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To be continued!

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  1. Islam was created by the SATANIC Vatican.
    The Vatican also promotes the FALSE concept of a ball shaped earth: the earth is flat and a plain and shaped like a disk, with a dome.
    The UN knew this all along and its logo shows the FLAT EARTH MAP.
    The UN is an instrument of the SATANIC Vatican.
    The Pope is the ANTICHRIST.
    JESUS is GOD, manifested in the flesh and He's the SAVIOR to those who want to be saved and to those who don't want to be saved He'll be their JUDGE.
    JESUS is a JEW: He will DESTROY all DISGUSTING JEW-HATERS and TORTURE them forever in His LAKE of FIRE, because they are DEVILS and DEMONS from HELL!

    But those who SURRENDER to Him and REPENT will be treated as His BEST FRIENDS,.


    Hans S
    Dec 19, 2015

    Jeff Turner is a SICK JEW HATER.
    Just examine his Google+ page:
    Mar 7, 2016

    +frank K WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!? 0_0 that is wrose then flat earth shit.
    Islam is a jewish invention, so is christianity.
    Jeff Turner
    Mar 7, 2016

    +LockenJohny101 , yep, sure are jewish inventions.
    WarMachine xD
    6:44 AM

    yup islam is satanism because the media is bashing on it and they create isis to defame islam and make it look bad for everyone and then fabricate hadiths from bukhari.
    and that's all is done by the free media that is trying to defame satanism! yeah right fuck off you fucking dumbass.
    if anything islam is the one true thing that can defeat satanism.

  2. Modern African slavery was started by the Portuguese and Spanish!!

    The Roman Catholic DEATH CULT is behind ALL EVIL in this world!
    That's because it's in fact the hidden SATANIC Roman Empire and the Pope ('Father') is in fact the hidden and disguised ROMAN EMPEROR!
    The true god of the current Pope is LUCIFER!
    He's in fact the boss of the SATANIC JESUITS.

    He's the VICAR of CHRIST, meaning the INSTEAD of CHRIST, which is the true meaning of the term ANTICHRIST!
    This is the highest form of BLASPHEMY!

    The Pope is a human DEVIL who drinks baby blood in order to get a 'blessing' from Satan.
    Satan is INSANE but also CLEVER and in order to DISTRACT people from God-the Lord JESUS, he makes people worship the SUN!
    The Muslims (Islam was created by the Vatican) worship the MOON(god).
    He already did this in BABYLON and he's still doing this through several religions and especially through HIS Roman Catholic DEATH CULT.

    The Nazi-Swastika is a symbol for this satanic SUN-god.
    Our Lord JESUS was crucified on the symbol for the SUN-god: the CROSS!
    Satan thought he had won, be he LOST, because JESUS fulfilled ALL prophesies concerning His first coming and He will also fulfill ALL prophesies concerning His second coming to HIS own country ISRAEL and HIS own Capitol JERUSALEM.

    That's why there's so much trouble in the Middle East and that's why the Pope of Rome wants to rule over the ENTIRE World.
    There only ONE place on earth that is God's OWN country: ISRAEL.
    In order to try to take hold of it he must UNITE the whole world AGAINST Israel.
    The Vatican created the UNITED NATIONS!

    This will be his HORRIFIC DEFEAT!
    Satan will be CRUSHED and the Pope and the False Prophet (OBAMA) will be cast into the LAKE OF FIRE!
    The Vatican and the Papacy represents the first BEAST system, and the USA represents the second BEAST system.

    The Pope is PLAYING the role of False Prophet, but he's in fact the ANTICHRIST, and the so called Antichrist (Obama) is PLAYING this role, while he's in fact the False Prophet of FALSE peace, prosperity, progress and equal sharing.

    The devil is a TWISTED person, but he has been EXPOSED!
    But this will happen 1000 years after the second coming of our Lord JESUS to Israel.
    SEVEN years prior to that the Body of Christ will be EVACUATED to heaven: the pre-Jacob's Trouble-rapture, and Jacob is ISRAEL because we are NOT appointed to God's WRATH!

    ONE THIRD of the Jewish people will be saved, because they will reject the Mark of the Beast.
    What is the Mark of the Beast?
    The Roman Catholic DEATH CULT itself states that SUN (day) worship is its MARK!

    1. So this means that this instrument of the devil will make SUN (day) worship MANDATORY for the ENTIRE world, but the TARGETS of Satan are the religious Jews who worship OUR God on the SABBATH!
      TWO THIRD of the SECULAR Jews will ACCEPT the Mark of the Beast (enforced by RFID-technology) andf they will PERISH:

      Zechariah 13:8-9 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
      8 And in all the land, saith the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off, and die: but the third shall be left therein.
      9 And I will bring that third part through the fire, and will fine them as the silver is fined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my Name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people, and they shall say, The Lord is my God.

      So my message to you is this: Obama (Barry Davis) is VERY IMPORTANT, but he's NOT the ANTICHRIST: that's the POPE!

      Moses started when he was 80 years old.
      I believe the Pope will IMITATE this feat.

      The Jews expect a MESSIAH like MOSES!!!
      That's why they don't (yet) respect JESUS!

      And that's because they haven't seen JESUS (yet) the way John on Patmos saw Him:

      Revelation 1:

      Remember this: the Prophetic word is about ISRAEL!
      Our God is a JEW...FOREVER.
      And what's wrong with that?

  3. Millions of children get brainwashed everyday by Satan through FALSE religions like Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism etc.

    Satan's targets are the MOTHERS and through the mothers he's infecting the children, and especially the BOYS who'll will become MEN and LEADERS.

    Now JESUS's 'tactics' are in fact the same: in case MOTHERS are God-fearing people who worship JESUS, they will influence their children in the BEST POSSIBLE way.

    The parents most children experience while they are young are MOTHERS.

    That's why Satan FIRST tempted Eve to DISOBEY=SIN.

    Her firstborn became the first murderer in history: Cain.

    Satan also wants to use MOTHERS and women in general, so that the POSITIVE role of MEN will be diminished.

    That's why JESUS' main 'parent' wasn't his mother or Joseph, but God the FATHER.

    In Germany the real DAUGHTER of ADOLF HITLER is DESTROYING this nation on behalf of the EVIL Vatican:

    In the US, Satan brought forward the SATANIC WITCH, Hillary Clinton.
    She's also a servant of the POPE of Rome and Lucifer.

  4. Reacties
    1. "There is absolutely no evidence that the universe is haunted." Of course there is evidence: YOU are the evidence that the universe is haunted! MORON!


      @"Why did God create Lucifer!?" Since gods, ghosts and goblins are all figments of superstitious minds, your question is as nonsensical as asking why silver crosses repel werewolves.
      emfederin21 hours ago
      jumper F22
      jumper F2218 hours ago
      Don't be so skeptical. Things that can't be seen by the eye still exist
      emfederin18 hours ago
      +jumper F22 sez "Things that can't be seen by the eye still exist" And we know this because they provide evidence of their existence. There is absolutely no evidence that the universe is haunted.
      jumper F22
      jumper F2217 hours ago
      +emfederin Yes, you just have to look through a lenses into another dimension. No the universe isnt haunted but this world is doomed look at the direction its headed
      jumper F22
      jumper F2216 hours ago
      +emfederin Answer this simple question then I'll digress. How did humans get on the earth?
      emfederin15 hours ago
      +jumper F22 sez "Answer this simple question then I'll digress" WTF? Do you know what the word "digress" means? @"How did humans get on the earth?" I have no idea. And neither do you. Idiot fundies...
      Matthew Sharpe
      Matthew Sharpe13 hours ago
      The correct question is, why did Man invent Lucifer? Bunch of reasons of course, but primarily as a means of control.
      jumper F22
      jumper F2210 hours ago
      +Matthew Sharpe So you only believe in god but not lucifer
      jumper F22
      jumper F2210 hours ago (edited)
      +emfederin​ You should go searching for the answer then. Little kid
      Matthew Sharpe
      Matthew Sharpe10 hours ago
      +jumper F22 No, I don't believe in either, every God and demon is simply the invention of the human imagination.
      jumper F22
      jumper F2210 hours ago
      +Matthew Sharpe Its harder to not believe than believe. Are Dna structure was created by a higher intelligence. 
      Matthew Sharpe
      Matthew Sharpe9 hours ago
      +jumper F22 That's a non sequitur. I know enough about the chemistry and functions of DNA & meiosis and mitosis to know it functions autonomously and doesn't require a designer and cannot be used for evidence of a creator - BUT, putting all that aside, lets say it was designed, that it was evidence that life was initiated by some progenitor being or beings - that still wouldn't make the nonsense in the Bible any truer, it would still be the product of human imaginings, not the word of God. Same for every other holy writing, it's all made up.
      jumper F22
      jumper F229 hours ago
      +Matthew Sharpe Idk my friend, I've tried to separate myself from god or rather just do my own thing but i always get drawn back in. Its hard to explain. I believe the bible is gods written word or most of it. but we can also connect with him from our soul. I think our conscious and morality comes from a higher being
      Matthew Sharpe
      Matthew Sharpe9 hours ago
      +jumper F22 I was a strong believer as a child, but as I grew up started to ask more and more questions, got to the point where none of it made any sense, researched what we actually know about who wrote the various books of the bible and when, and how they were chosen and assembled into the bible, learned about what we do know about how the world really works and how we learned it, learned about other religions and where they came from - and it just became clearer and clearer to me that it was all made up, borrowed or exaggerated, and nobody really knows anything nor can know anything about any real "God" if such a thing even exists.
      jumper F22

    2. jumper F228 hours ago
      +Matthew Sharpe i understand, that's where faith comes in. I find that following things in the bible is beneficial for my life. (I dont drink as much or party anymore ). If its all a lie then oh well. Fooled me lol. Imma probably gonna believe this lie to my death. I've also searched for proof but that's where faith comes in , I've also searched for proof in ghost and demonic stuff. If ye seek ye will find. Stay off the dark web pure evil
      emfederin7 hours ago
      +jumper F22 sez "You should go searching for the answer then. Little kid" You should stop pulling them out of your ass. Little moron. Idiot fundies...
      jumper F22
      jumper F226 hours ago
      +emfederin lol your funny. Good day oldsport
      emfederin6 hours ago
      +jumper F22 sez "your funny" You're illiterate. Idiot fundies...
      jumper F22
      jumper F226 hours ago
      possibly, alot of stem majors struggle with English. Old sport
      emfederin6 hours ago
      +jumper F22 sez "possibly, alot of stem majors struggle with English" A stem major who thinks the universe is haunted? Color me unimpressed, fruitcake. Idiot fundies...


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