JESUS and of no one else, and I won't call anyone a 'pastor', but a brother or a sister.

    GBY means 'God Bless You' and I rather say JESUS be with us, because JESUS is GoD.


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