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His Name Is JESUS!

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In the Beginning was the Word
and the Word was with God
and the Word was God.
He was with God in the very Beginning.
Through Him all things were made
Without Him nothing was made that was made.

In Him was Life.
And that Life was the Light of men
The Light shines in darkness
But the darkness has not understood it

Pau's last words were...
preach the Word.
But who is the Word?

The original is written as follows:

Written by Robert Coyle

James died by the sword for Him
Paul was beheaded for Him
Bartholomew was flayed for Him
Peter was crucified for Him.
His name was Jesus

He rules from a throne in Heaven
Yet cried as a baby on Earth
He sculptured the rocky mass of Everest
Yet as a boy hammered nails in wood.
His name is Jesus

He stilled storms, yet stirred the religious
He embraced kids, yet released the chained
He condemned the hypocrite, yet forgave the wretched
He healed the blind, the lame, the sick
Yet let perish the sinful selfish unrepentant.
His name is Jesus

He looked up to save the short cheat
Yet looked down on the casket to save a broken widow
He healed, yet He bled
He waited, yet He sought
He was altogether beautiful
Yet altogether ugly carrying our sin.
His name is Jesus

He is the Son of God, the Son of Man,
The Prince of Peace, the Good Shepherd,
The Vine, the Door, the Way, the Truth, the Life,
The Lamb of God, the Word, the Coming King.
His Name is Jesus

His back was lashed
His face was punched
His hands were scarred
His side was pierced
His brow was thorned
His body was stripped
His heart was broken
His death was for me.
His name is Jesus

The politically powerful couldn't control Him
The smartest words couldn't trick Him
The darkest plot couldn't foil Him
The grave couldn't hold Him
And death could never, never, never, no never, beat Him.
His name is Jesus

He healed, yet He bled
He condemned, yet He defended
He let go, yet He saved
He waited, yet He sought
He knows what you need, and....
His name is Jesus

I need Jesus
You need Jesus
We need Jesus

Oh Jesus...Jesus...Jesus...I love Jesus

His name is Jesus
His name is Jesus

Are you afraid to say it?
Are you ashamed to speak it?
Are you too angry to think it?
Are you too cool to live it?
Are you too busy to embrace it?
Are you too uncomfortable to announce it?

"I love Jesus", "I love Jesus"

Is Jesus a family belief?
Is Jesus a noun?
Is Jesus a fact in your vocabulary?
Is Jesus a swear word?
Is Jesus a Sunday Expression?
Is Jesus a Bible name?

If He is, you can't say "I love Jesus"

Does Jesus burn like a fire in your bones?
Does Jesus explode like a bomb in your heart?
Does Jesus erupt like a volcano in your words?
Does Jesus stain like a beetroot in your behaviour?
Does Jesus reign like a King in your thoughts?

Can you say "I love Jesus"?

Jesus aches for the drunk, the pervert, the liar
the hater, the greedy, the cheat, the adulterous flirt,
the unfaithful, the gossip, the manipulator, the controller,
the perpetrator, the weak willed, the undisciplined,
the selfish, the money waster.
None feels they can say, "I love Jesus"

This man loves them and...
His name is Jesus
Oh Jesus...Jesus...Jesus
He says;
Come, draw near, seek, forsake, turn, surrender.
His name is Jesus

Preach Jesus...Preach Jesus...Preach Jesus

Written by Robert Coyle
Made by David Williames
(Original Video from the Creator)
Made entirely in Adobe After Effects

His Name Is...(JESUS) [Official] HD


His Name is Jesus (grunge rock)

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