Sunday, May 12, 2019

Flat Earth Comic: Comedy Special 2


Mix - I Don't Wanna Talk About NASA - Flat Earth Man


  1. Hi brother, I saw your comment below Steven Ben DeNoon's video '
    US Amassing Naval Forces in the Middle East':

    Atheism is Madness
    Over 200 verses saying the Earth is fixed, stationary, a plain with 4 corners and not moving/rotating and the sun and moon rotate. Not one verse says we are a spinning wet ball rocket hurling through space. I'm a Bible believer. I have a clip showing declassified areospace documents saying they equate thier mathematics and summery on a " fixed non- rotating earth. How do you explain that? I'd be happy to share.

    Then he asked you this:
    Israeli News Live
    We need to be kind friends brother I like research so please send it to me

    Steven still cooperates with that false prophet, 'are you serious?', Paul Begley and Steven has blocked me, so I'm not allowed to comment below his videos.
    He's say's he's a former CIA-agent.....some people don't trust him at all:
    Pas Wurd
    Can this Ben DeNoon guy be a freaking shill???

    The flat earth truth i not about salvation, but JESUS didn't create a spinning ball earth hurtling through 'space'.
    The CIA and the government KNOW the earth is FLAT, but they LIE to us on behalf of the Vatican and Satan!
    Government Documents Admit Flat Earth

    Steven never tells people the right gospel, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, because he believes in the wrong gospel and he believes in the unbiblical pre-wrath-rapture.


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