Friday, June 7, 2013

Evolution is Satan's BRAIN FART

Atheists at the Creation Museum

Ah, poor evolutionists...they torture themselves by going to a Biblical creation museum, and it's all about GUILT...

Yes, that's right!
Evolution is a SATANIC LIE, and unless they repent, all atheistic evolutionists will end up in God's trash can, aka the lake of fire, and NOT because they believed in evolution, but because they rejected God's offer of GRACE = JESUS Christ = God who became a human to bear our punishment on the cross, and who rose from the dead.
Evolution is Satan's BRAIN FART

Warning! EVOLUTION = SATANISM -Roger Morneau- ex Satanist 




Evolution Lie



  1. It's not forbidden to go to hell and everyone goes there automatically....unless God makes a decision to save a human soul in whom He recognizes Himself.

    One gets what one believes.

    If someone believes God is a egocentric bastard, then such a person will meet Him accordingly on judgment day.

    Hans S

    If someone believes God became man in JESUS Christ to bear his or her punishment on the cross and that He rose from the dead and that He's full of love and kindness, then such a person will meet Him accordingly, and not on judgement day, but directly in heaven, because God had punished His alter ego, JESUS, in that person's place, because He loves that person so much.
    Hans S in reactie op Hans S (De reactie weergeven)

  2. +Paolo Biggio
    Proud people need a therapy called the lake of fire and there they will SCREAM 'JESUS is LORD!' and NOTHING ELSE!

    Genesis is the truth and evolution is a SATANIC LIE and the Roman Catholic CULT is the true church of SATAN!

    The earth doesn't spin and heliocentrism is a LIE from HELL.

    JESUS Christ is coming back to DESTROY this EVIL Babylonian, MURDEROUS CULT, including its 666-adherents, and JESUS Christ is a JEW and He happens to be God almighty!

    You're LOST without JESUS Christ

  3. +Paolo Biggio +Evan Scott You were much wiser when you were embryos and long before Satan was able to corrupt your minds.
    Have a nice suicide by rejecting the love and grace of your maker, JESUS Christ....unless He wants to give you the wisdom in order to see it His way.


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