Friday, April 7, 2017

VIDEO of US warships launching Tomahawks against Syrian air base

Videos showing Tomahawk land attack missiles being launched from the Mediterranean against the Syrian military Shayrat airfield early Friday have been released by the US Navy and the US Naval Institute on their YouTube channels.

VIDEO of US warships launching Tomahawks against Syrian air base 




Donald Trump Has Just Committed The United States To A Disastrous War In Syria




The Jesuit NWO








  1. The US is BULLYING the world AGAIN on behalf of the DEVIL and the Vatican, the JESUITS and the POPE OF ROME= the ROMAN EMPEROR

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    1. +John Lomax The US is behind the chemical attack.
      Your stinking, filthy, rotten, demonic, Vatican controlled country!
      Trump has just MURDERED his first CIVILIAN VICTIMS in Syria on behalf of LUCIFER the DEVIL!

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    1. The US, IS and Turkey are ALLIES!

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    1. Trump is a puppet of the VATICAN!

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    1. The Day of Christ vs The Day of the Lord

  6. +Rhonda Schmit Yes, very sick indeed and I'm Dutch and my government is a close ally of the US, but if I were an American citizen I would feel ashamed of my country, because Donald Trump attacked Syria on the basis of lies, while he used to be against military involvement in Syria in the past.
    But I believe that Trump isn't pulling the strings in Washington and the Pentagon, but the JESUITS, and Trump isn't the President of the country the USA, but of the CORPORATION the USA on behalf of the Vatican, which is the hidden Roman Empire.

    My country has also become part of that Roman Empire again, through its membership of the United States of Europe, the EU, and the EU's flag is 'Mary's flag':

    For the saved and born again believers in JESUS Christ there's good news, because we're citizens of heaven and JESUS is going to evacuate us from this satanic dimension in the near future through the pre-Jacob's Trouble-rapture:
    The US government (I make a distinction between the government and the US population) betrays the poor Christians in Syria, which is heart breaking:

    Christian militias have vocally pleaded for help from the United States, which has preferred investing in the Free Syrian Army and the YPG.

    In addition to the well-known genocidal acts of ISIS, Christian groups allege that they are the victims of an ethnic cleansing attempt in Rojava. A year ago, Christian groups alleged that Kurdish fighters had attacked them in the traditionally Christian village of Qamishli.

    As the Christian fighters are largely preoccupied with combatting attacks from ISIS and the Kurds, they remain largely silent regarding Assad, who has made support for Syrian Christian communities a political priority.
    Not all of those Syrian Christians are saved and born again, but they love our Lord JESUS and Assad wants to protect them, but he's being attacked by the so called most Christian nation on earth, the USA in favor of MUSLIMS!

    But Trump is a puppet of the Vatican which created Islam in the past:

    The Vatican created communism too:

    And the Vatican is behind fascism and other evil ideologies.
    The Vatican is Satan's headquarters:

    The Papacy is the Antichrist by default:

    The Vatican is behind evolution, the 'big bang' and the globe earth LIE and the solar system LIE.

    And I could go on and on and on.

    Thank God for JESUS!


    Rhonda Schmit
    It's sick isn't it?

    1. +Rhonda Schmit I'm a son of a non-practicing Catholic mother and an atheist father, and I'm an ex-atheist too.
      Thanks for this info, Ronda! Know Your Enemy
      The Lord JESUS is with us, Ronda!


      Rhonda Schmit's profile photo
      Rhonda Schmit
      +Hans S You have a lot of good info. I know some of it for sure, but I need to look through all of it.
      I was just telling another commenter last night that I am so mad(about us bombing Syria), that I don't know what to do. The US government has been hijacked by the Kazharian mafia, they go by all those other names as well, like Jews, FAKE jews, globalists, bankers, illuminati, elite, money changers, and 100s more.
      As far as being 'saved,' I was saved last May, so I'm good to go, whatever happens.
      I've been kicked off two threads today, trying to discuss this Syrian fiasco. I'd never been kicked off a thread before, that I know of. I don't know what else to do but provide true, contrary information regarding Syria's guilt. People are unable to use their heads and critically think.
      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S
      +Rhonda Schmit Hi Ronda, being saved is the most important thing there is! And I thank God-the Lord JESUS that He has saved you!
      And we can KNOW that we're saved BY GRACE alone, through FAITH alone in Christ JESUS alone:
      JESUS saved me on January 15, 1984 and He talked to me and said 'Hans, there are two things you can do: commit suicide or start reading the Bible'.
      But due to all kinds of influences I had never heard about the Gospel of Grace, so I was (and are) saved (Praise God-the Lord JESUS!), but I wasn't really able to communicate the RIGHT gospel to others and myself in the RIGHT way.
      In 2015 I discovered the RIGHT teaching through this article:

      Believe me: the Papacy is on top of EVERYTHING:

      In late 2011 I discovered this information and it was DEVASTATING: I was completely stunned for days!
      After this I discovered only more concerning the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT/SUN-worship CULT/Mystery Babylon and the JESUITS.

      Yes, in case we tell people the TRUTH we suffer persecution, because Satan has brainwashed the minds and hearts and souls of so many people.

    2. So many people think the USA is a Christian nation.
      But this is the truth:
      In the past I used to be deceived too concerning the true character of the US and who wasn't/isn't?
      The DECEPTION is so incredibly STRONG.
      The Vatican is the GREAT DECEIVER on behalf of of its true god, Lucifer the devil:

      Please forgive me in case I give you perhaps too much info at once, but I'm always glad when people are interested in what I have discovered over the years.

      The Lord JESUS is with(in) us and He's coming!

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      Rhonda Schmit
      +Hans S I'm always looking for new references and there are many places that need to be filled in with more truth. I've got a pretty good gist, but still have many gray areas I don't know yet. So no problem on the info.
      I used to be Catholic. And I learned the truth about them from a series on YouTube called "Know Your Enemy" by the Fuel Project. I love watching that guy. Peace, Hans. ��


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