woensdag 23 maart 2016

Brussels Terrorist HOAX, orchestrated by the JESUITS just as before in Paris


Of course these 'terror attacks' are the work of Satan, but the Jesuits of the Vatican are (as usual) behind it, that's what I believe on the basis of all that I know about these evil men, whose 'god' is Lucifer.
This goes for the Pope too, because he's the boss of the Jesuits and he's a Jesuit himself.

Don't be fooled when in the following article 'Zionists' are mentioned, because it has all been orchestrated by the SATANIC VATICAN and its JESUITS!

But first this important information: 

The JESUITS Rule The NWO - Not The JEWS

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  1. +LogicBeforeAuthorityExposed
    Of course not, crazy FOOL!

    And you're LOST without JESUS Christ!
    4:07 AM

    The jews run the jesuits and the Jew World Order! Stop posting bullshit and dumbing down the masses, asshole.

  2. +D13 Watchmen
    Islam was created by the SATANIC Vatican.
    It's as simple as that.

    allah is SATAN!

    Muhammad was a filthy pedophile and much more.
    A real satanic SCUMBAG.

    JESUS Christ will DESTROY BABYLON, including Islam!

    And Satan will BURN in HELL, FOREVER!

    He's a STUPID MORON!

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    1. Get saved people and surrender to JESUS Christ, God manifested in the flesh!
      Hans S
      Hans S17 seconds ago
      +Armored Saint Thanks! It's all about JESUS=the truth!
      Armored Saint
      Armored Saint45 minutes ago
      Hiya Hans, saw your flat earth vid. good one. 🌏


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