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To Hell With The Devil in JESUS' name! - Satan, naar de HEL met jou, in JEZUS' naam!

Stryper - To Hell With The Devil - Full Album

Published on Dec 12, 2013

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  1. Make Satan SICK by praising the name of JESUS!

    1. Poop Frankenstein's hero is Lucifer the devil: this man is INSANE and he's the ANTI-CHRIST!

      All world leaders cooperate with this SATANIC MORON, and those who refuse to do so will be destroyed by the EVIL JESUITS on behalf of the SATANIC Roman Catholic DEATH CULT!

  2. Karen's dead, my girlfriend when I was 15 and she was 14.
    She died last Friday morning at the age of 55.

    Unfortunately she didn't surrender to JESUS....
    We kissed a lot, while listening to this song, and we were both unbelievers, though we believed in something:


    Poor Karen...silly girl.
    She ended our relationship 'because I did nothing...'
    I'm not going to make a girl pregnant who's 14!
    Then she fell in love with another, older Hans, and he made her a heroine addict.
    She was able to break free from this addiction, but then she became an alcoholic.....

    MY GOD!

  3. +Tottie B
    Oh, I've just understood that Karen also had 2 sisters.
    I didn't know that anymore.

    Karen told my youngest, saved sister Sonja (say Sonya) twice that she wanted to be able to believe like her, but yet she didn't surrender to JESUS.
    She had an atheist background like me, so I understand, but Sonja has the same background like me, being raised without faith in God.
    My two year younger sister Joke (say Yokuh) believes in spirituality, but she doesn't know JESUS.
    Most of my relatives are unsaved.
    I was the first who God-the Lord JESUS has saved.
    He also saved my deceased dad, Sonja's almost three year old son, who died of cancer, and my half sister Nel, who died of HIV-AIDS, due to a contaminated syringe, because she was a heroine addict.
    I pray for ALL the unsaved relatives of all our brothers and sisters that JESUS will save them too.
    Tottie B
    11:28 PM

    +Hans S bless you
    Hans S
    11:35 PM

    +Tottie B <3JESUS<3


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