Friday, July 12, 2013

Khadijah's Influence on Muhammad

Muhammad's Personality Profile
become strong and resilient, so do we also know, from the point of view of the depth-psychologist, that he requires an empathic enviroment, specifically, an enviroment that responds (a) to his need to have his presence confirmed by the glow of parental pleasure and (b) to his need to merge into the reassuring calmness of the powerful adult, if he is to acquire a firm and resilient self.109
          Muhammad experienced neglect and abandonment during the first six years of his life, and excessive permissiveness after that. His circumstances were therefore ripe and conductive for him to become a narcissist.

 Muhammad never spoke of his mother. If he had, it would have been recorded in a hadith. He visited her tomb after he conquered Mecca, but he refused to pray for her. What was the point of that visit? Perhaps this was his vindication, a way to prove to her that dispite her neglect, he had made it. On the other hand, he remembered his grandfather, who had showered him with love and provided for him plenty of narcissistic gratifications, fondly.

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