Friday, January 8, 2016

The Great Pyramid is proof for the Flood and the death knell for evolution

Exterior view of the Great Pyramid
before the Great Flood of Noah. 

 The Great Pyramid stripped of its
limestone casing stones. 

Secrets Of The Great Pyramid Revealed At Last!!

And you (Moses) shall say to him (Pharaoh), "JEHOVAH Elohim of the Hebrews has sent me to you, saying, let my people go, that they may serve me in the wilderness” (Exodus 7:16).
For 4,500 years, the Great Pyramid has stood like a giant Goliath defying anyone from learning its secrets. Only the "Stone Cut Out Without Hands" (Daniel 2:34) can knock it down and enable us to look at the hidden chambers within its vast depth.
The Great Pyramid is the only survivor of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, and it is GIGANTIC. It covers an area of 13 acres and 30 Empire State Buildings could be built with the estimated 2,300,000 stones. It contains more stones than was used in all the churches, cathedrals, and monasteries built in England since 313 AD. A wall 6ft high and 1ft thick could be built from New York to Los Angeles using the amount of masonry contained in the Great Pyramid. Another remarkable feature is the fact that the limestone blocks in the building have barely settled in over 4,700 years. Until the construction of the Eiffel Tower in 1889, the Great Pyramid was the tallest structure in the world!!
To attribute the technologically advanced Great Pyramid to the Ancient Egyptians is like claiming that the Hottentots of Africa, or the aborigines of Australia, built the Empire State Building. The Ancient Egyptians could copy some of the work of the antediluvians . . . but they could not create.  

The Ark of Noah





The Book of Enoch is SATANIC GARBAGE!






  1. Why is there so much MOISTURE inside of the oldest Pyramid, and why has the Vatican done everything in its power to HIDE the reason for this phenomenon to the world?


    Know more:

  2. Evolution HOAX


  3. +Eyal Shalev "many religions claim to know what happens after death.
    It's there a reason I should believe the claim made by your religion over the other claims?"

    Not from your perspective, but I hope you will become interested, because from my perspective, being an ex-atheist who became a believer in God-JESUS-the Bible-creation, being also an ex-adherent of the theory of evolution, I'm called to inform others like you, who don't yet know how important it is to be prepared for what's coming after this life, and that we're creatures who are meant to be like the angels, and angels are supernatural beings who have a lot in common with us, but who don't have a MORTAL physical body and who don't procreate like humans.

    When I was an atheist/unbeliever, this was all nonsense to me, and I had the same kind of questions like you.

    I've learned it's impossible to make people like you, and you in particular, believers in what I believe, but compare it with this: suppose we're living in Europe, and centuries ago, and suppose I've crossed the Atlantic Ocean and I've discovered a 'new' continent to the west, called America, and suppose you don't believe me, because I can only tell you stories about my discovery and I have no concrete evidence, then the only way for you to make sure I'm telling the truth, is to undertake a journey yourself across the Atlantic and see with your own eyes that this new continent really exists.
    Now you can listen to your friends who say: 'don't listen to this man, because we believe the earth is flat, and you might become a believer in a round earth, and that's insanity, and there is no continent called America'.

    Or you can listen to your own curiosity and start investigating this question: is there life/existence after this life/existence?

    This was a question I had when I was an unbeliever, but I wasn't a fanatic A(nti)-theist, because I don't have a Christian-religious background.

    I believed the existence of God and deities in general was nonsense, but still there was this unanswered question: 'but suppose I am WRONG?'

    Or 'suppose it's TRUE, and suppose there IS an existence after this life?

    Ask yourself these questions, and maybe God (and I mean the God of the Bible) will give you the same answer as He has given me and MILLIONS of others.

    There are quite a few ex-atheists who became believers in God-JESUS-the Bible-creation, so I'm not unique.

    Here's an example: Ex-evolutionist speaking

    Btw: I'm Hans, from the Netherlands, 56, and I became a believer in God-JESUS-the Bible-creation when I was almost 21, and a so called born again believer in JESUS Christ when I was 24.

  4. The Facts: Atheism is Dying Out

  5. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist Yes, Satan really knows how to fascinate people!
    But he's and IDIOT and fallen angels did (and do) inspire fallen people to create all kinds of UNGODLY things, but we've got a SUPERNATURAL God, who manifested Himself in the flesh as JESUS, who's FAR MORE fascinating!


  6. Because God doesn't need CREATED light from the Sun and the Moon in order to SEE things!

    And He Himself RADIATES LIGHT, because He is the LIGHT and the WORD of God: JESUS!
    Something else: the world is ROUND and FLAT with a DOME and the Globe-concept and 'Solar system'-concept were promoted by the JESUITS, and this goes for 'evolution' too.
    YouTube search: Flat Earth: Exposing the Jesuit Agenda!
    Hans S 1 second ago


    edward quintia 1 month ago
    if Genesis is real then how was there 4 days before the sun and moon were "created"


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