Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Revelations by Grace Bride

I've had discussions with sister Grace Bride in the past and she blocked me after our disagreement on the length of the hair of JESUS!
In her opinion His hair was short, according to the teachings of Paul concerning the length of the hair of men and women within in Body of Christ.
In my opinion JESUS looked like this, and then she accused me of being a Catholic, because that picture derives from the Shroud 'of Turin', which is owned (stolen) by the Catholic church, but her accusation is absolute nonsense.
Grace Bride could need a bit more GRACE herself from JESUS, because she points to several interesting things on her sites and on her YouTube channel, but it's clear she doesn't yet believe in the simple Gospel of Grace...

(A LOT of pages to examine and a lot of videos too)


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King James Bible 1611 is Masonic!! 





The Truth behind the Star of David









 How to Get Saved




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