Friday, May 20, 2016

American Is NOT Babylon 9: Ian Paisley & The Jesuit Oath

American Is NOT Babylon 9: Ian Paisley & The Jesuit Oath

Published on May 19, 2016


  1. Joseph Stalin was a JESUIT PRIEST!

  2. +Martin Zeitler
    The UN is controlled by the VATICAN!

    Martin Zeitler
    1:47 PM

    +Will Rickerson it's not Zionist controlled, but yet another UN resettlement program.

  3. America is NOT Babylon! The Vatican is Satan's headquarters on earth. The USA is the 2nd BEAST-SYSTEM and Europe and the EU is the 1st system, because the USA is the MILITARY ARM of the Vatican.
    Hans S
    Hans S1 second ago
    Hal Lindsey NEVER revealed that the PAPACY is the ANTICHRIST by DEFAULT. That's because of his JESUIT agenda!

  4. +Dennis M
    You say that because you're uninformed, and because you were brainwashed through the media, making you a 'America-above-everything' adherent.

    I used to be brainwashed too, because I'm Dutch and when I was 9 years old in 1969 i really thought Neil Armstrong was the first human being who set foot on the moon.
    I believed this HOAX for many years and even after my surrender to JESUS on January 15, 1984, and that was also made possible through another LIE: Heliocentrism.
    But now I know the earth is NOT spinning and revolving around the sun, and that the BIBLE is the ONLY TRUTH.
    God = JESUS created the earth first and there was NOTHING else in the universe.
    Then on DAY FOUR of creation, He created the moon, the sun and the stars, and they ALL revolve around the earth, which is NOT spinning, but stationary.

    People who have done RESEARCH and who are NOT FOOLS or DUMB SHEEP who BELIEVE everything 'the government' says, are not conspiracy theory adherents: the government is the real conspirator because it's 100 under the control of the SATANIC VATICAN.

    Of course I didn't know this in the past, but now I know thanks to the information of God-blessed TRUTH SEEKERS who have published their findings on the (still free) internet.

    MOST of the world doesn't consist of the USA, but many Americans think their country is the greatest of all time.
    Nothing could be further from the truth!

    Take for example the FACT that only 4.42% of the world population are inhabitants of the USA.

    America is GREAT in producing LIES!
    Don't take this personally, but that's a FACT.

    It's hard to try to DE-PROGRAM Americans like you, so in case you LOVE the TRUTH then I encourage you to visit my site and to inform yourself: BUSTED


    I live in the Netherlands, which is (against my wish) part of the European Union and I call it NAZI-EUROPE:

    Again: JESUS is the TRUTH and in case you really love Him, you want to know the TRUTH and NOTHING but the TRUTH.

    But in case you love the LIES of the Vatican World Order then keep believing in FAIRY TALES.

    May the Lord JESUS open your eyes...FAST.


    Hans S
    1:21 AM

    +Dennis M There have never been men walking on the moon, and JFK was a CATHOLIC servant of the PAPACY.
    Only during the last part of his presidency his eyes were opened and he went against the JESUITS.
    By doing so he signed his own death sentence.
    All world leaders who rebel against the PAPACY will be KILLED, because the Pope is the BOSS on behalf of LUCIFER, and he's the hidden Roman EMPEROR.
    He's the ANTICHRIST.
    Obama is merely a PAWN.
    Dennis M
    7:02 PM

    Well all this Jesuit, Catholic, Kennedy, Papacy talk I don't know about. But I do know all the Moon landings were real. The Moon is so close to Earth and the technology of getting there was easy for NASA back in the 60's. This conspiracy theory that men did not go to the Moon is the wackiest of them all !!!

    1. I forgot to provide this link: Heliocentrism - False Science

  5. a 'America-above-everything' adherent=an 'America-above-everything' adherent.


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