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Winston Churchill: War Hero or War Criminal?

Winston Churchill: War Hero or War Criminal?


The Dutch military had no effective means of stopping the bombers (the Dutch Air Force had practically ceased to exist and its anti-aircraft guns had been moved to The Hague), so when another similar ultimatum was given in which the Germans threatened to bomb the city of Utrecht, the Dutch government decided to capitulate rather than risk the destruction of another city.[46][47] Western news agencies grossly exaggerated the event for propaganda purposes, portraying Rotterdam as a city mercilessly destroyed by terror bombing without regard to civilian life, with 30,000 dead lying under the ruins.[48] The number of casualties 'lying under the ruins' was relatively small, because thousands of civilians had fled to safer parts of Rotterdam, or to other cities, during the previous four days of bombing and warfare.[49] German weekly Die Mühle (The Windmill) stated that the Dutch government was to blame for turning Rotterdam into a fortress, despite multiple summons to evacuate. It also claimed that the old city was ignited by Dutch bombs and incendiary devices.[50]
The United Kingdom had had a policy of only bombing military targets and infrastructure such as ports and railways which were of military importance.[51] While it was acknowledged that bombing of Germany would cause civilian casualties, the British government renounced the deliberate bombing of civilian property, outside combat zones (which after the fall of Poland, meant German areas east of the Rhine) as a military tactic.[52] This policy was abandoned on 15 May 1940, one day after the Rotterdam bombing, when the RAF was directed to attack targets in the Ruhr, including oil plants and other civilian industrial targets which aided the German war effort, such as blast furnaces that at night were self-illuminating. The first RAF raid on the interior of Germany took place on the night of 15/16 May 1940.

Rotterdam Blitz


Famous Freemasons


Tony Blair, it is reported, is a 33o Freemason 9. He is in the same lodge as Sir Winston Churchill used to be (Studholme Lodge, 1591 9 and is a Knight of Malta, whilst George W. Bush is a Knight of Enlogia. Both are now Illuminati brothers 9. FREEMASONRY, THE ILLUMINATI AND THEIR ECUMENICAL FRIENDS



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    1. It's so obvious that the Vatican controlled DEVIL, Winston Churchill cooperated with the Vatican controlled DEVIL and JESUIT PRIEST, Joseph 'Stalin', and also the Vatican controlled US was COMPLICIT at the expense of Poland!


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