Thursday, June 2, 2016

EU looks to open UK borders to 7 Million Migrants

Belgrade was granted candidate status in 2012 progress has been slow with Croatia repeatedly blocking discussions. But in a historic move Serbia has been given the green light from Brussels to formally start negotiations.The negotiations come weeks ahead of the EU referendum, sparking fears Serbian membership could lead to an large number of migrants arriving in Britain.

The country will be expected to bring in a raft of reforms to fall in line with EU requirements of member states. Former cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith said: “David Cameron now needs to set out how he plans to limit pressures on our NHS, schools and the housing crisis we face. “If we vote to stay in, this will get worse when Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey join the EU.” READ MORE

Roman Satanic EU

How the Vatican created Islam


  1. +ash king
    Islam was created by the Vatican and allah is the DEVIL! That's what is WRONG with islam!
    The true god of the Vatican is LUCIFER.

    PS: you're lost without JESUS Christ.


    ash king
    Yesterday 12:20 PM

    +Hans S​ very uneducated remarks. So what if he's muslim? Did you know 1.3 million foreigners died fighting for Britain? Do you know 60% of NHS is run by foreigners? You need help mate , ring your GP probably Mr khan lol

  2. +Brenda Alexander A DISGRACE to my country!
    JESUS will deal with this ROMAN CATHOLIC MUSLIM...the Vatican created ISLAM!


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