Friday, July 24, 2015

Urgent warning about the danger of Windows 10

Urgent warning about the danger of Windows 10


Published on Jul 23, 2015


  1. Windows update is a tool to control your pc and ultimately YOU/US!

    Microsoft is a CRIMINAL MAFIA organization, cooperating with the Vatican NWO!

    Windows 10 Satan edition

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    1. Tressy Tresmark 2 hours ago
      +elucidative I tried windows 10.
      And after I had disabled all the live news feeds and promotions.. I thought; well it almost works as well as windows 7 now... But then I restarted my PC and found out that I had to log in to my PC with my e-mail and password on my e-mail! My god! Do they want people to be hacked?! E-mail is the easiest to hack for the hackers. I went back to Linux. I have tried a lot of different Linux distro' s. And there are 100's of them...I wanted a distro that had the support of ubuntu, but I hated the app search thing. But now I found the perfect distro for me; Linux Ubuntu Mate 1.8.2. I recommend all to download it, put it on a usb stick and try it. PS. Ubuntu is supported by Steam.. :-) God bless Linux, and all those who contributes with free software, that keeps getting better and better, and easier and easier to deal with. ..:-)

  3. Truth Behind Disallowing Telemetry and Data Collection Trick in Windows 10


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