zaterdag 3 september 2016

Satan is a JESUIT

Evolution Exposed 



Pope Francis is my personal USEFUL IDIOT


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    1. +André Mello
      JESUS is (y)our creator, so asserting that He's a myth is dumber than dumb.

      He's the creator of your brain, and this is what you come up with.
      JESUS is God in human capacity and once He drowned about 6 BILLION IDIOTS like you and turned them into OIL, COAL and GAS.
      He wants to save you from eternal damnation and it only takes to BELIEVE that He died for your SINS and the He rose from the dead in order to be saved from His terrible WRATH.

      He's God and He can do whatever He wants.
      He can annihilate you or save you.
      And you can choose what you want.


      André Mello
      Mentioned you: One single reason: Jesus is a Myth!
      André Mello
      commented on a video on YouTube.
      Shared publicly - Aug 13, 2016

      One single reason: Jesus is a Myth!
      Over 100 Reasons NOT To Be A Roman Catholic
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      Hans S
      Yesterday 6:35 PM

      And you are an IDIOT!
      André Mello
      1:37 AM

      +Hans S

      Can you please post to me some references to his existence? Plesae? So I can study the question and stop being an Idiot.

      Im sorry, but you are lost.
      André Mello
      1:39 AM

      +Hans S
      BTW, I see cristianism is doing good for you.

      I see the Christs tolerance and stuff.

      Thats what you can't see. You are just another alienated.

    2. +André Mello
      I don't believe in 'Christianity'.
      I believe in JESUS!


      André Mello
      Yesterday 4:11 AM

      +Hans S
      And you are what, my "christian" friend?

      I tell you. You are an idolater.

      Sorry. Thats it. One can see it by you comments. No "christianity" in you. Sorry again.


  2. +HughJaxident67
    DUMB biological ROBOT!
    The earth is as FLAT as a pancake!

    You BELIEVE in the LIES of the ROTTEN JESUITS: Flat Earth: Exposing the Jesuit Agenda! - Are you getting NERVOUS, SATAN?

    I'm an EX-NIHILIST, so who do you think you are trying to convince?

    I know: YOURSELF!

    You suffer from a GOD-COMPLEX and you worship 'me, myself and I'.

    But you're a piece of MEAT that's producing piss and shit and you're a mortal, doomed to die and fade away....according to YOUR FAITH.

    Why don't you just KILL yourself and get rid of your stupid EGO?

    I know a GREAT alternative to suicide: surrender to (y)our MAKER, God-the Lord JESUS!


    3:10 PM

    ' I don't believe in this image anymore: the world is FLAT!'

    No Hans, the world is an oblate spheroid, just how scientifically illiterate are you?

  3. God-the Lord JESUS cannot save Satan, but He can save a JESUIT


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