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The Day When The Earth Will Stand Still

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 1 week geleden
*26 February 2013:* There is a specific event and a sign that will occur before the Day of the Lord and it is virtually never, ever referenced in Bible prophecy articles about the 70th Week. This sign will occur at the relative beginning of the 70th Week, concurrent with the sealing of the 144,000 of every tribe of Israel. This sign is a physical manifestation that every living soul on the earth on that day will experience. For the left behind potential gentile Tribulation Saints this sign needs to be made known to them so that when it does occur it will be an important indicator ... meer » 

Things On My Prophecy Radar Screen

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 4 weken geleden
*9 February 2013:* A couple of things have popped up as blips on my radar screen. Both have some relationship to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, but exactly what that is I do not yet know exactly, but I do have an idea. The first blip is seen in the above image. As most will recognize this is an atypical map illustration of the Ezekiel 38/39 prophecy. There are many variations of this map that I am sure we have all seen, yet despite those variations all of the maps have one peculiar thing in common. This peculiarity never registered with me before just a few moments ago, and wh... meer » 

Ayatollah Khamenei: "Set Israel on Fire."

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 5 weken geleden
*3 February 2013:* It is interesting *how the Jerusalem Post announces one thing with its headline*, yet the article launches into a discussion of something that is actually benign in comparison. As if the EU's non-recognition of the Shi'a Hezbollah as a terrorist organization compares to what the Ayatollah has decreed as his personal mission *twelve years ago*. In the first place, Hezbollah has from its first day of existence been an integral part of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Since its founding by Hassan Nasrallah in 1982 Hezbollah has been a a forward de... meer » 

Syrian Air Defenses on High Alert?

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 5 weken geleden
*2 February 2013:* Syria says its air defenses are on high alert. *Oh Really?* My question is... *What Syrian air defenses?* This strike (*mere seconds as an F-16I Sufa flies from downtown Damascus!*) and the strike in September 2007 make it perfectly obvious that Israel's electronic warfare capabilities make the phrase "Syrian air defenses" an oxymoron. Syria, nor any of the other Islamic Arab (or Persian for that matter) nations, have any defensive capability capable of defeating an Israeli air assault as we have just witnessed. *Zippo. Nada. None.* Both in 2007 and on Wednesday... meer » 

The "Morton Salt Scenario" (When It Rains, It Pours)

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 5 weken geleden
*UPDATED 1 February 2013:* The "Morton Salt Scenario" meaning "When It Rains, It Pours." No, I am *not* referring to the achievement trophy "When it Rains, It Pours" in the Call of Duty video game. I am referring to the situation that is taking shape to the south and to the north of Israel over the past several days. In Bible prophecy terms "When It Rains, It Pours" is just my way of illustrating the final sentence of Daniel 9:26: *"The end of it shall be with a flood, And till the end of the war desolations are determined."* In this case the "Morton Salt Scenario" involves the co... meer » 

"Psalm 83: The Missing Prophecy Revealed" by Bill Salus

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 1 maand geleden
*28 January 2013:* Bill Salus' newest book "*Psalm 83: The Missing Prophecy Revealed**– How Israel Becomes the Next Mideast Superpower*" has been published and is available just about everywhere. If you never purchased Bill's first book (published in 2008), "*Isralestine*: *The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East,"* then your opportunity to purchase it in a greatly expanded and updated version has arrived with this new book. There are a total of 8 new chapters and 10 new appendices and you can receive a signed copy from Bill Salus for less than $22.00 shipping included, j... meer » 

Lamb & Lion Ministries: Bible Prophecy Insights

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 1 maand geleden
21 January 2013: Below you will find Episode 1 through 3 of Lamb & Lion Ministries series *Bible Prophecy Insights* hosted by L&L's Web Minister Nathan Jones. These are awesome video presentations and are an invitation for you to learn more about Bible prophecy in these 'last days', and are a very highly recommended resource for those you'd like to introduce to Jesus Christ through 21st century means.

American Pastor Saeed Abedini Imprisoned in Iran and Facing a Hanging Muslim Judge

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 1 maand geleden
*Naghmeh Abedini, Pastor **Saeed Abedini and their son and daughter. * *Updated 20 January 2013:* Brothers and Sisters in Christ all over the world the situation of Pastor Saeed Abedini is our immediate concern, and we must lift him, his wife Naghmeh and their two young children up to God in prayer. Pastor Abedini, an American-Iranian citizen, was pulled off a public transportation bus and arrested in September 2012 for the same "crime" as Iranian Pastor Yusef Nadarkhani - his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and his preaching of The Word to the Iranian people. Pastor Abedini in bein... meer » 

The Isaiah 11 - Psalm 83 - Ezekiel 39 Connection

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 1 maand geleden
*18 January 2013:* In the past 4 going on 5 years now Psalm 83 has been the subject of much discussion, in particular since the 2008 publication of * Isralestine* by our cherished brother-in-Christ, author and lecturer Bill Salus, and in the steady stream of articles and essays on new insights that have been continuous since then. Despite all of this it is no understatement to say that there will always be something new to bring to our attention regarding the ongoing Psalm 83 war between Israel and its Muslim Arab neighbors. And it will likely be proven true at some future point tha... meer » 

Daniel 9:27: "Gabar Bĕriyth Rab"

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 2 maanden geleden
*11 January 2013:* This will be a companion exegetic article to *Ezekiel 37:10 "Meh'ode Gadowl Chayil"* posted here on 1 January 2013. I awoke with a start at 3 AM this morning with the burning thought that Israel is to be confirmed within the "gabar bĕriyth rab" or "covenant among many" found in Daniel 9:27 at the very beginning of the 70th Week. I now believe the NATO alliance resolves the eschatological issue of what ultimately becomes of the Israel Defense Forces following the near-future decisive victory in fulfillment of Psalm 83, to the almost unfathomable security condition ... meer » 

Esfahan UCF in Iran: Is There Something Going On?

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 2 maanden geleden
Iranian technicians at the Uranium Conversion Facilities (UCF) in Isfahan. Credit: AFP. *5 January 2013:* This past Wednesday, January 2nd, a small blurb was posted at 8:50 in the morning by the BBC Persian Service TV journalist Kasra Naji reporting that an edict had been issued by Iranian authorities for the evacuation of all 1.5 million residents of Esfahan, Iran. The report said the evacuation was ordered due to emergency levels of pollution in the city. This tiny blurb was the root cause of a viral reaction on the web, from Jerusalem (The Jerusalem Post) to Washington, D.C. (T... meer » 

The Persecution of American Christians as a Mechanism of American Law

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 2 maanden geleden
Obama Administration: We Can and Will Force Christians to Act Against Their Faith David and Barbara Green of Hobby Lobby 31 December 2012: The following is an article from CNSNews.Com by Terence P. Jeffrey published on 29 December 2012. It is posted to Eschatology Today as a public service warning on how the Obama Administration's judges and lawyers are currently engaged in the persecution of Christians via legal means in order to circumvent and usurp matters of our faith. What you do with this information is up to you. Any one or more of us could be next in line for similar persec... meer » 

Ezekiel 37:10 "Meh'ode Gadowl Chayil"

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 2 maanden geleden
*29 December 2012:* Ezekiel 37 is a now fulfilled prophecy about the restoration of modern Israel. In modern times Ezekiel's ancient prophetic vision of a valley filled with dead, dry bones which received new flesh upon them and a spirit that God breathed upon from the four winds of the earth came to fulfillment just two years after the Holocaust in the death camps and ovens of Nazi controlled Europe. The tenth verse of Ezekiel 37 tells us these bones then stood up as "*mehode gadowl chayil*" - "*an exceedingly great army*." This army is "the whole house of Israel," and it is kno... meer » 

Revelation 13:14 - The Constructed Image of the Beast

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 2 maanden geleden
*18 December 2012:* One of the things in Revelation 13:14-15 that has always fascinated me is the God-breathed prophecy that the second beast, the False Prophet, will issue a command to all mankind inhabiting the earth that they must construct an image of the first beast, the Antichrist. *"And he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived. **He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the im... meer » 


Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 3 maanden geleden
*2 December 2012:* In the 6th Century before Jesus Christ the LORD God raised up by the Holy Spirit a priest to become a great prophet and a watchman for the whole house of Israel. We know him as Ezekiel. Just prior to Israel's captivity and exile to Babylon this priest-prophet Ezekiel became the literal voice of God to Israel, reminding Israel of why they were sent into captivity and promising their restoration to the land in the future. The key point to remember when reading this prophetic work is that when Ezekiel spoke he spoke as the LORD God who put the words in his mouth. W... meer » 

America's Role in the Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 3 maanden geleden
*27 November 2012:* What I am now absolutely convinced of is that even though America is not specifically or literally mentioned in Bible prophecy that can be discerned at this point in history, America is playing a key role in events which will result in the fulfillment of a plethora of specific and literal Bible prophecies.

Operation Amud Anan: So Now We Know...

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 3 maanden geleden
*14:30 EST 21 November 2012:* IDF Armor and ground forces will hold their pre-invasion positions... for now. It's just a matter of time until Islamic treachery causes a renewal of hostilities. *19:30 EST:* Cease fire, *what cease fire!?!?* 20 additional Gaza terror missiles have hit at least 6 civilian communities in Israel since the alleged cease fire went into effect; an 11-year old Israeli child is the first victim of the continuing terror assault. Earlier this evening the English-language IDF website announced "IDF completes objectives for Operation Pillar of Defense." HAMAS... meer » 

Wedding tuxedos for men - your Comfort

ngoceh op College Fashion Tips - 3 maanden geleden
*Wedding tuxedo* for men not alone be fashionable, they should be added important, to feel comfortable. The experts accept consistently fatigued that it's not acceptable to accommodation abundance with fashion. After all, allotment of the animal anamnesis is the day what affairs is how it feels for the appropriate moment. The action and beatitude may be bedfast by billowing ensemble. Usually, marriage affairs focus on the dress of the bride. But what put the benedict should not be abandoned completely. Marriage tuxedos for men added generally adopted because they've become anachron... meer » 

Isreal war in Gaza - Bible Prophecy Gaza will be Foresaken Israel & Jerusalem: The Road To Armageddon

Radical Faith op Radical Faith - 3 maanden geleden *Bible Prophecy* "Gaza!!" *A terrible warning: 'Gaza Will Be Forsaken' . . .* *Recently the world watched as all the Jews in Gaza were forcibly removed from their homes and their land ... even the dead Jews were forcibly dug up from their graves and removed from Gaza. This 'uprooting' of the Jews from Gaza which the whole world watched on the news may be a much more 'significant' prophetic event than most realize, and the Bible warns there is more to come . . . * In the book of Zephaniah, God warns Gaza would one day 'b... meer » 

Operation Amud Anan: We Who Bear Witness!

Sean Osborne op ESCHATOLOGY TODAY - 3 maanden geleden
Israel's Iron Dome defense system in Ashdod intercepting missiles from Gaza on 15 November 2012 The IAF Strike that killed HAMAS military commander Ahmed al-Jaabari (a/k/a Ra'ad Ater) and his son. Notice the tell-tale flashes of the airborne laser designator targeting al-Jaabari's Kia automobile on the center of the roof. *0600 EST 16 November 2012:* This "*Operation Amud Anan*" Eschatology Today blog entry will pick up where the "*Regional MidEast War Appears Imminent*" blog entry left off. It is unknown as this point if the warfighting of the Amud Anan operation against Gaza's... meer »

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