Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bub bye to two Roman Catholic trolls

Under this video a brief discussion arose between two Roman Catholics and a true believer in Jesus and me, which I eventually got fed up with, because the Catholics clearly didn't intend to stop propagating their lies and to listen to reason.

"If I were not a Catholic, and were looking for the true Church in the world today, I would look for the one Church which did not get along well with the world; in other words, I would look for the Church which the world hated. My reason for doing this would be, that if Christ is in any one of the churches of the world today, He must still be hated as He was when He was on earth in the flesh. If you would find Christ today, then find the Church that does not get along with the world. Look for the Church that is hated by the world as Christ was hated by the world. Look for the Church that is accused of being behind the times, as our Lord was accused of being ignorant and never having learned. Look for the Church which men sneer at as socially inferior, as they sneered at Our Lord because He came from Nazareth. Look for the Church which is accused of having a devil, as Our Lord was accused of being possessed by Beelzebub, the Prince of Devils. Look for the Church which, in seasons of bigotry, men say must be destroyed in the name of God as men crucified Christ and thought they had done a service to God. Look for the Church which the world rejects because it claims it is infallible, as Pilate rejected Christ because He called Himself the Truth. Look for the Church which is rejected by the world as Our Lord was rejected by men. Look for the Church which amid the confusions of conflicting opinions, its members love as they love Christ, and respect its Voice as the very voice of its Founder, and the suspicion will grow, that if the Church is unpopular with the spirit of the world, then it is unworldly, and if it is unworldly it is other worldly. since it is other-worldly, it is infinitely loved and infinitely hated as was Christ Himself. But only that which is Divine can be infinitely hated and infinitely loved. Therefore the Church is Divine." - Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

+Jesus Christ is King! Well the roman catholic cult is hated because of its "inhumanity". Declaring stealing, brutal torture, and SLOW brutal MURDER as godly when they do it. Your confusion is being brainwashed to think the true church is made of stone and blaspheming men following paganism. The true church is those in the body of Christ. p.s. I see your user name. Jesus is not the savior in popery, it is Mary. You have a false Jesus, false Mary, false gospel, and a false salvation system.

For the record, The Holy Roman Catholic Church is NOT a cult.  And yes, Mary is the Mother of God. The Holy Roman Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ himself, no false Jesus, no false gospel; furthermore, The Holy Roman Catholic Church can trace all the Popes in history back to Saint Peter.

+Jesus Christ is King! Your CULT is the true church of SATAN, responsible for the death of HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people, and it created islam, communism, fascism, feminism and much more demonic ideologies. Peter the JEW, is NOT the foundation upon who your CULT is built, but LUCIFER the DEVIL! You're using the logo IHS: ISIS, HORUS, SET JESUS Christ is THE LORD=THE BOSS, and He will DESTROY your satanic church, together with it's adherents, unless they repent and turn away from MYSTERY BABYLON, which is another term for your NAZI-CULT. Your Pope is a JESUIT and he worships LUCIFER, and he's the ANTICHRIST.

+Jesus Christ is King! First let me say you are ignorant of popery!!! There are in fact several lines of popes. Your own apologists says the lineage is dubious. If the papists in the know says no you don't; how can you? By the way historians are saying rome had a presbyter of bishops up until 150 A.D., which means many serving at the same time. Which makes sense, since that is how Paul set up churches. The lineage had to be made up to fill in the blanks. Second it isn't that the rome has antiquity, but rather how far it has strayed from the truth. I am sure at one time they may have been Christian. Third papal succession surely would have been broken at the  pornocracy of rome, where even the so-called seat of Peter was sold at least twice.  Forth the early church was ignorant of papal supremacy. Other words they made it up and taught you LIES!!!

There is ample evidence in the New Testament that Peter was first in authority among the apostles. Whenever they were named, Peter headed the list (Matt. 10:1-4, Mark 3:16-19, Luke 6:14-16, Acts 1:13); sometimes the apostles were referred to as "Peter and those who were with him" (Luke 9:32). Peter was the one who generally spoke for the apostles (Matt. 18:21, Mark 8:29, Luke 12:41, John 6:68-69), and he figured in many of the most dramatic scenes (Matt. 14:28-32, Matt. 17:24-27, Mark 10:23-28). On Pentecost it was Peter who first preached to the crowds (Acts 2:14-40), and he worked the first healing in the Church age (Acts 3:6-7). It is Peter’s faith that will strengthen his brethren (Luke 22:32) and Peter is given Christ’s flock to shepherd (John 21:17). An angel was sent to announce the resurrection to Peter (Mark 16:7), and the risen Christ first appeared to Peter (Luke 24:34). He headed the meeting that elected Matthias to replace Judas (Acts 1:13-26), and he received the first converts (Acts 2:41). He inflicted the first punishment (Acts 5:1-11), and excommunicated the first heretic (Acts 8:18-23). He led the first council in Jerusalem (Acts 15), and announced the first dogmatic decision (Acts 15:7-11). It was to Peter that the revelation came that Gentiles were to be baptized and accepted as Christians (Acts 10:46-48).    Peter the Rock Peter’s preeminent position among the apostles was symbolized at the very beginning of his relationship with Christ. At their first meeting, Christ told Simon that his name would thereafter be Peter, which translates as "Rock" (John 1:42). The startling thing was that—aside from the single time that Abraham is called a "rock" (Hebrew: Tsur; Aramaic: Kepha) in Isaiah 51:1-2—in the Old Testament only God was called a rock. The word rock was not used as a proper name in the ancient world. If you were to turn to a companion and say, "From now on your name is Asparagus," people would wonder: Why Asparagus? What is the meaning of it? What does it signify? Indeed, why call Simon the fisherman "Rock"? Christ was not given to meaningless gestures, and neither were the Jews as a whole when it came to names. Giving a new name meant that the status of the person was changed, as when Abram’s name was changed to Abraham (Gen.17:5), Jacob’s to Israel (Gen. 32:28), Eliakim’s to Joakim (2 Kgs. 23:34), or the names of the four Hebrew youths—Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah to Belteshazzar, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Dan. 1:6-7). But no Jew had ever been called "Rock." The Jews would give other names taken from nature, such as Deborah ("bee," Gen. 35:8), and Rachel ("ewe," Gen. 29:16), but never "Rock." In the New Testament James and John were nicknamed Boanerges, meaning "Sons of Thunder," by Christ, but that was never regularly used in place of their original names, and it certainly was not given as a new name. But in the case of Simon-bar-Jonah, his new name Kephas (Greek: Petros) definitely replaced the old.    Look at the scene Not only was there significance in Simon being given a new and unusual name, but the place where Jesus solemnly conferred it upon Peter was also important. It happened when "Jesus came into the district of Caesarea Philippi" (Matt. 16:13), a city that Philip the Tetrarch built and named in honor of Caesar Augustus, who had died in A.D. 14. The city lay near cascades in the Jordan River and near a gigantic wall of rock, a wall about 200 feet high and 500 feet long, which is part of the southern foothills of Mount Hermon. The city no longer exists, but its ruins are near the small Arab town of Banias; and at the base of the rock wall may be found what is left of one of the springs that fed the Jordan. It was here that Jesus pointed to Simon and said, "You are Peter" (Matt. 16:18).  The significance of the event must have been clear to the other apostles. As devout Jews they knew at once that the location was meant to emphasize the importance of what was being done. None complained of Simon being singled out for this honor; and in the rest of the New Testament he is called by his new name, while James and John remain just James and John, not Boanerges.    Promises to Peter When he first saw Simon, "Jesus looked at him, and said, ‘So you are Simon the son of John? You shall be called Cephas (which means Peter)’" (John 1:42). The word Cephas is merely the transliteration of the Aramaic Kepha into Greek. Later, after Peter and the other disciples had been with Christ for some time, they went to Caesarea Philippi, where Peter made his profession of faith: "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God" (Matt. 16:16). Jesus told him that this truth was specially revealed to him, and then he solemnly reiterated: "And I tell you, you are Peter" (Matt. 16:18). To this was added the promise that the Church would be founded, in some way, on Peter (Matt. 16:18).  Then two important things were told the apostle. "Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven" (Matt. 16:19). Here Peter was singled out for the authority that provides for the forgiveness of sins and the making of disciplinary rules. Later the apostles as a whole would be given similar power [Matt.18:18], but here Peter received it in a special sense.  Peter alone was promised something else also: "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven" (Matt. 16:19). In ancient times, keys were the hallmark of authority. A walled city might have one great gate; and that gate had one great lock, worked by one great key. To be given the key to the city—an honor that exists even today, though its import is lost—meant to be given free access to and authority over the city. The city to which Peter was given the keys was the heavenly city itself. This symbolism for authority is used elsewhere in the Bible (Is. 22:22, Rev. 1:18).  Finally, after the resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples and asked Peter three times, "Do you love me?" (John 21:15-17). In repentance for his threefold denial, Peter gave a threefold affirmation of love. Then Christ, the Good Shepherd (John 10:11, 14), gave Peter the authority he earlier had promised: "Feed my sheep" (John 21:17). This specifically included the other apostles, since Jesus asked Peter, "Do you love me more than these?" (John 21:15), the word "these" referring to the other apostles who were present (John 21:2). Thus was completed the prediction made just before Jesus and his followers went for the last time to the Mount of Olives.  Immediately before his denials were predicted, Peter was told, "Simon, Simon, behold, Satan demanded to have you, that he might sift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail; and when you have turned again [after the denials], strengthen your brethren" (Luke 22:31-32). It was Peter who Christ prayed would have faith that would not fail and that would be a guide for the others; and his prayer, being perfectly efficacious, was sure to be fulfilled.    Who is the rock? Now take a closer look at the key verse: "You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church" (Matt. 16:18). Disputes about this passage have always been related to the meaning of the term "rock." To whom, or to what, does it refer? Since Simon’s new name of Peter itself means rock, the sentence could be rewritten as: "You are Rock and upon this rock I will build my Church." The play on words seems obvious, but commentators wishing to avoid what follows from this—namely the establishment of the papacy—have suggested that the word rock could not refer to Peter but must refer to his profession of faith or to Christ.  From the grammatical point of view, the phrase "this rock" must relate back to the closest noun. Peter’s profession of faith ("You are the Christ, the Son of the living God") is two verses earlier, while his name, a proper noun, is in the immediately preceding clause.  As an analogy, consider this artificial sentence: "I have a car and a truck, and it is blue." Which is blue? The truck, because that is the noun closest to the pronoun "it." This is all the more clear if the reference to the car is two sentences earlier, as the reference to Peter’s profession is two sentences earlier than the term rock.    Another alternative The previous argument also settles the question of whether the word refers to Christ himself, since he is mentioned within the profession of faith. The fact that he is elsewhere, by a different metaphor, called the cornerstone (Eph. 2:20, 1 Pet. 2:4-8) does not disprove that here Peter is the foundation. Christ is naturally the principal and, since he will be returning to heaven, the invisible foundation of the Church that he will establish; but Peter is named by him as the secondary and, because he and his successors will remain on earth, the visible foundation. Peter can be a foundation only because Christ is the cornerstone.  In fact, the New Testament contains five different metaphors for the foundation of the Church (Matt. 16:18, 1 Cor. 3:11, Eph. 2:20, 1 Pet. 2:5-6, Rev. 21:14). One cannot take a single metaphor from a single passage and use it to twist the plain meaning of other passages. Rather, one must respect and harmonize the different passages, for the Church can be described as having different foundations since the word foundation can be used in different senses.    Look at the Aramaic Opponents of the Catholic interpretation of Matthew 16:18 sometimes argue that in the Greek text the name of the apostle is Petros, while "rock" is rendered as petra. They claim that the former refers to a small stone, while the latter refers to a massive rock; so, if Peter was meant to be the massive rock, why isn’t his name Petra?  Note that Christ did not speak to the disciples in Greek. He spoke Aramaic, the common language of Palestine at that time. In that language the word for rock is kepha, which is what Jesus called him in everyday speech (note that in John 1:42 he was told, "You will be called Cephas"). What Jesus said in Matthew 16:18 was: "You are Kepha, and upon this kepha I will build my Church."  When Matthew’s Gospel was translated from the original Aramaic to Greek, there arose a problem which did not confront the evangelist when he first composed his account of Christ’s life. In Aramaic the word kepha has the same ending whether it refers to a rock or is used as a man’s name. In Greek, though, the word for rock, petra, is feminine in gender. The translator could use it for the second appearance of kepha in the sentence, but not for the first because it would be inappropriate to give a man a feminine name. So he put a masculine ending on it, and hence Peter became Petros.  Furthermore, the premise of the argument against Peter being the rock is simply false. In first century Greek the words petros and petra were synonyms. They had previously possessed the meanings of "small stone" and "large rock" in some early Greek poetry, but by the first century this distinction was gone, as Protestant Bible scholars admit (see D. A. Carson’s remarks on this passage in the Expositor’s Bible Commentary, [Grand Rapids: Zondervan Books]).  Some of the effect of Christ’s play on words was lost when his statement was translated from the Aramaic into Greek, but that was the best that could be done in Greek. In English, like Aramaic, there is no problem with endings; so an English rendition could read: "You are Rock, and upon this rock I will build my church."  Consider another point: If the rock really did refer to Christ (as some claim, based on 1 Cor. 10:4, "and the Rock was Christ" though the rock there was a literal, physical rock), why did Matthew leave the passage as it was? In the original Aramaic, and in the English which is a closer parallel to it than is the Greek, the passage is clear enough. Matthew must have realized that his readers would conclude the obvious from "Rock . . . rock."  If he meant Christ to be understood as the rock, why didn’t he say so? Why did he take a chance and leave it up to Paul to write a clarifying text? This presumes, of course, that 1 Corinthians was written after Matthew’s Gospel; if it came first, it could not have been written to clarify it.  The reason, of course, is that Matthew knew full well that what the sentence seemed to say was just what it really was saying. It was Simon, weak as he was, who was chosen to become the rock and thus the first link in the chain of the papacy.  <><

+Jesus Christ is King! So you went to the typical roman website. Pulled up a bunch of verses and taken them out of context. Should I ask why the disciples had argued who was to be the greatest among them? Nowhere in scriptures can one find this lie of Peter is supreme. But that ignorance doesn't stop there. The only one that claimed Peter's "authority can be handed down is rome, and that is in a political and popularity contest. To prove the lie that Peter didn't have equality, doesn't proves rome's other lies.  But it is doubtful Peter was in rome. But say he was. Why does rome get to claim Peter's chair? When Antioch, even by rome's criteria, fits the criteria for Peter's seat to be there? But you also failed horribly to show ONE place in scriptures that proves Peter's primacy. especially Matthew 16:18 that even the earliest church fathers claimed was about faith like the protestants do today. You know how to know when rome is lying? They have their mouths open.

I guess we are going to have to agree to disagree; I will pray for you.  Hopefully you will come to the realization of the Truth through the grace of God and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. One thing is for sure, when Jesus returns, during the final judgement,or when we die, during our individual judgement, all will be revealed; but it won't matter then if we disagree now. God Bless You! <><

+Jesus Christ is King! They are just brainwashed protestants making the church established by Jesus look bad. Don't let the brain washed, brain wash us.

+Justin H ??? How can a papist who is brainwashed call a Christian who is biblically based brainwashed??? Seriously!!!  1) popery doesn't have the real Jesus. In popery Jesus can't or won't save you unless Mary tells him to. 2) Mary is the savior in popery. She decides who gets grace. To whom she wishes. In the quantity she wishes. The manner she wishes. 3) Papists claim Jesus is their savior then practices the opposite. rome teaches Jesus' sacrifice was insufficient. That a cannibalistic ritual and special objects can remove literally thousands of years out of a mythical mini purifying hell called purgatory.  rome isn't Christian nor catholic. It is antichrist. 

+onemarktwoyou okay, you have got your info all wrong. Tell me where you got that info that we have Jesus ask the virgin mary for us being saved. God/Jesus is the judge and won't ask mary for help. Catholics may put Mary the highest being after god but is also no where close to god. No one is close to gods power. We may believe this because she gave birth to Jesus who is pure and she has to be pure to give birth to Jesus. So protestants don't believe in purgatory. SPurgatory is the only way to get into heaven. Does it make sense for a sinner without the purification go into heaven. You have to be free of sin to enter heaven with jesus.

+onemarktwoyou Also, we don't believe an object will get us out of purgatory. Purgatory was mentioned in a way in the bible. "But nothing unclean shall enter [heaven]" (Rev. 21:27). And whoever says a word against the Son of man will be forgiven; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come (Matthew 12:32). Make friends quickly with your accuser, while you are going with him to court, lest your accuser hand you over to the judge, and the judge to the guard, and you be put in prison; truly I say to you, you will never get out till you have paid the last penny (Matthew 5:25-26). Their are other ones in the bible but these may seem more clear.

+onemarktwoyou If you were mentioning miraculous medal here is what it reminds us of. ,the Miraculous Medal is a powerful tool and a constant reminder of the Blessed Mother’s role in our lives. It reminds us of her “fiat” and encourages us to be faithful to God in all things. It can be a conduit of many graces if we allow her to penetrate our hearts.

+Justin H God Bless you Justin!  We must keep fighting the good fight! Our Mother is with us in this fight!

+Jesus Christ is King! You mean Satan is with you in this fight. You dare to call yourself 'Jesus Christ is King!', while you're nothing but a rotten Roman Catholic who's full of lies, and this goes for Justin H too. Your Google+ page shows an unbiblical event, because JESUS Christ is not coming back with a host of angels, blowing trumpets, but with His raptured Body of Christ, which He had snatched away from earth before the start of the Times of Jacob's Trouble, seven years before His second coming. Furthermore: your profile picture is showing the Satanic letters IHS, so I wouldn't be surprised if you're a Jesuit. You and Justin H are LIARS and BRAINWASHED Roman Catholics. You are ENEMIES of God-the Lord JESUS and His beloved. The above video is quite clear about the true origins of your CHURCH OF SATAN, yet you choose to defend this SATANIC MAFIA-ENTERPRISE, and that's because you yourself are SATANIC. You have PROVEN that you're NOT prepared to listen to reason, and this means that God-the Lord JESUS will deal with you, so BUB BYE!

 WRONG depiction of JESUS' return with a host of angels.

RIGHT depiction of JESUS' return, riding on a white horse, followed by His raptured Bride and Body of Christ, who are also riding on white horses, clothed in white, pure, fine linen.

Revelation 19:14 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

And the hosts which were in heaven, followed him upon white horses, clothed with fine linen white and pure.

Revelation 19:14 World English Bible (WEB)

The armies which are in heaven followed him on white horses, clothed in white, pure, fine linen. 


Pope Francis

These men called Jesuits [rule the world for satan]

These men called Jesuits [rule the world for satan]

Published on Aug 2, 2013
Brother Eric Jon Phelps

"The jesuits have taken over the American government as of March 9, 1933. They instituted a coup d'etat and imposed a de facto military government on that date- 3/9/33, March 9 1933. You add those numbers together 3, 9, 3, and 3 and you come up with 18. You divide that by 3 and you get 666. The occult meaning of March 9, 1933 as the Jesuit order and their 666 symbol have taken over the American government to use it as a military sledgehammer on all the nations of the world to reduce those governments to military dictatorships subject to the pope of Rome".


  1. +psalm34praisebetoGOD Fortunately there are EX-Catholics, and for those who are still entangled in the deceptions of the COUNTERFEIT of the true Body of Christ, there are sites like this:

    I encourage you to listen to brother Kenny Jacobs, who's an ex-Catholic himself, and who's frequently making videos on the subject of the end times and the coming of our Lord JESUS Christ. He's an adherent of the pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-rapture:

    I also encourage you to study the GOSPEL of GRACE, because we're saved through FAITH in Christ JESUS ALONE:

    Related to this is the subject: Mysterious Body of Christ

    I'm an ex-atheist from the Netherlands and my country fought 80 years against the Roman Catholic CULT/MAFIA in the past, and during this struggle it broke free from this SATANIC organization and it became a republic.
    But Napoleon Bonaparte invaded my country and he established a FAKE monarchy which is serving the Papacy and since then my country is again under the influence of the Roman Catholic CULT, and especially after the occupation of the Roman Catholic NAZIS during the second world war and after the Netherlands became a pioneer of the later established EEG and the ensuing EU through the BENELUX (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg).
    This has been made possible through treacherous governments and parliaments, and because most people back then didn't see the danger coming.
    But we know it's all part of Bible prophesy and we know that the Roman Empire would RISE AGAIN in the end times, according to the scriptures. The Pope/Papacy is the ANTI-CHRIST and the Pope is in fact the Roman Emperor, disguised as a religious leader. But he's in fact the richest person on earth through the power of Lucifer, the TRUE god of the Vatican and the Jesuits, and ALL world leaders bow to him...yes, even Putin. because MONEY is POWER in Satan's world.

    Those who don't bow to him are being destroyed. This happened to Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi.

    There's only ONE God: the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob=ISRAEL.
    His name is 'I am (who I am) as He told Moses.
    'JESUS' (from the Hebrew YESHUA) means 'I AM Salvation'.
    JESUS is God in the capacity of Savior.
    'Son of God' is God, manifested in the flesh/human capacity, who is JESUS Christ.
    The Holy Spirit is JESUS in spiritual capacity.
    JESUS is the Son, but also the FATHER:

    Our Lord JESUS is with us!

  2. +onemarktwoyou I've removed your discussion with 'Justin H' and 'Jesus Christ is King!', but you can read it here again:

    Rome itself is 'the mob' and Pope Francis is the Godfather, the 'Don Corleone'

    JESUS is with us!

  3. onemarktwoyou
    3:41 AM

    +Justin H
    First multiple rel=lies is the first tactic that a papist uses to get their points through without challenge.

    1) Your false Jesus can't or won't save, unless Mary tells him.
    O Most Holy Vifgin, receive us under thy protection if thou wouldst see us saved, for we have no hope of salvation but through thy means.
    St. Ephrem

    O my sweet Mother Mary, I consign my soul to you; have pity on me and save me.
    St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori

    Unless the prayers of Mary interposed, there could be no hope of mercy.
    St. Bridget of Sweden

    Mary is the whole hope of our salvation.
    St. Thomas Aquinas

    O, my Lady, next to thy Son Jesus Christ, thou hast always been the chief instrument of our salvation.
    St. Dominic

    2) Mary is your savior, only through Mary's means. Only Mary decides who gets grace. Who, when, in what manner, in what quantity.

    O Lady, since thou art the dispenser of all graces, and since the grace of salvation can come only through thy hands, our salvation depends on thee.
    St. Bernardine of Siena

    The foundation of all our confidence is found in the Blessed Virgin Mary. God has committed to her the treasury of all good things, in order that everyone may know that through her are obtained every hope, every grace, and all salvation. For this is His will: that we obtain everything through Mary.
    Ven. Pope Pius IX

    We need a mediator with our Mediator.
    Council of Rheims

    Every grace which is communicated to this world has a threefold origin: it flows from God to Christ, from Christ to the Virgin, and from the Virgin to us . . . Nothing comes to us except through the mediation of Mary, for such is the will of God. Thus, just as no man goes to the Father but by the Son, so likewise no one goes to Christ except through His Mother. Whosoever will not have recourse to her is trying to fly without wings . . . O Virgin Most Holy, no one abounds in the knowledge of God except through thee; no one, O Mother of God, attains salvation except through thee!
    Pope Leo XIII

    3) It is a flat out LIE purgatory is in scriptures.
    Also you are completely ignorant or lying to saying your special objects do not remove thousands of years off of purgatory.

  4. Jesus Christ is King!
    8:31 AM

    So, what is your point? And yes, The Mother of Our God has the power, given to Her by himself, to give us what we need, What else do you expect? She IS the Mother of God!

    6:52 PM

    +Jesus Christ is King!
    So you admit Mary is your savior?
    That your false Jesus is just a rubber stamping administrative step?

    Hans S
    8:11 PM

    +Jesus Christ is King!
    Mary is NOT the 'mother of God'!
    You are a follower of LUCIFER and with LUCIFER you'll BURN, UNLESS God=JESUS decides to rescue you from your EVIL MADNESS!

  5. +onemarktwoyou
    God used Mary's body and her womb in order to fulfill prophesy.

    That doesn't make her the 'mother of God', because she herself was created by the same person she was going to carry in her womb and to give birth to, and she needed Him just as much as anyone else for her salvation.
    JESUS is God and the creator and if He had wanted to he could have used anything or anyone in order to appear into this dimension He Himself had created.
    He could have made a cow pregnant of Himself, or an other animal, or He could have come from a tree, starting as a fruit, or He could have emerged out of nothing, but this wouldn't have fulfilled prophesy.
    He had to be conceived and born from a virgin, who was married to a man (Joseph) of the tribe of Judah: read Matthew 1:1-17 and Luke 3:23-38

    Mary (Miriam) received the HONOR to have been chosen to become the mother of the Son of God, or the Son of Man....not the 'mother of God'!

    Do you see my point?

    Asserting that Mary was the 'mother of God' is very unintelligent, and in fact very STUPID.

    The Catholic 'Mary' is in fact Semiramis from Babylon and the Catholic 'baby Jesus' is in fact Semiramis' son Tammuz.

    And the Catholic 'Mary' is in fact Venus and Venus is the Morning star, referring to LUCIFER.

    The Roman Empire worshiped Jupiter and this became the Catholic 'Peter', the so called rock upon whom the 'church' had been founded, which is absolute nonsense, because the real Simon-Peter never went to Rome.

    The ROCK upon whom the BODY of CHRIST is built is of course the Lord JESUS Himself.

    More on 'Mary' on my site:

  6. +onemarktwoyou
    Yes, another woman could have been used, but then prophesy wouldn't have been fulfilled.

    I confront Catholics and anyone with the TRUTH: JESUS!

    He's the ONLY WAY to God and Salvation and the ONLY one who can give eternal LIFE.

    Adherents of the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT are DEAD in their sins, unless God will grant them His MERCY by opening up their eyes to HIS truth.

    He did it to Saul, who became the Apostle Paul, and it can happen to them too.

    It all depends on what God decides.

    JESUS is with us!

  7. +Tom Garrison
    Repentance coincides with salvation by grace through faith in JESUS Christ.

    Repentance is related to the fear of God, which is the beginning of wisdom.

    Saying 'repent!' to an unbeliever is useless.
    It's God Himself who's leading a person into repentance.
    But people love to play God and then it comes across as 'repent, or I'll blow your head off'.

    True repentance has to do with a strong emotion after a person acknowledges that he or she is hurting God's feelings.

    Paul (Saul) really thought he was doing God a favor by persecuting believers in JESUS, but then JESUS made Paul clear he was in fact persecuting JESUS Himself and JESUS is GOD!

    He received FAITH that this JESUS was God Himself, and then he received the fear of God and this led him into repentance, and God rewarded him with undeserved salvation.

    What Ray Comfort is trying to do is INTIMIDATING people through is personality, but it wont work when he's surrounded by killers who want to rip him apart.

    LOVE and COMPASSION must be our motive in case we want to lead people into faith in God-the Lord JESUS and repentance.

    Anyone who says that repentance is unnecessary is calling JESUS a LIAR.

    But first a sinner must BELIEVE, and again: FAITH is a GIFT from God leading to the e-MOTION called repentance and the determination to want to PLEASE God after having received UNDESERVED GRACE and SALVATION.

    If we want to please God-the Lord JESUS we want to stop thinking and doing things He dislikes, and to start thinking and doing things that please Him.

    Repentance is also leading us into confessing our sins to God and to other believers:

    James 5:16 World English Bible (WEB)
    16 Confess your offenses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The insistent prayer of a righteous person is powerfully effective.

    Many believers in JESUS do NOT LOVE each other, which is a SIN.

    I am GLAD Ray Comfort isn't worshiping the devil!

    I've read comments by so called believers in JESUS who want to see him BURN in HELL!


  8. +DanielSimpson
    I know people who believe the same what you proclaim and they have been the most SATANIC, EVIL people I've ever encountered in my life. SATANIC CHRISTIANS!

    I know people who agree with you and who are the most EVIL JEW HATERS I know!
    Yet you assert such CRIMINALS are saved?

    Have a lot of fun with such DEVILS in heaven!

    Matthew 3:8
    Therefore produce fruit worthy of repentance!

    Who says so?

    JESUS and JESUS is God, manifested in the flesh!


  9. +The Omega Agents HD JESUS is God, manifested in the flesh:
    Just try to tell HIM that He's wrong when you'll be standing NAKED before Him on Judgement Day, before you'll be cast into the eternal lake of fire.

    If you're SUICIDAL than stick to your conviction, but if you want to be saved you really need to change your whole concept about the LORD JESUS Christ.
    He loves you and He died in your place on the cross, and He rose from the dead.
    Satan hates you and he loves to see you as you are right now, telling LIES about JESUS.

    Matthew 3:2
    “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”

    PS: I'm telling you this on behalf of my FATHER: GOD!

  10. Replies
    1. Salvation by grace through faith in Christ JESUS is through repentance from SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS and UNBELIEF in a direct confrontation with JESUS CHRIST, who's responsible for granting the GIFT of faith and eternal MERCY to a lost sinner, because JESUS is GOD!
      People who say repentance is a 'work' are calling JESUS a LIAR:

      Matthew 3:2
      “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”

  11. +Tom Garrison
    God didn't speak ENGLISH and the KJV 1611 came AFTER the BETTER Geneva Bible 1560-1599.

    King James HATED the Geneva Bible because he was NOT born again and he cooperated with the PAPACY.
    The Geneva Bible was produced by believers in JESUS who had to flee from persecution by the CATHOLIC Queen 'bloody' Mary to Geneva, Switzerland.

    There are subtle but BAD alterations in the KJV 1611 compared to the Geneva Bible 1560-1599, and one of them is 2 Thessalonians 2:3

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
    3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a departing first, and that that man of sin be disclosed, even the son of perdition.

    DEPARTING (or departure in other translations) is the RIGHT translation of the Greek word 'apostasia' and NOT 'a falling away' in the KJV 1611.


    Because King James didn't believe in the pre-Time of Jacob's Trouble-RAPTURE!

    In whose interest is this?



    Because Satan wants to SLAUGHTER all true born again believers in the Lord JESUS Christ, and Satan HATES the pre-Time of Jacob's Trouble-rapture*, just as much as he hated it that Enoch was SUDDENLY snatched away to heaven by God = JESUS.

    *wrongly called the 'pre-tribulation-rapture'.

  12. The most EVIL people I've met in my life are 'faith alone' and 'once saved, always saved' people who have called me a SATANIST, a PIG, a DEMON, and WORSE than the DEVIL and more, and some of them HATE the JEWS, because JESUS, who happens to be God almighty in the flesh, preached the following:

    Matthew 3:2
    “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”

    This is a great explanation of true repentance and salvation through faith in Christ JESUS alone: Acts 9:3-6 Simple Salvation. Repentance from sins not necessary?

    Repentance is a WORK of the HOLY SPIRIT!

    The Holy Spirit is JESUS in spiritual capacity.

    JESUS is with us, and Lord, thanks for your mercy!

  13. +Skidder
    Both FAITH and REPENTANCE are WORKS of the Holy Spirit, and they are equally important, knowing that the Holy Spirit is JESUS in spiritual capacity.

    Why else did JESUS say:

    Matthew 3:2
    “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”

    Many are only 'saved' from the head and not from the heart, and they keep hurting other people and fellow believers in JESUS.

    At the moment of the rapture it will be clear who will be taken and who will be left behind.

    I know people who believe in the gospel of grace and who are strongly AGAINST the Biblical pre-Time of Jacob's Trouble-rapture teaching and one of those called me a PIG.

    Another one is a JEW HATER and a NAZI, serving the interest of the Vatican!

    JESUS wants us to LOVE Him and each other!

    When someone says 'Yes, I love you Jesus, but I hate my brother who believes in an 'easy escape' called the pre-trib-rapture', then I honestly wonder whether such a person is really saved.

    The same goes for people who hate the Jews and who believe they are no longer relevant, while JESUS Himself is and forever will remain to be a JEW!

    So many 'church people' are still pseudo-Catholics because they're adherents of the Roman Catholic replacement theology LIE.

    I'm an ex-atheist and God-the Lord JESUS saved me in almost the same fashion as the Apostle Paul.
    I didn't see Him, when He saved me, but He talked to me and He called my name.

  14. +KenoTube
    JESUS is God, manifested in the flesh, and through modern media it's nowadays possible to get to know Him WORLD WIDE
    , but also though the work of evangelists, who are ambassadors of God on earth, telling lost people about the Lord JESUS Christ.

    You are here on the internet and at least two ambassadors of the Lord JESUS Christ have told you that you need to repent and BELIEVE that you need JESUS in order to be saved and to receive the UNDESERVED GIFT of salvation.

    The name of God is 'I am, who I am' and in short 'I am', as He told Moses.

    The name of JESUS means 'I AM SALVATION'.

    Christ means the 'anointed' (with the Holy Spirit).

    So the ANOINTED I AM SALVATION, wants to SAVE you from God's ETERNAL WRATH which is upon all of those who REJECT Him.

    He has the RIGHT and the POWER to do this, because He is GOD, the ALMIGHTY.

    'allah' didn't die for (y)our sins, or any other 'god' or so called prophet: ONLY JESUS did!



    HE DOESN'T WANT TO DESTROY US, even though He has every reason and MIGHT to do this.

    We are all MORTALS since the Fall of Adam and Eve, OUR ancestors, and DEATH is being SEPARATED from God, and God is LOVE and God is eternal LIFE.

    JESUS died in OUR place so that we might LIVE FOREVERMORE.

    He's offering you TODAY eternal life and His LOVE and His HAPPINESS.


    I've told you this on behalf of my FATHER, because I'm one of His adopted sons, and one of His ambassadors on earth.

  15. +Skidder
    That's always up to God.

    He had chosen 12 disciples and one of them became an enemy.

  16. +Jesus Christ is King! Asserting that Mary was the 'mother of God' is very unintelligent, and in fact very STUPID.
    Yesterday 2:47 PM

    +Jesus Christ is King!
    AGAIN 'mother of god' is a mistranslation.
    If you insist on this line, you should use the correct term as defined by your demigods the so-called church fathers. That being the 'bearer of god'. 
    Jesus Christ is King!
    3:16 AM

    Ok then, answer this question: Who carried and gave birth to Jesus Christ Our Lord?
    Jesus Christ is King!
    3:18 AM

    And by the way, I forgive you for calling me unintelligent and stupid. Just answer the question: Who carried and gave birth to Our Lord Jesus Christ? Thanks and God bless!
    4:10 AM

    +Jesus Christ is King!
    If Jesus by romanism says Jesus is co-eternal and co-equal to the Father, then Mary was only the "bearer' of Jesus. If you want to say Mary gave birth to Jesus' human nature. Then you must properly put it in context. But Jesus' human flesh was merely a vessel. The spirit in said vessel had no part of human intervention.
    Jesus Christ is King!
    6:38 AM

    Thank you for your answer. Mary in fact did bear Jesus, can we agree a on that point. Can we also agree that Mary gave birth to Jesus? And can we agree that Mary was the vessel to bring forth Jesus? And did God not send his Holy messenger St. Gabriel to tell Mary that she had been chosen to bear and birth Jesus? What was Mary's response to God's request? She said "yes"; so how is that not human intervention? Mary used her free will, and said "yes. Furthermore, don't you find it odd that Eve (Eva) was the women that led us to our condition? So in turn Mary (Ave Maria) through her "yes" led us to salvation (she doesn't give us salvation, Jesus does). And isn't odd that Ave is the reverse of Eva?
    Hans S
    9:32 AM

    +Jesus Christ is King!
    The 'woman' who's the reverse of Eve is the Body of Christ, JESUS' heavenly Bride, and the remnant of Israel, JESUS' earthly Bride, because He will return to Jerusalem in order to rescue the remnant of His people.

    The enemy of the Bride is Satan's COUNTERFEIT, the WHORE of BABYLON, or Mystery Babylon, your CULT, the Roman Catholic church.

    The Pope is INSANE by daring to call himself the 'Vicar of Christ', which is the 'instead of Christ', which is the meaning of the term 'ANTICHRIST'.

    He has actually called himself Jesus 2:


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