Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pope Francis The Luciferian Number 13

Pope Francis The Luciferian Number 13 



The Vatican and The Jesuits



CIA Agent Jackie Killed JFK



The Founding of a Nation




Walid Shoebat a False Teacher and Vatican Politician








Satanic greetings from the Pope and Obama




The Vatican: Satan's headquarters



The Pope is the ANTICHRIST!




Jewish Man Reveals Identity of the Antichrist 




Anti Prophet False Christ Pope FranBama (on behalf of Satan)




The True History and Purpose of NASA




Satan's Rule on Earth is Here 




RED ALERT!!! Steven Anderson OPENLY Preaching Nazism and Catholicism 




Pope says 'Quran & Holy Bible are the Same'…




10 FACTS You Must Know About The Jesuits!






NAZI America: The Truth About The so called ANTICHRIST - Hitler's grandson




  1. +Jessica Moreno
    Hi, Jessica!

    Allah is one of the many disguises of Satan, and it all leads to the Vatican, Satan's headquarters on earth:

    JESUS be with us!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, and what's your point?
      I've checked out your Google+ page and you seem to preach this over and over.
      The Pope is the Antichrist and Obama is his Muppet.
      The Vatican NWO will rebuild the temple, after the pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-rapture, and the government of Israel is cooperating with the Papacy.
      When JESUS returns He'll give orders to rebuild the temple to His glory...that's OBVIOUS.
      Israel and Jerusalem will mostly be destroyed during the coming Times of Jacob's Trouble and Armageddon.

    2. +Chosen Vessels
      Who is 'you' or 'some of you so called Believers'?

      You're talking to ME, and God is my Father, through the MERCY of His alter ego JESUS Christ.

      Is JESUS Christ your Lord and Savior and do you love Him?

  3. +The WILD VOICE
    The Antichrist is the 'in place of Christ'=the Vicar of Christ=BLASPHEMY!

    The Vatican is Satan's headquarters and ALL evil roads lead to the Vatican, the most evil mafia-organization in history, disguised as the largest 'Christian church'.

    Pope Francis wants you to believe he's the False Prophet and 'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr. or Barry Davis) the Antichrist, but it's the other way around, exactly according to Satan's INSANE way of thinking.

    The Vatican already owns 60% of Jerusalem, and the other 40% will follow, because the government of Israel is cooperating with the Vatican NWO, and it all has to do with MONEY.

    Satan's policies concerning humans are simple to understand: MONEY (power) SEX (ungodly sex of course and all kinds of perversions) and RELIGION (false religions, of course).

    This is what this FOOL was offering JESUS when He was being tempted in the desert, after He was filled with the Holy Spirit at the start of His mission.

    Luther already knew that the PAPACY is the Antichrist.
    Every Pope is AN Antichrist.

    I understood you don't believe in the pre-times of trouble for Jacob=Israel-rapture (the pre-tribulation-rapture), seven years prior to the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    The pre-times of trouble for Jacob=Israel-rapture is a prophetic necessity:

    JESUS be with us!

  4. The Vatican created islam, and it's using this satanic ideology in order to initiate the Psalm 83-war, in which the islamic-Arab enemies of Israel will be defeated by God, and islam itself will be destroyed (also by God) during the subsequent Ezekiel 38/39-war.
    After this there will be ONE religion: worship of LUCIFER, the real god of the Papacy.

  5. Replies
    1. Now, do I agree with the maker of these videos?
      I'm sure the role of Switzerland is very important, but I don't believe all evil is deriving from this country and its people, but from the SATANIC VATICAN, Satan's headquarters.
      Satan uses the peculiar characteristics of this people for his own interest through the Vatican.
      So it's not Switzerland and the Swiss people who rule over the Vatican, but the other way around.
      The maker of the videos isn't a born again follower of JESUS, so he isn't able to see this truth.
      Yet his information is interesting.

  6. +Harley Earl
    So you would 'do' Michelle in a heartbeat?

    Good luck with that, because she isn't a real woman, and not because the controlled media is against her, because it's the other way around, but because the alternative media (which is in fact only the internet) don't believe the LIES of the Vatican controlled main stream media.
    You're right about Alex Jones: he's a CIA-shill and he will NEVER tell us who really rules the USA and the world: THE POPE OF ROME!
    Obama is his MUPPET.
    He's playing the same role as Adolf Hitler in the past, who acted 100% on behalf of the SATANIC Vatican.
    I'm Hans, from the Netherlands, and my country has been made a small province of the NEW Roman EMPIRE, the EU, by our own national TRAITORS.
    The Vatican rules the EU, and the Roman Catholic CULT is the true church of Satan.


  7. Replies
    1. +Michael York Muhammad is dead, but allah still exists as one of the disguises of SATAN.
      Satan is by definition INSANE and of course he's offended!
      Satan loves to ENSLAVE people, and he invented Islam through the Vatican:

  8. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
    This is my comment: I call him SCUMBAMA. He's the MUPPET of the POPE

    Most people still don't know that 'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr. or Barry Davis) is doing EVERYTHING on behalf of the SATANIC VATICAN.

    And most people still don't know that Islam was created by the Vatican.

    And most people don't know that nukes don't exist!
    It's all FEAR MONGERING:

    It's all about BODY LANGUAGE:

  10. +ruben camargo I told you before and I keep telling you that the PAPACY is the ANTICHRIST=Vicar of Christ=in place of Christ=BLASPHEMY by DEFAULT.

  11. +ruben camargo You're not informed: the treaty HAS ALREADY been signed!
    The Antichrist=the POPE will strengthen that alliance for 7 years, after the rapture.
    The government of Israel cooperates with the Vatican NWO.


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