Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Brussels Terrorist HOAX, orchestrated by the JESUITS just as before in Paris


Of course these 'terror attacks' are the work of Satan, but the Jesuits of the Vatican are (as usual) behind it, that's what I believe on the basis of all that I know about these evil men, whose 'god' is Lucifer.
This goes for the Pope too, because he's the boss of the Jesuits and he's a Jesuit himself.

Don't be fooled when in the following article 'Zionists' are mentioned, because it has all been orchestrated by the SATANIC VATICAN and its JESUITS!

But first this important information: 

The JESUITS Rule The NWO - Not The JEWS


  1. +LogicBeforeAuthorityExposed
    Of course not, crazy FOOL!

    And you're LOST without JESUS Christ!
    4:07 AM

    The jews run the jesuits and the Jew World Order! Stop posting bullshit and dumbing down the masses, asshole.

  2. +D13 Watchmen
    Islam was created by the SATANIC Vatican.
    It's as simple as that.

    allah is SATAN!

    Muhammad was a filthy pedophile and much more.
    A real satanic SCUMBAG.

    JESUS Christ will DESTROY BABYLON, including Islam!

    And Satan will BURN in HELL, FOREVER!

    He's a STUPID MORON!

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    1. Get saved people and surrender to JESUS Christ, God manifested in the flesh!
      Hans S
      Hans S17 seconds ago
      +Armored Saint Thanks! It's all about JESUS=the truth!
      Armored Saint
      Armored Saint45 minutes ago
      Hiya Hans, saw your flat earth vid. good one. ūüĆŹ

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    1. +Martin Zeitler The Vatican is behind both Nazi-Europe and Nazi-America: The Satanic Power Tree
      The Vatican is the Roman Empire and the Pope is its Emperor, disguised as a spiritual leader, whose true gods are Lucifer, money and power.
      The end game of the Vatican is to rule this world from JERUSALEM!

    2. +Martin Zeitler You're well informed, and you're right about Switzerland, because that country is the Vatican's own deposit of its enormous wealth, and there's much more to know:
      NAZI-America - Ezekiel38Rapture
      The NAZIS and FASCISTS who founded the THE EU and their influence today
      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S
      +Bjarne S√łegaard Know more about Donald Trump: Potus Papal pawn


      Martin Zeitler's profile photo
      Martin Zeitler
      +Hans S​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ there's a good reason why they keep their archives before '45 secret; Octogon Switzerland tells the whole story (who Hitler was working for and where the confiscated value went)... while Br√ľssel merely is the Neo Vatican, nothing but left-wing Neo Nazis (these traitors & technocrats are the new clergy). while the Zionists occupied Yerushalaim 80 years ago already... invaded Palestina at the very same time, as they infiltrated the German Empire (therefore, I'd rule out this goal). even the old map matches the NATO occupied territory of the EU exactly, including the same conflict zones. it's outright insane, but many of these immigrants are proud Nazis. the only difference is, that the last one instance was ultra-nationalistic (in order to gas-light the Germans later on, alike ~ it is "better" not to be souvereign), while the current instance is ultra-globalistic ...and just as psychopath and free of scruples, alike the last one instance was.
      Brandon Fouts's profile photo
      Brandon Fouts
      Just another killing of an unarmed man??
      Just another false flag??
      Sulthan Salahudeen.'s profile photo
      Sulthan Salahudeen.
      russiantv, u r such a bastard,its just coincidence,don't bunching. for ur atrocities in Syria and also bedding with monster asad, Moscow' ll face the consequences.
      Barnie Smith's profile photo
      Barnie Smith
      An un-apprehended anti Brexit Catholic in central London, our exciting Sunni Islamic Mayor Sadiq Khan's crack coppers managed to take down the puff wielding a small knife after he drove into a pile of coppers and proles. They'll blame a terrorist group but it was just an isolated gay nutter Catholic. Was Salaam!
      John “True Blue John” Bull's profile photo
      John “True Blue John” Bull
      He was a euro-"taig," whatever that means ... It sounds paddy ...
      Bjarne S√łegaard's profile photo
      Bjarne S√łegaard
      +Martin Zeitler if your real issue with Europe is that it goes along with the US in a lot of the foreign policies you are right. This si why we should have a European defence alliance fx.
      Regarding your rant against the social policies, I don't get it.
      We have social policies that helps people in need. Is that a bad thing? No it is not. In the US there are so many dirt poor people you have no idea. I have lived there for 2 years and visited a million times and traveled very large parts of the US.
      Poor uneducated religious people turning fascists by the millions in a superpower that votes in an orange ape oblivious to the fascist forces he is serving.
      This could be very dangerous.
      Martin Zeitler's profile photo
      Martin Zeitler
      +Bjarne S√łegaard​ the EU is nothing but the NATO occupation - and therefore has zero legitimacy... not a single citizen was ever asked - while even referendums were ignored... keep on dreaming of "democracy" - while "there is no justice, there's just US"... as soon as the single market with the US will be enabled, it will get worse than it already is.


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