Tuesday, October 3, 2017

This is craziest 'country' on earth

Satan Lucifer is under the Vatican

The Vatican Necropolis lies under the Vatican City, at depths varying between 5–12 meters below Saint Peter's Basilica. The Vatican has its Mausoleum U dedicated to Satan Lucifer. Below is a map and location of the cemetery in relation to St. Peter's Basilica.
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The Vatican City, The City of London & The District of Columbia — That's Who Really Owns USA



The Vatican Plan for Ruling Jerusalem and the Temple Mount





The Pope is an IDIOT





The Pope is the DEVIL in the FLESH=ANTICHRIST





Las Vegas Shooter False Flag - Madness from the craziest country on earth






The Jesuit Vatican New World Order


How to get ETERNALLY SAVED from burning forever in the lake of FIRE



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