Monday, October 31, 2016

EXPLOSIVE: Crooked Hillary’s Alleged Foul-mouthed MELTDOWN at Commander in Chief Forum

Published on Oct 30, 2016

WARNING; Possible political plot for Obama




Donald Trump Hillary Clinton MADNESS - IS THIS ALL REAL, IS THIS ALL NECESSARY or is this A JOKE???




The Two Kingdoms Order out of Chaos 








Eric Jon Phelps on the sell out of America and the coming War. Must Watch






  1. Hillary Clinton is a ROTTEN BITCH from HELL!

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    1. Hans S2 minutes ago
      What MADNESS to call Assange, 'St. Julian'! Are you a ROMAN CATHOLIC? Julian Assange is NOT a born again follower of JESUS and he's PART of this whole 'SOAP OPERA' that's going on in the US, so that the JESUITS can create ORDER OUT OF CHAOS on behalf of the Vatican and the POPE=the ANTICHRIST! BE READY FOR MARTIAL LAW and OBAMA staying IN POWER!
      Carol Selfridge3 hours ago
      GOD Bless St. Julian. GOD Bless all of You who are bringing Us the Truth. You are All Modern Day Saints. Thank You Sister, You are working tirelessly night and day.
      misternormL2 hours ago (edited)
      Based in fact, logic, and reason there IS NO fucking GOD especially not some sky fuck you think your random cave man book describes.. (fuck bro its LITERALLY 2016 with MORE THAN ENOUGH access to information). But I agree with the sentiment :)
      Carol Selfridge2 hours ago
      +misternormL Nothing Spontaneously Erupts therefore there is a Creator, fact, logic, reasoning and an ultimate Constant.
      Old Pianolady2 hours ago
      Carol Selfridge AMEN SISTER!! Praise GOD!!
      Carol Selfridge2 hours ago
      +misternormL Also Honey I'm a 60 Year Old female. :)
      robin festa2 hours ago
      +Jesus is coming Jezus is coming
      Chella Taylor2 hours ago
      Carol They are !!! Bless them ALL. The clits are going down. about time. Everyone KNOWS it. God Bless Us all. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
      James Winters2 hours ago
      get a hobby
      Steven Tate2 hours ago
      Who's going to volunteer to arrest her and her cronies ?
      Don Vanover2 hours ago
      +misternormL So you believe you came to be from rocks and some magic primordial soup?
      Carol Selfridge1 hour ago
      +Steven Tate no volunteers necessary, We have police for that and they are paid by the taxpayers to protect and defend the tax payers. Clintons are mob boss, like AL Capone. The police will do Their Job, no worry.
      watchin' close Hillaryfor prison1 hour ago
      I'LL DO IT!! Nothing would give me GREATER PLEASURE! besides, it's a dirty job and SOMEbody's got to do it!
      Diana Sawyer1 hour ago
      Share with your Facebook group if you have any.
      watchin' close Hillaryfor prison50 minutes ago
      +Carol Selfridge well, honey, i'm a 56 year old female...and you're crazy!! do you think the miracle of childbirth and our reproductive and digestion systems were a result of a bunch of gasses and a big bang????? what about our brains??? maybe you should try using yours!!
      Dai Arnado45 minutes ago
      Carol Selfridge true true
      Carol Selfridge16 minutes ago (edited)
      watchin' close Hillaryfor prison I just said there is a Creator, acknowledging GOD'S existence. Did You misread who posted or are You confrontational for no reason? It was misternormaL that is the atheist. You probably should apologize madame.

    2. +Teresa Changed Hi Teresa!
      As you can see (by checking out the link in the post) it's about my comment on Carol Selfridge who called Julian Assange 'St. Julian'

      Catholics tend to think this way, so I asked her "Are you a ROMAN CATHOLIC?"

      I know that Julian Assange is a part of the PSYOP that's taking place in the US, because I believe he's being USED by the NSA-CIA, and the NSA-CIA cooperate with the JESUITS and the Vatican.

      They want to get rid of Clinton, so that it SEEMS that Trump can become the next President, but he can only become president AFTER he has WON the ELECTIONS.

      But without Clinton as a CANDIDATE there can be NO ELECTIONS!!

      And btw: I know that Trump is also PART OF THE SHOW/PSYOP!

      So what will this VATICAN CONTROLLED government do?


      And then 'Obama' can CONTINUE to PROVOKE RUSSIA which will lead to the fulfillment of Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38/38, Gog & Magog, the third world war.

      But Obama and his GANGSTERS have to WAIT till AFTER the RAPTURE, because JESUS is RESTRAINING THE DEVIL!

      Our main assignment is NOT to await the rapture but to tell LOST SOULS about JESUS!

      Be sure our Lord JESUS is going to take us OUT OF THIS MESS! ;-))


      Teresa Changed
      5:54 AM

      Hans, I'm lost in what is going on... did the maker of this video call him a saint or was it someone making a comment?
      I agree this is all a big game, but still, Americans have been asleep terribly and it is time they start waking up and taking notice of the evil in this world before it overtakes them.
      Much love to you,Brother! = D

    3. +Carol Selfridge
      Are you born again and saved by JESUS Christ, Carol?
      If so, than it's impossible to call Julian Assange a 'Saint'
      , because he's not.
      And what do you know about me?
      Well this: I'm from the Netherlands and I know a few things about Julian Assange.
      Google search: Julian Assange psyop

      Hillary and Bill Clinton are being sacrificed at the moment (part of the plan) so that the Vatican (JESUIT) led government can declare a STATE OF EMERGENCY, because THERE WILL BE NO ELECTIONS!


      Carol Selfridge
      5:44 AM

      Hans S. troll sit down, not a Romantic Catholic and He is more of a Saint than You will ever get to be. He had a terrible childhood and managed to rise above it. Again Sir, Do Sit Down. My Goodness, I do attract them. All You Trolls calling Me derogatory names, Do go look in the mirror, it takes one to know one. Also , Sir Your post is a bit rattled on and confused with assumptions.
      Yosief Estifanos
      6:15 AM

      +misternormL. you understand they net work of corruption in your nation how do you need to understand your creator with your little head?? that it self is evidence of God existence!
      Yosief Estifanos
      6:16 AM

      +Yosief Estifanos you cant* the corruption *

    4. +Teresa Changed
      Thank you JESUS for this wonderful news
      and thank you for my sister Teresa from the USA! ;))


      Teresa Changed
      6:46 PM

      +Hans S
      Oh, okay, I see and yes you are right. I guess I got caught up a bit and had realized that, Praise the Lord!
      I have a wonderful Praise report! I can only say "someone", but someone I know has quit the Freemasons!
      Yay! Thank the Lord God Almighty for answered prayer! = D
      Satan is coming against us on all fronts, but we through Jesus Christ will overcome and the victory has been won!
      Praise Be to the Holy One of Israel!
      Love you, Brother!


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